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  1. I finally found the version on my engine: B48B20A, same as the the 320i. It's probably only the newer versions of the 330e that come with the better engine... The newer 330e also has 113hp from the electric motor, while mine has 76 so not surprised they can get those 430hp from the new car ๐Ÿ˜… I think I'd be very happy with 250 + 76... will need to wait and see. I also thought I would be very happy waiting even further to do the intake but Harry you're changing my mind... Btw, many thanks Harry and Navin for the feedback and links!! Really helps having more information on the topic
  2. That's really impressive ๐Ÿ˜ฎ 429 Hp / 707 Nm with stage 1! It seems the engine version is what determines if you can get that much juice out of it. When I saw your message last night I run out and popped up the hood but couldn't find the version anywhere ๐Ÿ˜… Apparently the B48B20A is the one that comes on the 320i and B48B20B on the 330i which explains why the 2nd has so much potential. Will need to have a good look when installing the charge pipe!
  3. Received the charge pipe today. The guy from FTP was awesome to deal with, shipment was also super fast. Can't wait to have some time to get it installed and run the tune! I've also been looking into further upgrades but will take it easy for now... will see how long it takes for stage 1 to feel "not enough" ๐Ÿ˜… The stage 2 mapping requires a high flow/decat downpipe. They don't seem too expensive from RM motors (https://rm-motors.com/en/produkt/downpipe-bmw-f30-f31-f34-gt-lci-330i-330ix-330e-b48-2/) but this will actually require someone to solder it to my current exhaust? I'm confident enough to unscrew and replace anything in the engine bay myself but wound't be able to do any soldering. Would this cause any troubles with WOFs? Cold air intake and charge cooler radiator upgrades start getting more spendy... The B48 uses a water radiator as heat exchanger instead of a conventional intercooler. The one that comes from factory does a decent job even for a stage 2 tune, as long as you keep the car off the track.
  4. Thanks Harry, appreciate the feedback. The charge pipe itโ€™s already on itโ€™s way, canโ€™t wait to get it installed and tuned! I might just leave the spark plugs in there until they give up
  5. I was reading the forums and saw everyone here recommends the MHD tuning but I couldn't find any options for my car. I have a 2017 330e (F30, B48 @ 180hp) so lots of power to draw from it. Does anyone have any experience with bootmod3? Seems to be a similar product and has many options for my engine: https://www.protuningfreaks.com/products/bootmod3-b48-bmw-tune-330i-230i-125i-225i-220i-420i-430i-520i-530i-x3-x4-20i-30i ($595 USD for 1 tunning map, $645 for all maps). It also seems replacing the charge pipe is a must so was looking into getting one of these: https://www.ftpmotorsport.com.tw/products/bmw-b48-b46-charge-pipe What I haven't found much info yet is on the spark plugs; would I need to go a step colder for stage 1? I'm not even sure what's the stock plug for this engine ๐Ÿ˜… Do those seem like good options? Should I buy from abroad and ship it here or is there anyone in New Zealand that I could buy from?
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