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  1. kwhelan

    Ubiquiti UniFi

    serves you right for reading that left wing drivel, RIP haha you know you can setup adblockers and cookie/private browsing though, don't use chrome would be step one
  2. kwhelan

    Ubiquiti UniFi

    there's no way I'd have alexa or a google home speaker but theres plenty that do, Just the other day Siri Piped up in the morning and asked me if I wanted to turn on my aircon. I thought I had disabled everything siri on my phone including location but apparently not. Worse thou just for giggles I said yes turn it on and it bloody did, considering how I have never set anything up on siri or the aircon giving anything like those permissions i was pretty surprised it worked. I love the ability to manually have control but this Ai crap is scarry. I don't want to know the traffic conditions to my work when I have never told it where I work dammit.
  3. kwhelan

    Ubiquiti UniFi

    pretty hard to beat there wifi units quality for price thats for sure. I would consider something that was maybe homesmart now or in future because thats where everything is heading, from your aircon, to lightbulbs, etc, so something that can tie into google home or amazon or one of the competing ones. there getting better all the time and even most cheap aliexpress stuff now works on one of the standard systems
  4. with the reports of general public actually going to the police station and reporting their suspicions of said gunman at the driving range and being laughed off then having guns stolen from their own police stations and some of the stories about buy backs it doesn't install much confidence in the thin blue line to organise anything gun related. apparently it is handled differently across districts rather than nationally and they have all channeled the funding away to other areas and let the gun license depts flounder very sorry for the poor bugger killed this week tho, very sad
  5. the real bugbear was this all came out in first few weeks but the ever protective media chose to basically ignore reporting of it until now
  6. there's also the improved safety features, the sometimes lower insurance due to better security, less theft, and the more fuel efficient motors and higher geared trans generally
  7. so obviously an exception to the rule, what they hell did someone do to bugger a suspension in 50k and if they were that rough or the roads that bad there must be other issues?its not possible to bugger suspension without damaging other parts whether they were noticeable at the time or not,
  8. if to be well looked after means spending alot of money on things that people don't usually spend money on, someone who has driven 300k has wound the window down alot more times is what I'm saying, worn a low spot in the seat cushion in that time, yes its all maintainable but at what cost, have you replaced all the clips on the door cards as they've aged and got brittle, or do they work so you left them but they have a little creak that wasn't there at new. does the glovebox door rattle or is it still like new, there's a lot of moving parts in a vehicle and every one of them has a life, an intended life and maybe someone who has pushed it past its originally intended life expectancy. your always going to find exceptions to any ,from a crappy new to a fastidiously maintained older car but car dealers charge more for low kms because the general rule is true.
  9. to be fair low ks are better, 100k is not exactly high ks and is only just out of warranty nowadays so hardly a fair comparison and of course the japan market changes their usage entirely but lows is always going to be better (except those weird japanese issues of crawling in traffic) every moving part has done less work, be it a key/ door lock, a seat spring or seam, window motor,door hinge a clutch or brake, even the pedal hinges age with use, suspension and drive train, less creaks squeaks and rattles, brittle plastics from prolonged heating and cooling, paintwork there's just no way you can buy a 200k car and not feel the difference in a newer low ks car despite all maintenance being done, Ive owned plenty and now finally can afford to buy newer lower ks cars thankfully and the difference is startling. yes they can be mechanically sound and enjoyable but to deny they aren't more lived in is laughable I think, when I think of all my teenagers cars you remember the crap you just accepted as part of owning a car. now its just the odd tyre or oil change for me. as always you can get a lemon in any ks
  10. read an article yesterday that said there were over 5000 rental cars in Queenstown. Thinking there could be a flood of late model cars appearing on the sale yards which could affect sale prices, might be some cheap campers for those that are looking.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_X5
  12. wait till you get to season 5 which is on right now, the first few seasons were interesting in a slow quirky way but It has finally caught up to pre Breaking Bad era and is off the charts season 5. Episode 8 last week would rate up there with any of the best eps from Breaking Bad. Bob Obenkirk and Jonathan Banks are mesmerising also if you get time this is outstandingly good, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2243973/ the production and shots, the acting, Mads Mikkelsen can give you the shivers just with his expressions,
  13. https://consequenceofsound.net/2020/04/pink-floyd-youtube-concert-series free concert being released tomorrow for fans of the floyd,
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