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  1. If you wanted a cheaper reversible option you could get your parts vinyl wrapped if done properly most would never spot it
  2. kwhelan

    2004 Nissan Presage help

    those stereos have aux in, you can connect a bluetooth receiver and stream audio in thru the amp and speakers, have to be controlled by the iPod tho.
  3. kwhelan

    Porsche 919 Nurburgring - Stupid Fast.

    agreed doubt you could hold that pace for a second or third lap and it would be a big off when you erred, look at how hard his helmet is bouncing down that last straight, damn impressive driving
  4. kwhelan

    My New Trolley

    interesting as I'm 6,4 and I drove my wifes cruze 25kms once and didn't notice anything until I got out, Shoulders were wrecked for days, can't get in it now without a jersey or pillow stuffed in lower back. can't say Ive ever had a car seat do that so dramatically before in 40 odd years and yes Iv'e repeated it foolishly, there was something very wrong in the seat back which apart from being flat didn't look any different to any other. Sitting in it at car yard you would even say this feels comfortable but it was hell after 30 mins,
  5. kwhelan

    My New Trolley

    agree completely on looks, very nissan juke kinda weird just to be different, latest Hondas are weird too if they took off the plastic sides and removed that oversized lower outer headlight the actual silouette looks ok be interesting to see it photoshopped actually
  6. kwhelan

    My New Trolley

    exactly they used to rabbit on that lexus was the most trusted brand and had the least amount of breakdowns Big Deal be a long day before boys have posters of Hyundais/Kias on their bedroom walls
  7. kwhelan

    Impressive Engineering

    uses 2 playstation cameras Here's part of the software stack Up top is a monitor showing the camera's views of the cubes. Jared's software allows you to draw polygons on the screen, and assign them to different faces of the cube. The pixels inside each polygon are averaged and compared to some thresholds to determine the color of each face. We found that distinguishing the red faces from the orange ones was finicky, thanks to the low-quality of the cameras, so we sharpied the orange faces black. Apparently that's allowed though. Once the faces are identified, the solve sequence is computed using the min2phase algorithm. This returns a solution which we've observed to be 19-23 moves for a well-scrambled cube. The fastest solve we've done was actually a 21-move solve, so just getting a little lucky could easily shave off another ~30ms from the time. apparantly all cubes are solvable in 20 moves regardless of their randomness, they call it the god number
  8. kwhelan

    Impressive Engineering

  9. kwhelan

    Diesel programming

    just quietly cause this is a bit sacrilegious, but a 3.7 v36 model 2008/9 skyline coupe has all the power and features, ride is amazing and won't cost you a cent in repairs year after year, and fuel use is phenomenally good boot is rubbish
  10. kwhelan

    Diesel programming

    The problem is indeed whether your figures are accurate for the bmws especially the 123d, doesn't take much to skew it over a year. Gobsmacked that the bus works out dearer, Although your not including, things like parking, tyres repairs and depreciation of a car 3hours a day when buses are supposed to have special lanes, you sir, deserve a medal
  11. kwhelan

    modern engineering

    this serious head on crash in Nelson in the news, said she was cut from car with multiple injuries but look at the car, it would appear the doors mostly still opened, windscreen is still in place, pretty impressive design cars are
  12. kwhelan

    Potential EU trade agreement

    Don't forget Publicans they still enjoy a pint and someone has to pour them and put out the crisps
  13. kwhelan

    Potential EU trade agreement

    Britain is screwed but not from the EU
  14. kwhelan

    Potential EU trade agreement

    same thing happened with brexit too, once you read into what Britain had changed and done to comply when other countries just ignored the rules, it was laughable. good on them for leaving they were being taken for a ride bigtime people all just assume a global economy is a good thing, do you really believe they are doing it for your benefit, wake up A bit like china investing heavily in Africa and the pacific islands, it ain't because they're feeling altruistic
  15. kwhelan

    Do tyres grow?

    brake pads do , warrant said they needed doing very shortly, 3 yrs later still flies through annually on same pads. so much for franchised dealers being completely above underhanded revenue generating