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  1. Murdock

    1989 E30 M325i

    The car has sold! Thanks for the comments / interest folks.
  2. Murdock

    1989 E30 M325i

    @ 3 Series - cheers mate, my photography skills do leave a lot to be desired - may enlist the help of my nephew. @ Andy - absolutely no Schnitzer (or Scheisser, as my wife would say) goodies that I can detect. Mainly kept for the obscure reason that our old 7 a side footie team (approx a third Irish, a third Italian, a third German) was unimaginatively christened - yep - AC Schnitzer. The badges are easily removed. :-) @ bga - nowhere near as horrendous as I had anticipated. Just under a grand for the pair, and the driver's seat gave the impression the previous owner had met an untimely demise at the hands of a large bear. If your seats are in reasonable condition I don't doubt you could undercut that. Cheers.
  3. Murdock

    1989 E30 M325i

    @MD13 and bga - Thanks for the feedback, genuinely I do appreciate it as I too have seen a couple of M325s doing the rounds on Trademe for in the region of $12 - 15k which don't seem to shift too rapidly. Nice to know that I'm in the right ballpark. May be as much a function of the market for these cars I guess, they're pretty niche appeal. At the end of the day I'm not selling this car to make a fast buck, basking in the glory of the M3s rise to absurdity (and beyond). I bought this car for $9000 in 2010. It's in far better nick now than it was back then, but I spent money where it was needed to bring the car back up to scratch, not to maximise my "profit" (HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) come sale time. That the cars have risen in value the past few years is incidental and, largely, irrelevant - I want her to find a new home with a genuine enthusiast owner (hence advertising here first). Cheers.
  4. Murdock

    1989 E30 M325i

    @Mrbrock - sorry, posted the ad on my phone, didn't factor it coming out like that on the website. @Fiat - a valid question, what with the plethora of fanciful sellers seeking ambitious sums for decidedly ordinary metal. And of course, a car is only worth what the next owner is willing to part with. However as M325s go this is easily the lowest-priced I've seen in the last 3 years and, in an age when standard 4 door E30s in good order can fetch $6K, and a low mileage M325 c.$20K, I'm hoping I'm not being too ambitious. :-)
  5. Murdock

    1989 E30 M325i

    The car is an '89 M-Tech II, Diamondschwartz metallic. The chassis has done approximately 345,000km (the coil springs in the odometer packed up approximately two years ago, the odometer frozen in time at 331,000km), with a lower km (approx. 250,000) engine fitted by HellBM in May of last year. I've had the odometer repaired, current mileage showing 332,000km. I've had the car for coming up on 6 years now, bought it in a very 'stanced' state from the previous owner, but fitted refurbished Bilsteins and new King springs to sort out the belly scraping issues (was unable to source any BMW originals at the time). Other than that, and a recent rear bumper repair and respray, I haven't really got too far down the restoration route. Have been running a rolling replacement of perishable items e.g. boots, driveshaft guibo. The front seats have been refurbished by Waikumete Upholsterers (in May), the sunroof has a couple of minor rust spots (see pic) that could do with attending to, there is a small crack in the dash (seemingly an E30 rite of passage) but other than that the car runs well and has been ultra-reliable during my ownership. Genuine reason for sale (I am looking to move on to an E46 M3), ideally looking for offers in the region of $10,000 but obviously I have some room for negotiation. The car is available to view in Auckland, my contact number is 0211229081.
  6. Murdock

    E46 M3 Seats for sale

    PM sent.
  7. Murdock

    Wanted - E30 Bilsteins

    Thanks for the prompt replies guys. Sascha - pretty much just the fronts I'm after, as the rear is still on Bilsteins. Cheers though. Blair - is there any chance you could post up a picture of the shocks, or e-mail to me at jlydon@gmail.com. I'd be very interested, even if you are way down south.
  8. Murdock

    Wanted - E30 Bilsteins

    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of rebuilding the front end of my E30 M325i, and was wondering if anyone has a set of factory Bilstein shocks (as would have been OEM on the M325) lying around or could point me in the right direction? I have one Bilstein shock which I'm looking to have reconditioned, but wouldn't baulk at having to buy a pair. Cheers.
  9. Hi there. I'm just trying to get a feel for what suspension setup people would recommend for my E30 M325? I bought the car a few months back, knowing that the car was lower than ideal (at least for use as a daily driver) but with the intention of altering the setup at some point. Well, that point has arrived, hastened by the discovery of a leaking front shock (what I believe to be a factory original part) as well as couple of large cracks developing in the rear bumer valance. I am tempted by King springs (low as opposed to super low), but was wondering if it is worthwhile getting the offending damper repaired or should I plump for a new set of KYBs or similar? Any information would be much appreciated, as I'm pretty open to suggestions at this stage. Cheers.
  10. Murdock

    E30 325i / M325

    Fair enought, cheers for the response. Was just curious as 325i engines seem to fall into one of either category, and I didn't know if the 'black top' was a later iteration. From what I can see the M325s I've seen (e.g. on trademe) all sport the 'black top' - was it a factory option as part of the M pack perhaps? The only M325 I've seen with the 'grey top' (heh) was one which had cylinder head work done.
  11. Murdock

    E30 325i / M325

    Hi folks, In relation to these cars, my question is regarding cylinder head covers - is the colour difference in the following two pictures of any significance? Undoubtedly a dumb question, I know - is the black one simply a shroud? Cheers.