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  1. Mate thank you, your opinion has already helped me decide what way to go with this, legend
  2. Can I please have advice and suggestions on the best way to attack this, head on or off? , just wanting to replace the broke part for now. Advice please
  3. .Broken intake side rocker arm. Whoop whoop. Anyone have headbolt order please
  4. Narrowing it down to possibly head gasket, obviously blown out allowing oil in spark plug holes, excess oil around front engine were bolts down, looks very recent
  5. Fixing any issue is worth it for the old girl to me, love the car. Yup I'l remove cover tommrw. It will tell a story for sure
  6. The car has also had a very strong/ loud tapping noise from head, this maybe was a sign? and somethings completely given out now ?
  7. Replaced that spark plug today, still instantly missing and checked after covered in oil , we looking at valve cover seal/gasket
  8. Will replace plugs tmmrw , see how that goes Thanks team
  9. Ok so have confirmed spark to all plugs, leads and distrubutor etc obviously fine, 2nd spark plug in, no 1 is getting absolutely saturated, have cleaned and dryed twice along with rest, I originally narrowed it down to this plug. Are we looking now at the injector? Seal or completely gone causing flooding to the plug equalling the miss
  10. Hasn't had an issue engine wise, after a decent drive over a hill , developed a misfire/cylinder down feels like mostly. Bit ov excess smoke , clear smell is very gassy, any common problems, about to check S.plugs now
  11. On the hunt for some moderner bmw rims for my old classic tank. 18z or up post them up. Loads on trademe ive seen, no harm asking here also. Im open to most styles 🤙🤙🤙 But stone the flaming crows 👇👇👇 something has to be done on the double
  12. Also in regards to the nasty shudder, i read a cause could be around steering column shaft . reached and grabbed shaft from engine bay . now should there be play? Little, some or nothing at all?
  13. Well this is all until i signed up on here, i have had some good advice and i am leaning towards not changing oil and hunting down a tranny And i try avoid having to reverse wer i park but ive had to push her backwards couple times , just reminding the old girl its ok , ive got ya , rest up old slag ahaha
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