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  1. Nah, I get the drone regardless of gear choice. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't live somewhere as hilly as Wellington 😂
  2. A short clip of the exhaust. I quite the like note in the video but it doesn't highlight drone when the engine is under load. The hunt is on for a centre section. I actually found one in a wreckers yard in Wellington but it is on a 130i with over 130k and has definitely seen better days! A shor
  3. Just over $300..... Don't worry, I have no intention of meddling with the BMWP muffler. I've become aware of how hard they are to come by! Thanks for your help @M3AN I reckon I'll swing by another shop and be more direct with what I'm after and see what they suggest but I'm not inclined to spend much more to gamble on the outcome!
  4. I'll backtrack slightly. The invoice says 'cnc muffler'. We spoke on the phone after he had initially had a look at the car and had said this part was my best bet. No guarantee was implied as to it being the perfect fix so I don't feel I have right to make it his problem. When I re-visited the shop, I had the stock rear muffler in the boot but he reckoned it wouldn't do the job and the centre section was the issue. Unfortunately, the stock muffler has been chopped by whoever removed it so some fabrication is definitely required. Nice video! I'm not totally sure how different mine is. I'll have to grab a clip this weekend.
  5. The saga continues..... I dropped my car off recently to a muffler shop and explained my issue with the drone. The photo below shows what was fitted (not a muffler, I can't remember what he called it). To be honest, I don't really notice any difference from how it was before. I swung by the same shop to see what else could be done and he reckoned I really need to get my hands on the oem centre pipe with muffler intact to make a real difference to the sound. Do I take this as gospel and start the hunt for original (2nd hand) bits or try a different shop? The photo is taken from underneath the backbox pointing towards the front wheels - just in case it's not obvious! 😁
  6. It is very short! I think I may have a SSK kit on the car so although it looked good, I just couldn't get comfortable with it. I swapped it out for a 'Weighted Broomstick' part No. 25117896884 which I'm far happier with. I think it actually suits the interior better too.
  7. @KwS Cheers for the info. I'm very new to the BMW world so had no idea!
  8. The controls are there but I havent tried it yet. Is it that important? 🤣 🤔
  9. Looking to sell on the knob pictured below. It's got some wear that I've done my best to highlight in the photos. Looking to get $80. Would prefer someone local to Wellington as contactless pick-up could be arranged during the lockdown. No shifter boot included.
  10. Nice one. Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated!
  11. Cheers for the input guys. Would a resonator be an off-the-shelf or specialist item? As you can tell, I'm not totally clued up on exhaust systems!
  12. Just the info I was after! As soon as i bought the car, I grabbed a stock 130i muffler off Facebook for $80. Just in time for lockdown 🙄 Reckon I'll get it fitted when I can and hopefully I won't lose too much of the engine scream but in turn fly under the radar while driving around quiet neighbourhoods. Thanks again!
  13. I did notice the welding 😐 As long as no gases are leaking I don't mind it too much. I agree that it'd be good to get it up on a lift but that'll have to wait until this lockdown is over....
  14. Cheers Jacko! Just back from getting a couple of extra pics: Information plate from the muffler and the Y-Pipe. Any guesses on the main culprit for the drone? If i want to keep the brilliant noise from the Straight 6 on full throttle am I going to have to keep the slightly anti-social exhaust note while driving around at neighourhood speeds?
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