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  1. Road Toll Not working

    what would you do then out of curiosity, what policies are going to help say 20 yr old boy racers not offend in the first place,or people who don't bother with licenses or drive deathtraps with their kids unbelted in society has to have laws and laws only work if there are consequences
  2. Road Toll Not working

    It probably doesn't affect road safety in your case and yes the last test only really picks up a few learned bad habits but the attitude does, Ron is bang on with that.play the game or get off the road, hold insurance or get off the road,Its like holding a loaded gun and you either take it seriously or don't drive.Those people who you rightly say drive around with no license and don't care about it or the penalties would get a much ruder awakening in Aus when they get caught. here you can run up thousands in fines and its just a joke to a 20 yr old. Crusher Collins needs to take charge, get un worthy vehicles off the road, really penalise people and the others out there will gradually take the whole thing more seriously Like in Aus get caught for DIC on a friday and get thrown in the cells till mon where your delivered straight to court, here your taxi'd home to be back out behind the wheel within hours point is people here are casual because they can get away with it,
  3. Road Toll Not working

    look how many are driving on a restricted having never bothered to actually pay to do the final or don't even have a license, laws needs some teeth or cops are losing before they start Aus is way tougher
  4. Road Toll Not working

    wondered the same, Im also guessing NZ car base contains a larger section of older poorly maintained vehicles than europe, and we seem to have a larger collection of uneducated drivers, We constantly have people stopped around here with kids not belted in.
  5. Road Toll Not working

    Ha I was wrong about Auckland check out the 60+ column ban them theres 100 lives saved Road death statistics New Zealand road death toll statistics covering road fatalities and fatal crashes, updated daily. Road death statistics Road fatalities update Fatal crashes update Update road deaths by local government region More detailed data Road fatalities in New Zealand as at Friday, 20 April 2018 * Year from 1 Jan 12 months to 20/04 2017 2018 2017 2018 Casualty Types: Drivers 56 61 168 200 Passengers 25 28 73 85 Motor Cycle Riders 7 22 41 59 Motor Cycle Pillions - 2 2 3 Pedestrians 13 10 33 37 Pedal Cyclists 6 1 9 13 Other - 1 3 1 Casualty Ages: 0-14 yrs 4 4 13 13 15-19 yrs 9 13 35 32 20-24 yrs 19 16 50 48 25-39 yrs 25 29 70 107 40-59 yrs 25 27 87 94 60 + yrs 24 36 73 104 unknown 1 - 1 - Total Killed During: January 32 36 February 28 29 March 32 41 April 15 19 May - - June - - July - - August - - September - - October - - November - - December - - Total 107 125 329 398 Fatal road crashes in New Zealand as at Friday, 20 April 2018 * Year from 1 Jan 12 months to 20/04 2017 2018 2017 2018 Total Crashes During: January 29 35 February 26 25 March 27 34 April 15 15 May - - June - - July - - August - - September - - October - - November - - December - - Total 97 109 290 356 Weekly road deaths update by Local Government Region as at midnight Thursday, 19 April 2018 * Local Government Region 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Northland 5 7 10 9 17 Auckland 10 18 12 16 16 Waikato 23 24 26 18 28 Bay of Plenty 12 9 4 6 9 Gisborne & Hawkes Bay 3 5 6 7 4 Taranaki 3 2 5 1 - Manawatu / Wanganui 11 10 8 11 11 Wellington 1 1 5 2 3 Nelson / Marlborough 2 1 4 5 5 West Coast 2 2 2 1 2 Canterbury 8 13 10 15 21 Otago 3 7 6 9 6 Southland 2 1 7 7 3 Total 85 100 105 107 125 More detailed data from the Ministry of Transport See summary data comparing road deaths over the last five years. For detailed data, see the annual Motor vehicle crashes in New Zealand report. It also defines key terms. See a range of useful historical statistical data including road fatalitities since 1950 For the latest road death statistics in a downloadable format, see the road fatalities statistics spreadsheet(Excel, 83 KB) which is updated weekly. * Running total Source: Research & Statistics, Ministry of Transport
  6. Road Toll Not working

  7. Road Toll Not working

    wow no "spouting the usual dross" or other sarcastic comments ,fantastic keep it up Not sure you could prove the corner speed suggested signs are the cause, I never really take any notice of them except the big ones with multiple chevrons that really jump out which indicates hey theres a largely unseen tightening of this bend and people keep sliding off here so you better slow down mate. I don't think majority of deaths are by being slightly above or below the limit except when they on a space saver tyre or some other crappy vehicle, Intersections are bad and when you have them and people backing out of their driveways directly onto SH1 like in levin. GPS is maybe a factor here too also overseas roads are no comparison, you don't know the percentages of who travels them per head of population, what their road deaths are, most of them are probably 80% motorway and a few locals who travel their local side roads where we are exactly the opposite, people coming 35 minutes down a country road to town for school/work everyday and on motorway at holiday time when we go to visit Gran. Theres kids in Hawkes Bay that have never seen a motorway.You can spend 12 months in taranaki,hawkes bay , east coast, wairarapa, northland etc etc and never drive one yet they seem to be the roads people die on most possibly more deaths than Auckland district with 1.5 million as for not teaching them ,when has the driving test been any better, its damn harder now than it ever was, our parents just turned up after driving a tractor round the farm and were given them.mine was a joke too,defensive driving courses were optional or court forced but they were far more useful than the license test was, probably made sense and stuck in minds of many that would never have realised otherwise I guess logically its foolhardy to think you can grow from 3 million to nearly 5 on same roads and the deaths have to go up statistically
  8. Road Toll Not working

    I'm guilty of still passing those guys who speed up then, but I prefer to have a clear road rather than follow some idiot who rides the brakes on every corner or whatever. I know you catch the next group and supposedly you don't get there any faster, I dispute that, but the bits where the road is clear are so much more enjoyable and you can drive smoother by judging rises, decents corner speeds etc rather than constantly having to adjust because of others not anticipating and reading the road
  9. Road Toll Not working

    to be fair tho those arn't really the deaths, not sure of stats but I would assume most are on the open road, the tragic ones are either one off where the car left the road, tired, drunk or incompetent or are some sort of headon where somebody has crossed the white line involving many vehicles. The cops need to get their act together over the accidents too, spend hours looking for all the evidence as to whose fault it was including shutting roads or lanes for 12-24 hrs sometimes like they did on the desert road over easter. I n Europe the focus is on getting the traffic moving again quickly. get the vehicles off the road, sweep up and get traffic flowing. If your dead your dead no court case is going to solve that not that their seems to be ever much done with all the evidence gathered anyway.
  10. Road Toll Not working

    As of Friday, 125 compared to 107 last year , and for 12 months to today its 398 compared to 329. we obviously had few lucky low years and things were maybe skewed into thinking they had it solved. Time to get rid of some of the sillyness like 3km holiday limits and actually makes some changes that work. Not that were ever going to achieve miracles on our simple 2 lane overcrowded highways. Compulsory insurance would be a start and more cops on roads. Last 12 months Ive driven up and down north island and barely seen a cop. Can't be just luck. The fear of a ticket is the only thing that keeps my speed in check to be completely honest. ex.Over Xmas and new year went HB to Wanganui Taranaki Taupo and home saw one cop going in other direction and one speed camera. I guess because they were all on leave after doing allnighters on the 23/24 Dec handing out lollies and things to xmas travellers.
  11. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    Don't react to trolls, your being played with.
  12. Grand Tour Season 2

    well just watched E6 last of latest top gear season 25 and I would rate this season as one of the best seasons. pretty dramatic seeing them compete in monte carlo rally and have car burst into flames mid run. Think matt was a genius casting and the 3 of them work really well together, their jokes are a bit more current than the original three
  13. Help save Western Springs Speedway

    come on thats not a even a good attempt at trolling, expected better from you
  14. Grand Tour Season 2

    this is the sort of thing that makes me smile https://www.msn.com/en-nz/entertainment/tv/top-gear-sets-new-guinness-world-record/ar-BBKA2om?li=BBqdk7Q
  15. First Self Driving Mishap