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  1. Selling my 330ci Clubsport in velvet blue, 219,154kms. Pretty sure this is the only Clubsport in this colour currently in NZ. Owned the car for a year now but it's time to move it on as I can't keep up with the work it needs due to University. Car has rego but no WOF. Interior is in pretty decent condition for its age apart from the drivers side B pillar which has had the headlining come off and the steering wheel as pictured below. Engine runs fine but according to Euro Services "The electrics that run from the battery in the boot to the engine run through a series of plates. There has been arcing at those points and they are now pitted and worn resulting in poor electric transmission". Quoted $750 to fix this. In my ownership I have done the following: front tyres, ceramic front brake pads, low kms purple tag steering rack, new century battery, LHS control arm, brake hoses, Water pump, serpentine belt & water pump pulley, had transmission replaced with one that had 170,000kms~ all transmission work done by Jon at Auto 38. Have receipts for all the work mentioned. Everything listed done within the last 6000kms. Previous owner also did a large amount of work with receipts. Faults: There is clear coat peel on the door handles and wing mirrors, overall car could do with a respray. Can't adjust wing mirrors ( reverse tilt still works). Rear tyres need to be changed, transmission and engine mounts need to be replaced, drive shaft coupling needs to be replaced, front shocks need to be replaced. Left hand side tail light isn't fully working but wasn't an issue for WOF. Would be a good project for someone who could bring it back to its former glory. Viewings in Auckland, i'll be heading back to Wellington tomorrow so interested parties will be dealing with my Dad (Tom Snr). His number is listed below. Feel free to contact me (Thomas) if you have any questions regarding the car, my number is listed below along with my email or contact me via messaging on here. SOLD Cheers.
  2. Hi everyone , recently been experiencing some rough shifting, loss of low end torque and a rough idle.Replaced the DISA O ring and this remedied these problems to a certain extent however yesterday my transmission light came on and went into limp mode, the one that doesn't go away. Scanned the car with the INPA system and retrieved these codes from the engine : 125 Activation Electric Fan (i dont have an electric fan) 90 Exhaust Temperature Pre Cat Conv – Bank 1 91 Exhaust Temperature Pre Cat Conv – Bank 2 93 Exhaust Temperature Post Cat Conv -Bank 2 63 DME Control Unit or Ambient Temp Signal via CAN (MS43) I also pulled these codes from the transmission: 59 Knock Sensor -Bank 2 (this has accured 12 times apparently) 65 Camshaft Position Sensor (Inlet MS43) The transmission failed previously at 213,000kms but got it fitted with a lower km trans. Car is now at 219,080. Any ideas on if the transmission has already gone bad or something else at fault which is sending the car into limp mode. Sorry for the long post , any help is appreciated, cheers.
  3. Anyone have an LED tail light for e46 330ci (coupe) they are willing to let go, preferably just one for the left side, but could be willing to buy a set for the right price. Cheers
  4. Very nice manual 330ci on trademe at the moment . Decent amount of power, looks great and easy to work on.
  5. Yeah only one they gave me, any idea where i could get the bolt ?
  6. Went to get a new set of front tyres put on along with a wheel alignment, however, when I came back to pick the car up they said they had not been able to do the wheel alignment due to there being a loose/seized bolt? (they weren't very clear on this) in the rear left camber arm. They gave me this photo as well. Would anyone be able to clarify what the issue is and what needs to be done ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Want to buy a left hand side tail light for my 330ci , needs to be from a facelift model. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the help guys, after doing some research think I will hold out for some 135s to bring it back to a factory look.
  9. Would they fit alright on an e46 ?
  10. Anyone selling a staggered set of 18 inch style 135s off an e46. Thanks in advance.
  11. Got a 2005 Velvet Blue Clubsport down in Wellington, currently getting it sorted out just as you are. Wouldn't happen to know where i could get a replacement headlight for the left hand side. Apparently the things you use to adjust the headlight are broken so have to get a whole new headlight now.
  12. Was quoted 8-10 hours for the job, does this seem about right ?
  13. Cheers, is swapping out the transmission, my most likely course of action, something Jon at Auto38 would be able to do ?
  14. Just got my car back from the mechanics today, Page European, and they said my transmission is cooked. Should I get the transmission repaired/rebuilt or opt to buy a used transmission with 24000kms for $500 and get someone to put it in. If i were to try the second option where could i get such a swap done? Wellington based. Thanks in advance.
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