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  1. jamesmcd

    1998 BMW 328i E46 NZ New with tow bar

    Had a clean now - currently offering to watchers for $1500: https://trademe.nz/motors/cars/bmw/328i/listing/1890436777
  2. jamesmcd

    Cooked Motor Question

    As an aside, when I first met my wife she had a "reliable Toyota". Within six months it blew a head gasket and I got her onto BMWs since then
  3. jamesmcd

    Cooked Motor Question

    Choice. Lucky it’s a Toyota!
  4. jamesmcd

    Cooked Motor Question

    Do you know how to do a compression test yourself?
  5. According to the service records my 2009 335i (NZ New) hasn’t had its HPFP changed at any point. Is this something I should preemptively fix? Or just wait for it to inevitably fail? Car has done about 65k. Anyone know the cost of this repair?
  6. jamesmcd

    Insurance and tuning question

    Should be under 20%. If everything is ticked off with them first then there's no excuse to deny cover.
  7. jamesmcd

    Insurance and tuning question

    Have spoken to the insurer and removing the cats and a basic ECU stage 1+ tune is fine but they will need specific information (performance increase details). They seem good to deal with. This is for both standard insurance and mechanical.
  8. jamesmcd

    Insurance and tuning question

    Exactly. I'll be up front about it. I'll check with my existing company first. I'm in a safe spot in that I haven't done anything yet.
  9. jamesmcd

    Insurance and tuning question

    Hey all - obviously this depends on the company (in this case Provident), but I’m looking for people’s experiences. I’ve already paid for a year of cover on the basis that my vehicle isn’t modified, which it isn’t. However, I am interested in doing some performance tuning this year. Obviously I would tell them that I’m doing this, but I was wondering how badly this affects the premium?
  10. jamesmcd

    Captain Sensible Calling...

    Plenty of older 540i options in Wellington. Cheap to buy, expensive to run...
  11. jamesmcd

    Captain Sensible Calling...

    I borrowed one a few years ago in Wellington - a manual though - it was seriously rooted. Car was maybe 1998.
  12. Interested to see if there are any good ones selling
  13. jamesmcd

    Captain Sensible Calling...

    A destroyed old Jap import Z3 in red?? 😂
  14. jamesmcd

    Will servicing at BMW be an issue?

    Eek. The vehicle has mechanical insurance through BMW’s provider. Even with just downpipes and an ECU tune it looks like I’ll have to wait (or forfeit the insurance).
  15. Assuming I go ahead with some tunes on my 335i (downpipes and ecu stage 1 at least), will the BMW dealership have an issue with servicing it? They wouldn't turn me away would they?