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  1. do you have any spacers I could try bro? just to see how they look/fit also do you have a shop or just a vet? Cheers
  2. okay cool - yeah im happy with that not going to lie, this whole thing has been giving me some mad anxiety lol 😅 hardly got any sleep last night sounds dumb but hey thats me
  3. cheers mate Yeah he's offered me all of the above he said he'd take the tyres for full refund and then I just pay the balance of the new tyres, which looks like its going to be 235/40, probably a $50 difference and when he has stock again he will swap the rears for a more flush offset and width
  4. thanks mate worst case scenario I will run the 235/40 on this and maybe run some 20mm spacers in the back
  5. You're a bloody legend mate Well I just listed them on market place for $1400, so if somebody buys them I'm sweet, I'll go straight to mag and turbo The dude I bought the rims off uses a tyre place and the tyre place recommended 245/40 to be closest to the OEM wheels Rolling diameter is pretty much the same orange is oem obvs
  6. Thanks This whole time I thought they were 225/40 but they're actually 205/40!!! (no wonder it looks so weird) I didn't even check until last night! I have two options, sell the set as is and get a proper fitment from mag and turbo Mag and turbo also said they're accept the trade-in for $1100 which isn't a total loss for me, which is $400 less than what I paid I could also just run them as is but change the tyres to recommended 245/40 and that would fill the guards up nicely and leave out the spacers was just worried about clearance When I paid for this sh*t I had absolutely no idea bout fitment or offset or anything and in the last 3 days I feel like I could open up a tyre shop!
  7. I bought it from a guy who I've known for like 16 years that opened up a wheel and tyre business, obviously hes still learning too but hes helping me out by getting me some free spacers and replacing the back wheels with wider ones, cert has yet to be discussed but I don't know should I just chill with this set up for now? Its not rubbing against the suspension at all mag and turbo says its fine to run
  8. Cheers mate - the dude I bought it off said that "yes they will fit your car" they do fit, but are they the best fitment? probably not this is such a mission because I just wanted to get it sorted and over and done with Instead of having to run spacers and a wider wall (45) the offset is +35 which is annoying because I spoke to mag and turbo after and they were like nah those are the wrong ones I can't really take them back because they were bored out for my hub, but the good news is that the guy that sold me the wheels and tyres (which are brand new) is hooking me up with some free spacers and wider wheels for the back so we should be able to get a flush fit but hey its ok for now as above
  9. installed the springs last week at mag and turbo - not sure about struts
  10. So update an E39 specialist is telling me that my wheels (18 x 8 ) is too small I wish I had known this earlier the guy that I bought it off assured me that it was fine The tyres are 225/40/18 I wanted to run some spacers but read that they are illegal this puts me in a weird place having already spent $1500 on a wheel and tyre setup
  11. so did this happen or not? I have an e39 and would fully swap it lol
  12. cheers bro all good if I give you a call at some stage?
  13. here is another pic My driveway is pretty flat
  14. Thanks everyone I ended up buying it, lowering it on einbachs and putting some 18" bbs reps on it only thing I don't like is the way the back sits - I still feel like theres way too much space in the arch
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