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  1. Joseph02

    BMW service

    Thank you all for the comments and advises.Much appreciated. Guess I'll start to learn more about BMW and DIY during mech warranty period.
  2. Joseph02

    BMW service

    My one is msport and looks like i need to get bluetooth to be installed on my car. Cheers
  3. Joseph02

    BMW service

    Thats good to hear. Do you have bluetooth and radio on your 116i? Coz i dont have it on my car and it cost 1 k to install the bluetooth.
  4. Joseph02

    BMW service

    Sorry i typed wrong lol yes its F20 116i and its M sport
  5. Joseph02

    BMW service

    I bought this 116i E87 2012(52000km) for $17995 and $1550 for 3 yrs warranty. This is the only car I’ve got and plan to keep this car for 3-5 yrs. Yeah i guess ill just go to workshop to get the service done and learn more about the car step by step.
  6. Joseph02

    BMW service

    I see. much appreciated for your knowledge. So is this mean those guys who does DIY do not have Mechanical warranty??
  7. Hey guys, I recently bought bmw 116i E87 and found out that there's no bluetooth and navigation function on idrive. As it's imported from Japan, the radio is also not working. I called autogravity for installing the bluetooth and they say it's gonna cost about 1k and navigation for 2.5k. I find this too expensive. Any alternatives? Thanks,
  8. Joseph02

    BMW service

    Yeah ture. Thanks
  9. Joseph02

    BMW service

    If I keep the receipts of parts that I bought and I replace by myself, would they decline the claim in the future? I don't know... feel like warranty is quite annoying.
  10. Joseph02

    BMW service

    I live in Henderson but don't mind go up to north or down in south or in city centre if it's reliable independants. Maybe the independant that allows me to bring parts will be preferred. I looked upon forum and heard BM workshop is reliable and professional. Any other recommendation? Cheers
  11. Joseph02

    BMW service

    Thanks millions for your comment. Do you think the machanical warranty is worth it? Since i can’t really do the servicing by myself..... and since my warranty state that my car may be serviced at recognised service facility, can I go independent shop to get my car serviced??
  12. Joseph02

    BMW service

    Yeah I would love to buy some tools to do it on my own. So when you have Autosure Insurance, you have to take your car in for a service to get the stamp. What if I do like oil change and filter, brake pads etc., on my own and go to workshop to get the stamp? I guess that can save some money? I heard getting service at the workshop is okay with reasonable price than dealership.
  13. Joseph02

    BMW service

    Hi guys, I'm a BMW noob who recently bought the 116i. I need advise on a couple of things that I'm not really sure about. So for maintenance, how do you guys normally do it? As I don't have special tool kit to replace parts on my own and don't have much info of where to buy the parts, would it be better to go the the authorised bmw repairer to do the service? Coz one of my friend sold his BMW as every service cost him about 1k~1.2k. So I'm bit worried. And since I have the mechanical warranty from autosure, one of the requirements is to get a stamp when service is done from workshop. Do you guys normally do all of the easy thing by yourself? or just buy the parts with cheaper price and hand it to authorised dealer to carry out the work? Can any of you kind folk recommend me mechanic/technician/workshop/service centre in Auckland?
  14. Joseph02

    Hi from Auckland

    Hey guys, I'm a BMW newbie who recently owned 116i 2012. I'm excited to join the bimmersport as I can access to so many helpful information. I'll be grateful if someone can guide me through all the tips on maintenance and things that I need to know. Thanks,