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  1. Sunny5999

    09 335i(n54) Dct FBO $32999

    N54 is what you want, with all the maintenance taken care off.
  2. Sunny5999

    09 335i(n54) Dct FBO $32999

    Well said mate, it also means you can safely run 380 to 400 whp all day, without any issues. thanks
  3. Sunny5999

    09 335i(n54) Dct FBO $32999

  4. Sunny5999

    09 335i(n54) Dct FBO $32999

    65000k 09335i(n54) Full bolts On. Index 12 injectors Ngk 1stp colder Laser iridium spark plug New Bose ignition coils Running Mhd stage 2 plus approx 380-400(whp) Vrsf catless dps(ceramic coated) Vrsf Charge pipe(turbo smart bov) Vrsf 7hd intercooler Coolant pump & thermostat replaced Carbon cleaned Servise was done 5k ago Black market racing 3.5 exhaust($4k with taxes and shipping ofcourse) I will get it serviced at the dealer, before sale. Runs perfectly fine, make an offer & show me proof of funds and I am more than happy to give test drive. I can see the Bmr exhaust separately for 2k. Reason for Sale, I am buying an M4. Thanks
  5. Sunny5999

    android ccc

    looking to buy android ccc for my e92 335i ?
  6. Sunny5999

    F80 m3 seats into E92 M3

    Looks BOSS.
  7. Sunny5999

    335i Dct FBO

    Mine were changed.
  8. Sunny5999

    335i Dct FBO

    Can you take a pic and point it out on your car please. Mines an N54.
  9. Sunny5999

    335i Dct FBO

    Hi, I have Full Bolts On 335i 7hd intercooler, dps, dual cone intake, chargepipe bov, index 12s, 1 step colder spark plug. ON MHD STAGE 2 PLUS. My question is, with all these mods and stage 2 plus 91-95 map, my car is only hitting max 14 psi, where as the actual target boost is 17 or 17.6 on the mhd monitor?
  10. Hey Guys, i live in Christchurch , n54 needs high quality vacuum lines asap, where can i find HQ vacuum lines in Christchurch or NZ? cant really wait for international shipping. thanks
  11. Sunny5999

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Hi, how did you flash you DCT? thanks
  12. Sunny5999

    New Member Intro e82 135i

    How strong do you guy think the DCTs on these cars are ? how much power can they hold ?
  13. Sunny5999

    N54 335i Full Exhaust.

    Yeah, it's not very loud, unless I step on it hard then it just transforms. harder you step, bigger the pops and bangs, sometimes it gets scary with open windows(sounds like gunshot). Its awesome, puts smile on people's faces.
  14. Just got BMR 3.5 exhaust(resonator only, straight otherwise) installed, with catless dp's and it's not actually that loud ! i believe the resonator is doing all the magic. from behind its quite loud, however the way sound is dispersed is quite amazing. because when it takes off with a wide open throttle, it does not feel very loud for whoever is standing behind or on the side , but you can still hear the exhaust,pops and bang from quite afar.