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  1. MD335

    E91 2008 - locked out of car

    Thanks guys - I'm in! I did all the same things i did earlier. It just started working, and whilst I'm pleased I'm confused. The earth terminal on the battery was loose so I tightened that (obviously I had to reset date and time so that tells me battery was disconnected) Now seems to work consistently using both remotes, comfort access and the emergency key. Adaptive steering took 2 or three restarts of the engine but now initializes fine. Battery is fully charged so it must have been the earth connection. I appreciate all your suggestions folks.
  2. MD335

    E91 2008 - locked out of car

    Hi Gareth, Nope - absolutely nothing which is what leads me to think the battery is dead
  3. Hi folks, I am locked out of my E91 2008 335i completely. Even the emergency does nothing. I'm wondering if it is a dead battery? Please can anyone advise how to open the bonnet in this case so I can get a charger hooked up? Thanks in anticipation Martin
  4. Car has just been in to Auto 38 in Newtown. Jon really knows his stuff, nice friendly guy too. Had a full diag check with nothing showing of any relevance and Jon couldn't reproduce the fault on test drive. Diags confirm Torque lockup clutch operating correctly so it's still a bit of a mystery. I'm gonna have to drive it some more and see if I can reproduce the fault. So good news in one way but a bit of a mystery in another.
  5. MBI is with Provident Insurance .
  6. Fortunately yes I do have MBI so dealer not necessarily a problem. Yeah I found out about resetting the interval afterwards! And I just assumed that it would have been set correctly by the dealer on delivery. DOH!
  7. Hey Glenn, the Kona is great fun and love the fact that it's tricked up with all the gadgets! Had it for about 9 months now (15,000km) and going well. its actually the 3rd Hyundai we've had (Kona, Veloster, and Tuscon) and we've like each of them in their own ways. Found one little "problem" - the service interval was set incorrectly to 15,000kms whereas it should have been 10,000 and the dealer berated me for missing the service schedule. I had to point out that they set it to 15k in the first place. Ah well next service in 5,000kms then. BTW - any recommended BMW mechanics in Welling/Hutt valley? Or do I just bite the bullet and take it to the dealer?
  8. Yes - sorry should have said
  9. MD335

    Hello from a newbie

    Anyone any experience with the Dynavin aftermarket product to replace the idrive ccc screen? Looks like there is an NZ dealer Autogravity.
  10. At 2000 rpm (just over 100kmh) ive noticed that my E91 335i seems to stutter. The car acts as if I am slightly increasing and decreasing the throttle by tiny amounts when I’m not. This doesn’t happen at just under 2000rpm (say 98 kms) or above that (say 105 img and above). The car is just not a smooth drive at that point. Anybody got any suggestions as to what it might be? Thanks in anticipation.
  11. MD335

    Hello from a newbie

    Thanks hugo_nz that looks to be just what I am looking for.
  12. MD335

    Hello from a newbie

    Thanks. Not sure if it’ll work in an idrive version though. Can anyone advise?
  13. MD335

    Hello from a newbie

    Thanks, I will do when the time comes. Do you know much about idrive? I’ve had the NZ radio coding but have heard conflicting messages about other things. I’m particularly interested in connecting my phone preferably by Bluetooth but USB if not, to play music and use the phone. is there any way to integrate the output from map applications on the phone to display in the screen. finally for now what about fitting a reversing camera?
  14. I'm trying to understand things with my 2008 E91 Even though it's a Japanese import and I have been told various stories about whether or not I can run navigation or not I have seen maps in the display when the second key hadn't been changed to English and I still get navigation warnings such as "Rail crossing ahead" or "accident area ahead". Please can someone who understands explain firstly why I am getting these messages and secondly if the car can't do NZ Nav without either a) replacing the unit with a European one because recode get overwritten or b) a recode. There is a DVD slot on the head unit which I think is for the maps but There is also a HDD unit in the boot with the cd changer. Secondly, what is the best way to get phone/iTunes integration? Can it be coded in to idrive? Bluetooth? All information and suggestions gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation
  15. MD335

    Hello from a newbie

    Thank you. Will try and get along to some of them