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  1. al lowe

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    They were not curbed and good condition but finish on the paint not great.
  2. al lowe

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    Arrow Wheels in Auckland, $390 per wheel excl GST.
  3. al lowe

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    Just had the wheels re-done in Shadow Chrome...
  4. al lowe

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    Yes impulsive and very extravagant one !
  5. al lowe

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    Thank you, collecting the new MCoupe tomorrow... πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  6. al lowe

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    Impulsive buy, my 1M was intended to only be my Sunday drive but tempted by the Z3M the 1M has now become my daily so I now get best of both cars ...πŸ‘πŸΌ
  7. al lowe

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    Sounds a lot but when you take into account actual sale price rather than list price, the current cost of an e30 M3, how much my 1990 ur quattro (20v RR) sold for and my B5 RS4 and the pedigree of this particular Z3M Coupe I actually believe it was a bargain...
  8. al lowe

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    Hi guys, I brought the Z3M to keep my 1M company having recently sold my Audi’s, RR ur quattro and B5 RS4... I owned an older version of the Z3M in Blue before I brought the quattro. Looking forward to another Z3M ...