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  1. From memory I brought it for $35k sold it for about $42k ...
  2. This was my old car/listing ....
  3. Ownership of “BMW Z3M” plate, just need to get plate made via Kiwi Plates . $450.
  4. Does anyone do classic BMW valuations for insurance purposes at all ?
  5. Anyone possibly have one or know where I can source at all ?
  6. Yes had rare opportunity to purchase a very rare older classic BMW so as much as I loved the Z3M Coupe chose to let it go ...
  7. I have plate “BMW Z3M” available for $500, plans have changed. Sorry no picture as plate not made yet.
  8. I have a very rare Schnitzer Roof Spoiler available for Z3M Coupe for sale due to change of plan, requires painting. $1,000. Located in Auckland
  9. I have a pair of Steel Grey Flippers and fixing kit available for a Z3M Coupe, $500. Change of plan. Located in Auckland
  10. They were not curbed and good condition but finish on the paint not great.
  11. Arrow Wheels in Auckland, $390 per wheel excl GST.
  12. Just had the wheels re-done in Shadow Chrome...
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