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  1. Hi all I'm looking for a tow bar setup for my 2009 E91 335i m sport. I've had a search on here and google with limited results. I want one that doesn't require the bumper to have a hole cut in it so that means one that comes from underneath the bumper would be ideal. Does anyone have any leads on a nice setup? Cheers
  2. Hi all About a month ago I picked up a 2009 E91 335i LCI in alpine white! Loving it so far. Relatively high kms at 150,000 but it's a dream to drive with no noisy turbos/wastegates or any other funny noises. It's getting tinted this week and I have a charge pipe kit which I will match with a k&n drop in filter. Then potentially MHD stage one and Aplina transmission flash if anyone can help with this?
  3. Hi guys I have recently bought a 2009 E91 335i LCI M sport. Loving it so far! So the rear ride height is perfect, so I'd just like to lower the front 30 odd mm. Does anyone have any experience with the super low king springs? They are available in pairs, so would be perfect. I dont really want to touch the rear, just the front. Thanks in advance
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