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  1. treone

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Thanks @Michael. This is handy to know. I followed this one a couple of times when it was for sale in Whangarei and by a member here a couple of years ago. Not sure if they sold it in the end. A bit of a shame that this one has come into this sort of state but as you say, we don't the current owners personal situation. I'll put this on the radar when I'm ready to pull the trigger on one again . As it could be a good project (getting inspired by the LS swaps happening at the mo haha). If you come across the owner on your travels let them know someone may be interested 😊
  2. treone

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Is this lic plate PS1200 or something similar? I recall this lic plate number was/is owned by a member here? if they are, wonder if they will part with it, oneday, if it just sits 😊
  3. treone

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    Buy a rolla. Believe me. Buy a rolla. Been there, done that...
  4. treone

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Yesterday as I went for a cruise in the Monaro, first an Aston Martin DB9 in silver and then 15 minutes later an... I8 in white. Both were very niiiice. Very rare here in Porirua 😏
  5. treone

    Speedway Gone from Western Springs

    Now Norman is really looking forward to his new neighbours, the cricketers. Norman likes writing letters. Council likes receiving letters from Norman. That's a win-win. 😁
  6. Friggin awesome I reckon! Although Doug is pretty annoying, there's no denying the M5 is on a whole different level...
  7. treone

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Spotted while travelling down a side street in Parramatta, Sydney on Sunday afternoon... Genuine? Kit car? Couldn't quite tell - I'm guessing genuine? Check out the side-by-side with the truck 😐
  8. treone

    E39 M5 MV Disputes Tribunal

    Cheers, This is good to know for future reference
  9. Congrats on the positive outcome: http://www.nzlii.org/nz/cases/NZMVDT/2018/79.html Can I be banned from my own post? 😊 Just kidding and genuinely sincere in my congratulations - a great outcome!
  10. treone

    NZ's first e39 M5 for sale...

    This one or the written off and repaired one? ... This one thanks I bet this ones drives tight too
  11. Hmmm haven't bought a car from them in a while . @SmithyInWelly do it!
  12. treone

    E60 530d Starting Issues

    Sounds like you're going through the right steps. When I had my E60 I got all sorts of dings and dongs (including going into limp mode) and a multitude of codes. First thing was a battery replacement but issues persisted. Codes cleared by a specialist garage who finally diagnosed a faulty positive battery cable (the one in the boot to battery). Replaced and viola, dings and dongs gone. Hence original post your issue sounded familiar. Hope you get it sorted! Sorry also - just re-read the title of the post - doh!
  13. treone

    E60 530d Starting Issues

    Positive battery cable? Apparently a common issue with the E60, not sure if diesel models is an exception though... also assuming that your 530d is e60 model...
  14. treone

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    I think you're right! what an awesome example
  15. treone

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    This afternoon, along the Tawa straight heading south (whilst I was travelling north) I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye and which I'm am absolutely sure was a... DMC De Lorean! That unmistakable shape and stainless steel body gave it away. Now that is something you don't see everyday here in lil ol' NZ . Last one I saw being driven on the road and not on display in Southwards was about 30 years ago! And ironically it was the same stretch of SH!