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  1. I have inhex sockets of all sizes, along with equipment to lift & work on cars, bikes, etc. Come out to the wild west & we can have a look-see
  2. Had the car on the dyno the other day, pleasing to see the performance is right on par for this model. 197kW at the wheels.
  3. I have spoken to other installers since, that say they can have both the cellphone & stacker working, but I haven't found out if they use the same hardware. Would be good to have both. I'm one of those funny people who still buy LP's & CD's & the like, & like to have all the options :)
  4. well I got the Bluetooth & Nav sorted through OBD Tech. Was a little bit of a runaround, as the first module was faulty, but we got there in the end. the Kufatec unit that goes in replaces the CD stacker connection, so lose that functionality, but the rest of the setup more than makes up for that. Car is running like a dream, really happy with it.
  5. as we all know, this thread is useless without pics
  6. Hi there, new to the forums & new BMW owner. I recently bought a low mileage (61K) 2007 335i Cabriolet hardtop & am loving the car. Crisp performance & handling, combined with top-down motoring (helps me keep my speed down but still have fun) It's the 6 speed auto, but I'm enjoying the paddleshift, so not missing having a 3rd pedal at this point. It was a Singapore import, & has been in the country for a couple of years, but is missing owners manuals, & I want to upgrade the nav to NZ maps & add Bluetooth streaming. Does anyone have manuals for these cars, or can you suggest where to buy? Any suggestions on adding the Bluetooth phone connectivity & updating the nav for NZ? TIA Phil
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