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  1. Tulle


    Yes that's the man/dealer whoever he is ? cant be too many people with that name or is it like John 😀 Removed dealer indication as wasn't sure if commercial info/advert was OK, secret is out , Regardless of the happy purchase, he's the best guy we came across and while searching and we met many
  2. Tulle


    Hi, New to BMWs, got to time of life when a weekend coupe seemed appropriate Drawn to M6 V10 then Series 6 640/650 ,in both instances couldn't afford the newer vehicles, liked all the exteriors of the older models ,but I like my tech so had to be newer Trademe searches for BMW coupe 3 litre plus led me to this, sort of accidental purchase, was originally still over budget I've used the dealer pictures as its never looked so good, It's the luxury model so not as popular as sport versions but for our purposes this is ideal Will have a few questions but will put them in appropriate folder/headings Cheers John