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  1. Be warned, after your first V8, you won't go back . The E60 is a very well balanced and practical car, I'm sure when you find the right one for you, you will not be disappointed. And don't be put off by the opinion of others regarding the E60's looks (the Bangle thing), it looks pretty good when you're sitting in the drivers seat Oh - and welcome!
  2. But its still a M5 . Joe public will go 'ewww what an ugly 518i' while I'm goin' 'What an awesome M5! and Joe Public thinks it's an ugly 518i'. Anyone who has owned an 'M' car understands this haha (and please no-one take this seriously ). IMO - the E34 was the most functional and practical interior of any car that I've owned so I owned two of'em - oh wait - exception being the location of the window switches on the lower middle console - what's up with that BMW and Holden? Although BMW fixed that from the E39 onwards...
  3. Hey guys - do we need reminding? Its a fricken E34 M5!! Genuine one too!
  4. Words cannot describe this! An absolute bargain at $1m - an investment that will only appreciate! Go on, someone buy it and bring that sticker home!
  5. A friggen NZ New E34 M5? 3.8l and 6spd manual? Yes. Yes. Helllllllll Yes!!!!!! I wonder if they will trade an X5?
  6. The Monaro has an old school feel about it - but even when I compare it to the 8 series I had the Euro's just have a quality feel and poise about them. I reckon an E63 would be a nice ride. And man, how awesome would it be to have a 650 for a year or so. And stealing it for $10k! As for the X5 - haven't progressed too far, its still parked up. A fellow Bimmersport member has programmed a new key for it, so hoping to have the EWS and new key back early next week. I'll put it in and drive it again. Left rear lights and brake lights are out so will be going to repco this weekend to claim my25% of on bulbs. There are a few things that probably need doing like the sunroof drains arrghh! Yes wet carpets. Again. Arrrgh!!! Don't think I should mention this... my neighbour with the E55 AMG needs to do his front brakes and sourced discs and pads cheap as. Less than a quarter of the $2k quote from the dealership . Its a trade supplier in Petone. I know where I will be going come brake time lol.
  7. Anyone want to buy a 530i for $6k? and a Monaro for $25k? haha . This 650 is sooooo tempting!
  8. Anyone wanna buy an X5 for $6k?
  9. Now $9995 no reserve... that's pretty good in my book
  10. Most don't do an E60 M5. Until they 'do' an E60 M5 . An E61 - power and practicality, can't argue with that
  11. Genuine E39 M5 Touring... Here we go... and a couple of links: Just scroll past the E34 M5 Convertible haha. Enjoy
  12. @Gabe79 - I hear what you're saying! A genuine e39 M5 touring now that would be something special .
  13. There actually is... but it was only a one off... and it can only be found in the vaults of the BMW museum
  14. Yay - got the ews module out today. And no it doesn't take 1.06m alike it does in the youtube video haha. Now to get a key sorted... Also found some interesting wiring patch ups that weren't factory . who knows what's been done
  15. That's cool! But this cracked me up: have purchased honda stream... at least they didn't buy an Odyssey. And I suppose if you now have 3 children, a Honda stream will be required haha!