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  1. kwhelan

    Independents, New Car Warranty, Self Provided Parts

    I share your distrust and treat a lot of dealers with caution ,sometimes you have no choice especially regarding warranty but I 've caught them out too many times for them to just be all believed as straight up honest. My nissan warrant for example was passed ok, but needed new rear pads supposedly, odd I thought so never did anything about it and 3 years later still sailing thru warrants at the same nissan dealer I used to work at a holden dealer in the parts dept myself so I know full well how often wiper blades and things were changed on customers cars.
  2. or some true fan whos it was their pride and joy and who had it all done at dealerships and just burned money, rare but they do exist
  3. kwhelan

    Grand Tour Season 2

  4. kwhelan

    Replacement key

    I just bought one off aliexpress, local locksmith programmed it for me for probably a quarter of that
  5. kwhelan

    Windscreen glass restore

    what grade of steel wool
  6. kwhelan

    Fun Cars for Under 5k

    Don't go VW turbo, absolute pain in the A** always stupid air vacuum leaks and CEL lights for something. Even a low ks one put me off Audi's for life that bloody motor
  7. kwhelan

    Grand Tour Season 2

    funny different for everyone, I thought Matt was excellent after the first season nerves and especially in the last season, his dry humour worked well with Chris and Rory, which for an american was quite unusual. I thought he had the potential to be better than clarkson less ranty and just the dry humour. His absolute joy in doing the stuff showed through better than clarksons as well. His pieces about some combine harvester /tank or whatever were brilliant the bit where he and harris were testing those battery moto-x bikes and the all terrain thing when they were hunting bigfoot was great and showed the potential those two had. Sorry to see he bailed.
  8. kwhelan

    Grand Tour Season 2

    Season 3 just started, nice montage of what's ahead. man they get some great scenic shots of locations camera work is outstanding as usual. first episode is a set in detroit and about american muscle cars, 1000hp with a 2.9 qtr supercharger and is complete madness as usual. very sad about detroit tho. From the richest city in USA to the poorest. worth it just to watch the McLaren senna a car I have never heard of break all lap records by seconds,
  9. kwhelan

    Cooked Motor Question

    our local school fair always runs a random donated motor till destruction as a kids betting fundraiser every year, they go full revs for a bloody long time before bang
  10. kwhelan

    North Island East Coast Roadtrip

    craggy is great good choice, you can see the Te Mata peak as you go past, the restaurant is under it, if you have time blast out to ocean beach for a nosey,
  11. kwhelan

    North Island East Coast Roadtrip

    the road from opotiki thru to Gisborne is great, not the coast but the direct route following the river. A real drivers road scenic but great bends and flows, really satisfying
  12. kwhelan

    Quick rant thread.

    Sit tight until we can start selling water at the same price as oil, it will happen then countries will be knocking begging
  13. kwhelan

    Porsche Pulling Power

    https://www.msn.com/en-nz/motoring/video/porsche-cayenne-breaks-airplane-towing-record/vi-BBAE11Z at least the rear doors didn't pop open like happened to uncles Vauxhall victor
  14. before worrying about EV increases needing a bigger power grid they have to explain what happens when they shut down Taranaki oil. Before the gas runs out, we will need to replace 1200mw of gas fired electricity generation. That's equivalent to Benmore and Manapouri combined. A few idiot windmills and solar panels aren't going to do it, so where is the power coming from Minister?
  15. kwhelan

    brand new car at $14k