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  1. Confirmed with Brent. Thanks a lot guys. He said the dimensions are fine.
  2. Sweet, thanks for that. Will measure it once I get it but I'm looking at a getrag 240 so can have a look online as to what the measurements are for that.
  3. Hi guys, I've got a 1989 318i M40B18 and I'm looking to get a new pilot bearing as I'm planning a manual swap. Does anyone know what dimensions I need for the pilot bearing to fit my engine? So far having a look online I'm to believe that the dimensions are as follows for the pilot bearing: Width [mm] 9 mm Inner diameter [mm] 15 mm Outer diameter [mm] 32 mm If that was the case then would a 10mm width x 15mm inner diameter x 32 mm outer diameter make much of a difference?
  4. Do you know any other website other than Ebay that I can look for parts that has shipping?
  5. Hi Guys, Was wondering whether anyone here has a manual pedal assembly that they want to get rid of/sell. I'll be happy to buy it, given the price and condition are good. Doesn't have to come with the clutch master cylinder but would be preferred if it does. Thanks.
  6. Hi Guys, Anyone have one of these for sale or know where I can them within NZ? Its for the radiator fan on my 318i 1989. It's located in the front of the car, just in front of the radiator fan as below: My one currently doesn't set the low fan speed, only high and that too when I jump the wires. Looking online it says that if you jump the fan and it only works on high, then it's a faulty resistor. Thanks.
  7. Cheers mate, I'll let you know if I decide to but I can't confirm anything.
  8. How much will you be able to sell the seat for?
  9. Hi All, Has anyone successfully attempted an auto to manual swap for an e30 318i 1989? If one was to attempt this, what sort of compatibility do I need? do I need an exact 1-to-1 car e.g. 318i and a donor 318i? can I use an earlier model manual? Would like to know what goes into it. Thanks.
  10. What about the seat adjust handles? aren't those stuck to the seat itself or is it stuck to the frame of the seat? If they are stuck to the seat itself then can't really use the left for the right since the handles will get in the way.
  11. I was thinking of keeping my left one as it's in good condition. Don't want the passenger to sit on the wrecked one. Thanks.
  12. Hi Guys, Recently bought a 318i but the front seat (driver side) seems to be peeling off/torn. Wondering whether anyone has a good place to get the whole seat and not just the cover. Used is preferred so long its in good condition, wouldn't mind new either? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  13. Hey All, Just wanted to introduce myself as I've purchased a 1989 318i. It's a lovely car and a very classic design which I quite like. Drives smoothly too!
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