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  1. Thank you. The wheels cost an arm & a leg from new, I know this much. The original owner had a large National Tyre company in 2003 so I'm thinking they will be reputable but will have confirmation tomorrow. $1500ish to refurb is well worth it to complete Milliy I feel but yes I agree it's an expensive choice but in my project budget. Cheers Jon
  2. Much appreciated. I'll know tomorrow if wheels are German or not as they are getting refurbished tomorrow.
  3. Installed and working brilliantly thanks to Pete & the team at Eurocare.
  4. Milliy just received an early Christmas present locally at Eurocare. Highly recommend Pete, Josh & the team as they are friendly, professional and brilliant at what they do with outstanding BMW knowledge. Thank you guys, all the best for 2020.
  5. I'll tell you after the weekend when I get out on the open road. Milliy's hopefully going into EUROCARE today/tomorrow for an early Christmas present as I've got a 2 page list of preventative maintenance over due thanks to the cheap-skate previous owner.
  6. Sorted today, rear fast-flow type box with appealing looking tips I think. Thank you one & all for all the recommendations and advise. Next week job are the rimms to be cleaned up & front left buckle sorted fingers crossed.
  7. Agreed Kelvin Milliy's a wee beauty. Guess I'm still coming to terms of 330kw to 141kw but yes your right my S/C Autobiography is a tad special!
  8. Thank you @M3AN, once again much appreciated! Guess your right with headers as they aren't even really visible. I offered $400 incl freight on TM & wait response. In reality if I'm in $ aren't a priority with Milliy as she's special not like her stable mate that needs to go!
  9. Thank you @zero you know your stuff as I'm a complete novice, this community is great thank you for the suggestions. Milliys in at EuroCare on the 9th for a early Xmas prezzy.
  10. Brilliant thank you Willy. I was hoping someone would recommend EUROCARE as I'm booked in with them already in early December but just wanted peace of mind without preempting feedback. Pete and the team certainly look like BMW enthusiasts. ta Jon
  11. Big thank you to Nick, @m325i package arrived today.
  12. Hi up there. I appreciate the input thank you. I only paid $8.5k, once I got it home from New Plymouth after a great roadie South, the BMW precheck found about $2ks worth of overdue preventive maintenance which I'm happy to carry out. Great thing about these e46s they seem to be relatively economical to repair/maintain compared to other Euros I've owned. Yes there's plenty of budget left to play with and I like the idea of new headers and complete new set up as above. As I'm keeping Milliy long term. Sorry don't follow about more power for less money? If you have the time please do expand further as I'd be really interested to read. Thank you, Jon
  13. Hi all, Looking for feedback & recommendation please for reputable quality BMW mechanic in Christchurch. Thank you in advance.
  14. I agree with full cat-back system from specialists, guess being not mechanically minded I'm here to seek advise and learn from seasoned BMW enthusiasts, thank you. Milliy is booked in at BMW EUROCARE locally here in Chch in December for some neglected preventive maintenance by previous owner so I will have a chat with them on recommendation of local specialist. Jon
  15. Hi, Performance and efficiency at the higher end of rev counter.
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