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  1. Badical

    Bilstein b12 pro kit

    You could also try demon-tweeks over in the UK. https://www.demon-tweeks.com I've used them for some stuff and my brother has brought a suspension kit off them for his polo and they had really good shipping rates.
  2. Badical

    M2 Depreciation

    I'd say nowhere near as bad as the M3s or M4s. Like yourself I've been keeping at eye on the M2 prices, but most likely won't be in a position for a couple of years. But with these cars, they will always lose money, more so in the early years.
  3. Badical

    Auckland tinters

    Ah, should of mentioned i'm having trouble getting in contact with car folie. Phone just tells you to go to the website and i've emailed twice and no reply. So seeing if anyone else has experiences with different places.
  4. Badical

    Auckland tinters

    Anyone have recommendations for good tinters in Auckland? Looking to get my e82 done before summer starts to hit hard.