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  1. I have two genuine F10 wheels, 17 X 8 et30 mate. have non warrantable runflat tires in them 225 X 55 R17, I think they are style 327.
  2. some (like AA) may accept this but check with them first, cost $20 http://www.redbook.co.nz
  3. roony86

    Quick rant thread.

    I reckon its gna get to $3 a litre in couple of years time
  4. I meant checked that the tyres are safe (no cracks, damaged etc.) would you happen to know where do they write the production dates on the tyre?
  5. Fair point mate, you would think they checked that when the car got WOF I guess
  6. lol they do look old aye haha. Still really can't justify replacing them yet with 7.5 mm thread all around u know.
  7. Totally agree, that will happen probably next year cz the tyres on the car now are new 😁
  8. Hi peeps, I just decided to make a leap back into the beemas world since my last e65 740i Due to the petrol taxation, I went for a more cost effective option in the form of an imported F10 523i 2011 Still haven't had the chance to give it a decent clean but here it goes: Just wanted to say hi and will be great if anyone can point me to a decent place in Auckland where i can get the standard Jap to NZ (radio/maps) conversions for some mate rates cheers
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