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  1. kwhelan

    Cooked Motor Question

    our local school fair always runs a random donated motor till destruction as a kids betting fundraiser every year, they go full revs for a bloody long time before bang
  2. kwhelan

    North Island East Coast Roadtrip

    craggy is great good choice, you can see the Te Mata peak as you go past, the restaurant is under it, if you have time blast out to ocean beach for a nosey,
  3. kwhelan

    North Island East Coast Roadtrip

    the road from opotiki thru to Gisborne is great, not the coast but the direct route following the river. A real drivers road scenic but great bends and flows, really satisfying
  4. kwhelan

    Quick rant thread.

    Sit tight until we can start selling water at the same price as oil, it will happen then countries will be knocking begging
  5. kwhelan

    Porsche Pulling Power

    https://www.msn.com/en-nz/motoring/video/porsche-cayenne-breaks-airplane-towing-record/vi-BBAE11Z at least the rear doors didn't pop open like happened to uncles Vauxhall victor
  6. before worrying about EV increases needing a bigger power grid they have to explain what happens when they shut down Taranaki oil. Before the gas runs out, we will need to replace 1200mw of gas fired electricity generation. That's equivalent to Benmore and Manapouri combined. A few idiot windmills and solar panels aren't going to do it, so where is the power coming from Minister?
  7. kwhelan

    brand new car at $14k

  8. bit harsh, as long as you get the checks done and those injectors replaced you end up with a great car, owning BMWs is an expensive hobby that is hard to justify mostly to those uninitiated ,alfas are worse
  9. wow that's all kinds of wrong and not something I'd ever considered before, 3 things really , lucky you took insurance, lucky the insurance wasn't fussy about the historic codes, bloody worthless pre-inspection should be named and shamed so no-one on here gets in the same state
  10. copied and pasted so take with a grain of salt Good news, E-cars used less CO2 than diesel cars…but only after 585,000km! Quote: The German ADAC association, the equivalent of America’s AAA, carried a CO2 comparison for a variety e-autos and combustion engine cars. The results were very surprising, says German magazine Autobild here. Today electric cars are being pushed as a clean and environmentally friendly alternative, while diesel and gasoline burning engines are being villainized as polluters and climate killers. In their comparison, however, the ADAC came up with some unexpected results. CO2 cars indeed have huge CO2 footprints. The ADAC reminds that energy does not only get used while driving the vehicle, but also for their manufacture and later for their recycling and supply of fuel. According to the ADAC, the manufacture of the electric car’s battery requires a considerable amount of energy, which has a considerable impact on its overall CO2 budget over its lifetime. The ADAC compared cars from three different segments to find out if electric cars are really more climate friendly: The overall result: General conclusions are not possible. But: electric cars in Germany today are already in many cases a good environmentally friendly choice. However, they could have a much better CO2 balance if they used exclusively renewable electricity.” So far Germany’s power grid still relies heavily on fossil fuels. ADAC looked at diesel, gasoline, natural gas, hybrids, e-cars and others over the range from compact to large sizes cars from a wide variety of manufacturers. It compared the cars after 150,000 km using the German power supply mix of 2013, which had a renewable energy share of 23%. (Today renewable energies have a share of 33%, which would improve the result of the e-cars somewhat). The ADAC found that only compact electric cars had the best CO2 budget at 22.5 tonnes of CO2, while gasoline powered cars yielded 30 tonnes. For the next bigger class of cars, called small cars, electric cars still came out ahead, “but only when using the optimistic 150,000 total travel distance.” Less than that, however, they were in fact dirtier. Note that electric cars traveling 150,000 km are rare, if they exist at all. Renewing the batteries would also mean a further CO2 budget setback. The ADAC calls the results of their comparison “surprising”. Autobild reports: “The reality, however, is that small e-cars are often used as a second car or a car for the city. At 50,000 km of driving an e-car cannot compensate the high CO2 emissions for manufacturing, recycling and power provision.” Upper midsize: e-car worthwhile only after 585,000 km In other words, with Germany’s current electric power supply mix, even small e-cars still have a greater CO2 budget than diesel powered ones of the same class for longer lifetime distances. German “Autobild” magazine adds: Surprising results in the upper mid-class cars: Here diesel produces the best result with 33 tonnes of CO2 over 150,000 km! Because the e-car produces so much CO2 (41 tonnes CO2) for the manufacture of the batteries and recycling, they would first be worthwhile only after 580,000 km compared to diesel engine cars.” So what’s the take home message? If you’re concerned about CO2 warming the planet, then purchase a diesel engine car. End quote. I wonder what the Gunts are going to say about this not unsurprising result. I’ve always said these virtue-signalling wankers in e-cars drive around emitting vast clouds of smug are ignoring the mining and manufacturing processes that go into their smug driven vehicles. That’s another myth busted.
  11. kwhelan

    Google Home

    they're probably plastic so get one quick before Cindy bans like them like plastic bags and straws on her virtue signalling quest to set the best example and shame USA to rejoin the Paris Accord,
  12. kwhelan

    Google Home

    hey Don't smoke and I'm not tinfoil paranoid but if you think a company hasn't been caught before being less than straight up and recorded things they shouldn't have. not sure how you can get left behind by not owning a personal live google monitor, you can automate, your house , aircon, lights etc by wifi already, well aware of phones and computers which you do have some control over, just saying home is your castle so think hard before letting a recording device in. what are you participating in? great Olaf nitpick one small unimportant thing, they were obviously showing one product made by someone with quite controversial work ethics and strongly sales orientated,judge the whole article without even watching, that sounds very fair, yes they are deliberate stirrers for creating controversy and most of there channels are very clickbaity the point was some of the answers were questionable and very slanted, either you agree with them or don't, Would you want your kids taught using those answers. Its not even like a normal phone search that gives you some differing pages or views, you must be able to see the potential to rewrite history or facts, slant thinking as being quite easy once people have trusted these things how would you feel if it sourced all its info from facebook/fox by a company sharing info cost cutting partnership I live, work in, and Love IT but this just seems a step to far in my opinion
  13. kwhelan

    Google Home

    I don't trust google one bit, theres a lot more they can do with your personal data than just target ads. The power of listening and tracking key words in a personal house is the holy grail for anybody, they may not be doing much in this early version but you wait, you are being eased into it accepting big brother in little steps the home should be your private castle to think plot and discuss your anarchy. How interested would your insurance company be for instance in what was discussed privately in your house after a recent car accident or your health insurance after you were off work. Imagine if you happened to like a bit of marijuana and the keyword lit up your house as a target for a police raid the old saying that anything you say can be used against you is still very true and you've possibly just lost your privacy in your own home
  14. kwhelan

    Google Home

    neither is the kiwi man/woman powerlifter winning all the medals or all the little girls afraid to go to the fluid gender unspecific bathrooms in USA now
  15. kwhelan

    Google Home

    I think the gender one is the scary one, talk about brainwashing young impressionable minds, Caitlan Jenner has a Y chromosome so deal with it