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  1. Final update for this thread, in case someone encounters the same issue as me and stumbles across this thread: This Saturday I went back to pick-a-part and grabbed the hydraulic tensioner I spotted the weekend before. Here's it off the old block. $11 And the old mechanical tensioner and pulley I pulled of my motor It seems the tensioning spring in the mechanical unit was worn and making an unpleasant sound. It was doing its just still, but admittedly did sound a lot like a failed pulley. Worth saying though, if you think you have failed pulleys and you still have the mechanical tensioner, you''re better off replace the whole thing with a hydraulic tensioner. Unrelated, I also picked up a oil level sensor from another wreck at pick-a-part for $29 as the one in my vehicle is faulty. Figured it was worth the try to see if it works by replacing my definitely broken one next service. I'll be sure to replace the o-ring though. Anyway, that about wraps things up. Thanks to those that offered insight and/or advice, helpful as always. Chuuurr!!
  2. Thanks for the info. I took a quick trip to Pick-a-Part this arvo and managed to find ONE e36 with the hydraulic tensioner (I checked against the kit you attached, seems identical and should fit the e46 too) installed instead of the mechanical, but unfortunately I didn't have any tools on me, and by the time I go to the shop to grab them and head back it'll be closed. Looks like a mission for next weekend!
  3. Alrighty, I finally got some free time, so update time: I pulled the fan and shroud off and took the belts off to check the pulleys. They didn't seem too bad turning them by hand, but as I had the replacement pulley on anyway I put that on the tensioner as the noise is definitely originating from there. After putting the belts back on it's still unfortunately making the noise. Out of curiosity I removed the belts and ran the engine for a bit and the sound is definitely from something driven by the belts. After a bit of listening through the screwdriver-scope and some observation, it appears the tensioning spring itself is the cause of the noise. Is this possible? At this stage I'm planning to purchase a whole new tensioning unit but I thought I'd see if you guys had any thoughts. Would it be worthwhile spending the extra bit for the hydraulic conversion? Cheers!
  4. Update: Thanks for the replies, much appreciated! Took the intake scoop off and moved the air filter out of the way to get better access to the belt and pulleys, and used the screwdriver scope (Thanks @Eagle) and it's definitely the tensioner pulley! The idler pulley seems to be alright. I've ordered one and will fit it when it arrives. I really should've checked them when I did the waterpump/thermostat job.. Cheers guys!
  5. Kia ora team, So the old 328 has developed a less than fantastic gurgley whine in the engine bay. It's most noticeable at idle, particularly in Drive, and doesn't occur at all until the engine is warm. While stationary if you put the vehicle in Park the sound reduces dramatically. My ear-omitor says it's coming from somewhere near the power-steering reservoir, but I can't place it exactly. The fact that it only happens once the engine is warm makes me think it's a fluid, and the power-steering fluid was looking a bit muggy so I sucked it out and topped it up with fresh fluid while going back and forth to full lock on the steering. I did that about 4 times, and although the fluid looks cleaner (although admittedly still cloudy) the sound remains. Could it be air bubbles stuck in the power-steering still? Or perhaps the reservoir needing replacement (I understand they have inbuild filters)? Since in the 20 odd years of this model being around I can't be the first person puzzled by this sound, so I figured I'd see what you guys think! Cheers!
  6. Crozzy

    WTB OEM Coolant

    Yep, all sorted now, cheers mate!
  7. Crozzy

    WTB OEM Coolant

    Does make it a bit of a pain for people that work weekdays during their open hours such as I do. Checked Google to see if they were open, and kind of assumed them being open meant they were fully operational, but I understand them needing to give staff time off. Just wish I had known before hand - partly my fault for not calling in to ask I suppose.
  8. Crozzy

    WTB OEM Coolant

    Yeah sorry, that's kind of what I meant, 10L worth of coolant I know right! Didn't think it'd be that hard but apparently they can't do it. Ended up going to Repco and getting Penrite green coolant. It's approved for use by BMW so should be a suitable replacement, even if it's only until I decide to replace it later down the line with OEM stuff
  9. Hey guys Long story, but, I was planning to change out my thermostat, waterpump and coolant over the long weekend. I've got all the other parts sitting here, but I just went down to Winger BMW and low and behold their parts department is closed on the weekends so I can't get the coolant. Bugger! So due to poor planning on my part, I'm left to either buy aftermarket coolant or save the maintenance for another time. I'd really like to go OEM on this one, so by any chance does anyone in Wellington have about 10 litres of BMW coolant they're willing to sell to me? A long shot for sure, but can't hurt to try! Cheers
  10. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated. I've been to Winger and priced up the coolant/waterpump/thermostat so that's the next project once work starts up again in the new year. I managed to score a decent (albeit also high k's) second hand shock from Pick a Part just to get me through a WOF and running for now, I'm looking around at new shocks to redo all of them, after the engine is happy. I'll do the mounts and such then too. Currently she's overcooling on the motorway (sadface) so really want to address the thermostat first. Ran the codes on the scanner at work (forgot to say, I'm a heavy diesel apprentice) and I'm getting code 123 for Electronic Thermostat Control which I'm guessing is due to it not closing properly, should be sorted with the replacement. There was a couple old misfire codes too, but I cleared them and drove for about 100kms to do some chores, scanned again and haven't come up again thankfully, may have been old. I'll check the plugs when I get a chance anyway. Then I need some new rear tyres, these ones are a great manufacturer but the left rear is very unevenly work, bad alignment, and there's no chance the other is going to pass another WOF, so time to retire (pardon the pun) them soon. But if a list to get through, but we'll get there! They weren't very helpful with the history of the car sadly, I'll have to give it all a look over once I get the change.
  11. Thanks! Wow, lots of great info, really appreciate that. Planning to visit Winger today to price up the coolant stuff. Not gonna lie, I was considering using other coolant as oem stuff is typically more pricey, but if it's a reasonable price as you say then I'll use that for sure. Will try make it to that meet if I'm back from my holiday in time. How do you subscribe to subforums? (noob) I've spent more than my fair share of time on realoem the last few days, brilliant resource, thanks for the tips. And finally, yes she's on 002s, the rears are getting low, but an excellent tyre and definitely impressed me at the viewing to see them, made buying it easier. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, appreciate it. Have a good new years
  12. Kia ora guys, Just bought myself a new (well, new for me) 1999 328i (E46) for Christmas. She's definitely seen her fair share of the country sitting at 322k, but I must say she's in really good nick. No electrical problems at all! [that I've noticed] I used to have a '98 318ti E36 which blew a headgasket not too long ago. I know they're the cheap bmw of the family, but I loved the way it drove and was a major influence on me buying this one. Showing her age on the outside, missing badges and such that I'll replace, but under the hood she's very tidy. Well serviced and the previous owners cut me an awesome deal on it, being the festive season and all. That being said I'm planning a coolant system refresh soon as they couldn't tell me if it had been done and I'd rather the piece of mind. Anyway, just stopping by to say hello, and you may see me around on here with newbie questions and such if I can't find the answers myself. Thankfully, I've done a bit of lurking already and it seems there isn't much you folk don't know about these vehicles! Churr Final note, possibly a stupid question but she needs a new right front shock for the wof (current one's leaking). Is oem the best option or is there aftermarket options. Not looking for anything fancy, just want to get her on the road legally so I can really see what she's got.
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