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  1. And just to really rark up the legions of straight-6-RWD-lovers - apparently, there's "no way to tell' the difference between front and rear wheel drive performance cars these days. That's a direct quote... this guy is ex-Audi, they snuck in a saboteur! https://www.bmwblog.com/2019/07/16/bmw-exec-no-way-to-tell-between-fwd-and-rwd-1-series/
  2. They say a picture says a thousand words.
  3. BlackrazorNZ

    Not my Supra

    The B58 has heaps of potential with only basic tweaks. Plenty of guys are getting 450-500hp on stock setups with only a remap.
  4. To be fair, I have got the M performance exhaust fitted which is plenty loud/grunty enough on its own - the fake noise on top of it just made things actually unpleasantly loud.
  5. No, you just pay for a license and it will work across lots of BMW's. But only BMW's with an OBD and of certain series. The cars it works with are listed here, along with an idea of what it can do with each of them : https://bimmercode.app/cars/bmw/
  6. Yep i've used it, just for some basic stuff like coding out the fake engine noise and defaulting stop/start to 'Off' instead of 'On' in Comfort mode. Pretty easy and foolproof in standard mode, but as Soba says, I wouldn't touch expert unless you really knew what you were doing.
  7. I was in the South Island on the TranzAlpine and then driving a Holden Acadia SUV (yuck) back. Wish I could have taken my Beemer
  8. Serious. Eco-Pro (felt icky doing it but I pressed the button), cruise control, pretty much spot on 850. I''ll see if I can get my wife to take an evidentiary photo when she's in the car with me.
  9. Most of the guff I read on the matter inferred that nursing it, especially by putting in lows of non-varying RPM, was just as bad as burying the throttle. As I understand it, the 'ideal' (which is what I'm trying to do) is as much variance in RPM as possible, under differing degrees of engine load, while trying to keep max RPM below about 4000rpm. Given it sits at 850 rpm doing 100kph on the motorway, it's a lot easier than it sounds.
  10. No, I decided to do this. The 'do it' side has science, empirical evidence, manufacturer recommendationm and simple logic on its side. The 'don't do it' side has anecdotal 'my friend Gary drove off the lot in a cloud of smoke and his car is fine' tales on its side. I prefer the science As an engineering mate said to me regarding the matter - 'Someone saying "I got bit by a poisonous snake and I survived" does not mean getting bitten by a poisonous snake is a good idea'
  11. It's firkin awesome. I was a little restrained given I'm a) carefully running in the engine, and b) it's over 100HP more than i've ever owned before, but even early on you can tell it's a beast. Comfy too.
  12. Took the day off from work yesterday, picked it up, put 200km on it, dropped it off late afternoon.
  13. In getting ceramic treated by the good guys at OCD.
  14. Here you go, straight from email comms about the sale - purple underline mine :
  15. I knew that all the overseas reports indicated MPSS's - however, the offer document and even the signed spec list mention runflats. I'll see if I can find it and take a photo. But as I said, not complaining
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