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  1. kwhelan

    Google Home

    they're probably plastic so get one quick before Cindy bans like them like plastic bags and straws on her virtue signalling quest to set the best example and shame USA to rejoin the Paris Accord,
  2. kwhelan

    Google Home

    hey Don't smoke and I'm not tinfoil paranoid but if you think a company hasn't been caught before being less than straight up and recorded things they shouldn't have. not sure how you can get left behind by not owning a personal live google monitor, you can automate, your house , aircon, lights etc by wifi already, well aware of phones and computers which you do have some control over, just saying home is your castle so think hard before letting a recording device in. what are you participating in? great Olaf nitpick one small unimportant thing, they were obviously showing one product made by someone with quite controversial work ethics and strongly sales orientated,judge the whole article without even watching, that sounds very fair, yes they are deliberate stirrers for creating controversy and most of there channels are very clickbaity the point was some of the answers were questionable and very slanted, either you agree with them or don't, Would you want your kids taught using those answers. Its not even like a normal phone search that gives you some differing pages or views, you must be able to see the potential to rewrite history or facts, slant thinking as being quite easy once people have trusted these things how would you feel if it sourced all its info from facebook/fox by a company sharing info cost cutting partnership I live, work in, and Love IT but this just seems a step to far in my opinion
  3. kwhelan

    Google Home

    I don't trust google one bit, theres a lot more they can do with your personal data than just target ads. The power of listening and tracking key words in a personal house is the holy grail for anybody, they may not be doing much in this early version but you wait, you are being eased into it accepting big brother in little steps the home should be your private castle to think plot and discuss your anarchy. How interested would your insurance company be for instance in what was discussed privately in your house after a recent car accident or your health insurance after you were off work. Imagine if you happened to like a bit of marijuana and the keyword lit up your house as a target for a police raid the old saying that anything you say can be used against you is still very true and you've possibly just lost your privacy in your own home
  4. kwhelan

    Google Home

    neither is the kiwi man/woman powerlifter winning all the medals or all the little girls afraid to go to the fluid gender unspecific bathrooms in USA now
  5. kwhelan

    Google Home

    I think the gender one is the scary one, talk about brainwashing young impressionable minds, Caitlan Jenner has a Y chromosome so deal with it
  6. kwhelan

    Google Home

  7. kwhelan

    My New Trolley

    just read about the new long range EV version of this in the motoring supplement. 445 kg of battery ( to be fair was only 260 odd kw heavier than an engine but still thats a family of 4 people extra) and $70k which they said was nearly double the dearest engine model, hell that's a lot of petrol to recoup then, let alone they suggested you had 4.5kw plug installed in your house which adds more costs and then there's the ongoing increase in your electricity bill. just doesn't add up unless your a member of the greens/Gunts party
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBn57BCj0L8
  9. kwhelan

    Deja Vu - NZ Health System

    discovered this for myself when my son after months of visits etc locally was referred to starship. Upon getting there I had to explain the whole thing again, was just gobsmacked, I asked them to please get his records sent and to their credit they did, but wow, the public need to be told of these glaringly stupid systems my old man retired early from his sole optometry practise because he just couldn't afford all the fancy gear they were expecting them to buy with like 10 yrs left of him working.which is why they all work together now in shared practises to share costs, like dentists people moan about the costs but if you had any idea on how much those machines are costing and they go out of phase at the drop of a hat with any new feature, and with how much they have to spend on continuing their training with conferences all over the world , again single practise you have to shut the doors or pay a locum. you'd start to have some sympathy
  10. kwhelan

    Deja Vu - NZ Health System

    part of it is just technology, back in 2008 they may have spent $x on a mri scanner for example and used it for x things, now they all have and people expect immediate access to ever more expensive equipment with ever more retraining of staff and they test and look at at far more things so the usage is way higher, Friend was recently scanned at 9pm on a sunday where they used to be all booked 8-5 mon to fri same with all the new expensive drugs for cancer, etc there are far more treatments/cures available which also eat into the running costs, not saying its fair or right but the ability to actually fix so many more ills does cost a lot more what gets me is how screwed pharmac is when buying our drugs, saw doco on a drug that cost 60k here was $1 in India purely because they would synthesis their own copy so they just sold it to them cheap as any money was better than none. The drug had payed its development costs back 3fold already and they were still reaming us down under
  11. If you wanted a cheaper reversible option you could get your parts vinyl wrapped if done properly most would never spot it
  12. kwhelan

    2004 Nissan Presage help

    those stereos have aux in, you can connect a bluetooth receiver and stream audio in thru the amp and speakers, have to be controlled by the iPod tho.
  13. kwhelan

    Porsche 919 Nurburgring - Stupid Fast.

    agreed doubt you could hold that pace for a second or third lap and it would be a big off when you erred, look at how hard his helmet is bouncing down that last straight, damn impressive driving
  14. kwhelan

    My New Trolley

    interesting as I'm 6,4 and I drove my wifes cruze 25kms once and didn't notice anything until I got out, Shoulders were wrecked for days, can't get in it now without a jersey or pillow stuffed in lower back. can't say Ive ever had a car seat do that so dramatically before in 40 odd years and yes Iv'e repeated it foolishly, there was something very wrong in the seat back which apart from being flat didn't look any different to any other. Sitting in it at car yard you would even say this feels comfortable but it was hell after 30 mins,
  15. kwhelan

    My New Trolley

    agree completely on looks, very nissan juke kinda weird just to be different, latest Hondas are weird too if they took off the plastic sides and removed that oversized lower outer headlight the actual silouette looks ok be interesting to see it photoshopped actually