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  1. come on buttercup it was supposed to be offensively funny, its nothing you wouldn't laugh at on family guy or south park. I f you or your friends havn't called someone gay in your own conversations then your obviously gay
  2. bloody funny article and the comments are interesting
  3. season two has been a bit average until this weeks ep 5 insane ripsaw tank in Dubai and 1500 hp dune buggies some stunning video work
  4. is there an initial cost difference in 330e to factor into your savings? will work just let everybody charge their vehicles and how would they achieve that or will you have to go park somewhere else, possibly moving your car to let someone else have time on the charger, you want to swing over town to pick up that trade parcel on the way home,bugger better think and plan how you'l do that will electricity stay at the same rate as it is now or be charged at higher rates for peak charging times etc you would be the first person on here to moan at the lack of sole and boredom of driving an appliance, yes its practical and friendly but its not a car, it has nothing to give you except a means of A-B batteries are not the answer to the problem they are nearly as damaging as the fuel, batteries leak when disposed of just as well as fuel tanks do and they explode and burn in accidents re richard hammond so insurance premiums and disposal costs will have to be factored in I think his humoured point was valid tackle industry first while improving diesel or fuel to be cleaner or leaner makes more sense, one cruise ship does more damage than a whole city of cars so tackle that first
  5. The latest Ministry for the Environment report New Zealand’s Environmental Reporting Series: Our atmosphere and climate 2017 reported on data collected all over New Zealand between 1960 and 2016 which showed a significant decrease in extreme wind events and a small decrease in extreme flooding events over that period. “The statistics and data do not back up the desperate claims that we are experiencing more extreme weather events. We are experiencing less in fact, despite 1 degree of warming. James Shaw is full of it
  6. agreed thought the same, guess it would just boost their publicity and marketing tho which would then backfire, prob thought better of it
  7. think its pretty hard to deny that there global warming, but i disagree with the notion that humans caused it and therefore we all should pay carbon taxes etc, its just the cycle and it will continue long after humans have gone from this place
  8. aye? plenty of muscle cars in the top twenty
  9. Started again, first episode not too bad, you have such familiartity with them but there wasn't a lot of driving, plenty of scenery and camera shots. Showed some good shorts of bits to come and some of it looked epic. they've started another celebrity drivers track and it was absolute S%$t. Most interesting part was the 3 car challenge between old tech lambo hurrican, hybrid nsx and a fully electric Rimac concept one. Show ends with hammonds big crash in Switzerland hillclimb in the Rimac. Interesting thing was the car kept reigniting itself for 5 days after the crash as the cells of the batteries imploded on each other in a thermal reaction. Like a samsung note 7 then really, maybe thats why all those californian homes are burning due to all the electric cars.
  10. agreed I've found the wifes one works better for some reason
  11. that covers leafs in general, I'm meaning more the pitfalls of EVs in general, what is there life expectancy, total cost of ownership, how do you spot a lemon, whats a good buy and what has 12 months left till it dies,at what point will it be worthless, For petrols these things are generally known and assessed
  12. had the same issue with e36, started with doors then ignition exactly same as yours, a decent locksmith looked at it and managed to copy and recreate with a bit of guesswork a new key from the totally mangled one we had and it fixed everything perfectly. the locks have been fine since also be vary careful with the ignition, if you try to force the key eventually barrel will spin and then your up for a pin repair in the column which the locksmith can do. get the key done ASAP it will be the key they seem to be made of very soft material
  13. how does one shop second hand then, what is there to look out for ,does the battery have a use by date, is there some untalked about depreciation factor, I know what to look for regarding mileage and engine condition but this is a whole new can of worms that could bite
  14. check out the song titles on My Pussy belongs to Daddy and yes this is a genuine cover
  15. hey nothing judgemental at all sad for the kids, well us all probably, as it makes them more narsistic and the communication without face to face lowers their general empathy levels YES GENERALISATION HERE and your right, two notifications/likes this morning, I'm a winner today but I wasn't checking it every 5 mins and worrying about it all night like a lot of kids do BTW did you read the other article i linked, its similar but perhaps more detailed there is a good rebuttal to it here to maybe provide some balance I found them quite interesting and have had discussions with others about it for some time before reading them. A recent trip to Hong kong and Singapore watching people on subways and public monuments was quite an eye opener just watching someone take over 100 shots of their family members on a 10 min gondola ride and about 5 of the scenery made me ill