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  1. BMWM

    The Real Wheel Deals 2019 (Genuine BBS)

    I might be in Auckland tomorrow, let me know if I could check them wheels out matey
  2. Holy Mother of God what a beautiful car with some proper BBS's!
  3. BMWM

    The Real Wheel Deals 2019 (Genuine BBS)

    Hi Mate, Whereabouts are you located? Would love to pop around to check out them BBS's for my E39. Have you Style 42s/ M Paras for sale too? Thank you R
  4. Hello Chaps, Anyone got e39 Xenons/ M Parallels/ Style 42's/ BBS wheels for sale? Please PM me! Thank you R
  5. How's it going Lads Just got to NZ a couple of months ago from Dublin, and picked up a mint E39 530i. Hoping to import my E46 M3 in a few months time once I have some bills cleared up. Do get in touch if you have E39 Xenon headlights and M Parallels/ Style 42s for sale! Anyone from Northland floating about the forums? Best Wishes R