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  1. JacobQ

    E60 550i Exhaust mod

    This would be sick! No idea where I'd get my hands on an M5 exhaust tho
  2. JacobQ

    E60 550i Exhaust mod

    I have an 06 550i with a stock exhaust at the moment and I want to give it that nice V8 rumble. I went and spoke to a mechanic and he suggested getting a new pipe from about halfway down, sports muffler and aftermarket tip. I am limited with what I can touch due to my mechanical warranty, I can't touch my O2 sensors etc. I'm just wondering, will this make enough of a difference? And will this mod affect fault codes etc from removing the butterfly valve in the stock exhaust? Thanks for the help!
  3. JacobQ

    Dynamic Drive failure

    Thanks for the help Graham, I'll look into that. Hoping it's not a big issue and is an easy fix!
  4. JacobQ

    Dynamic Drive failure

    So I bought a 2006 550i this week and when I did a u-turn last night, I had a warning sound and a yellow dash light pop up saying Dynamic Drive inactive. It went away when I turned the car off and on again until I went around a corner (when I assume the Dynamic Drive was trying to work again). It did this a couple of times until this afternoon where a red dash light popped up and a warning message on iDrive saying Dynamic Drive failure. I have read other threads that indicate the battery but those usually display other warning messages too where I'm only getting one and it seems to be linked to cornering. Any ideas guys? I bought it from a dealership and it's still within 30 days and I have a mechanical warranty but thought I'd look here for an easier solution first. Cheers!