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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULEJatGhcks
  2. think the headlights are the giveaway
  3. to be fair you could say that about just about any car in those ranges tho nowdays, Honda seem to be the only ones going their own way slightly by adding on sharp angles and its not surprising when you see the koreans have pinched the same designers who worked on the euros
  4. not sure in your area but decent locksmiths can often do them,
  5. I'd own either of those Porsches, still dam good vehicles and despite having more seats get reasonably good reviews don't see your point at all agree about the m fun cars though, they won't suddenly become unlikeable, its just progress I guess
  6. you could argue american muscle cars are getting better and going back oldskool may be the only option for diehard tyre spinners
  7. kwhelan

    BMW service

    so your saying they are using magic moondust rubber that last 2 whole years, wow seems to be well worth the cost then, you got ripped
  8. kwhelan

    BMW service

    theres no logic to it,you just have to suck it up if you want to run a bmw, along with water pumps and various other parts. It certainly hard to justify to any sane person like your wife when your car just keeps soaking up money compared to her bulletproof japper which in the 116 category is no worse in any way than the bmw bmw owners are masochists
  9. kwhelan

    BMW service

    a pulley and coolant tank on a car that's done 60k in 7yrs is pathetic unless your looking through BMW rose tinted glasses. We all know and expect those things to fail through unfortunate experience but its hardly fair to expect a new bmw owner to realize that and just call it maintenance because to nearly any other brand its not expected. Its a small town runabout and should be judged against its competition for expected maintenance. its hardly an M3
  10. I share your distrust and treat a lot of dealers with caution ,sometimes you have no choice especially regarding warranty but I 've caught them out too many times for them to just be all believed as straight up honest. My nissan warrant for example was passed ok, but needed new rear pads supposedly, odd I thought so never did anything about it and 3 years later still sailing thru warrants at the same nissan dealer I used to work at a holden dealer in the parts dept myself so I know full well how often wiper blades and things were changed on customers cars.
  11. or some true fan whos it was their pride and joy and who had it all done at dealerships and just burned money, rare but they do exist
  12. I just bought one off aliexpress, local locksmith programmed it for me for probably a quarter of that
  13. what grade of steel wool
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