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  1. If these two X3's are the only options your friend is looking at then I would advise buy the one which gets the better PPI report. Then put aside a maintenance piggy bank . If they are looking for alternatives then as others have mentioned - RAV/Xtrail/Vitara etc are worth looking at. If it was me in your friends shoes, then I would be buying under 'fit for purpose' - not necessarily a badge. I enjoyed my e83 X5, so much so I owned it for 3 years. Mine was a 2005, 2.5l, 6spd manual (UK import) which I found had enough power, good economy and ample luggage space. Apart from servicing only issues I had was transfer box cog and coils. Other than that it was rather a 'painless' ownership experience. Hope this helps!
  2. A post for anyone that maybe remotely interested. I thought I would do a 'my world' comparison between an X5 and HSV Avalanche wagon.So why do a comparison? – both wagons are from a similar (used very loosely) era and serve a similar purpose. Warning this is a bit of a long post. Background I am a regular traveller from Wellington to Whakatane. A round trip of 1,200 to 1,500 kms (depending on what we do while we’re there). I do this trip 3-4 times a year. Over twenty odd years I have done this in a variety of vehicles including a bunch of Jap crappers (i.e. 1.3 Corolla, 2l Galant, 1.8 Legacy, 2l Grand Vitara etc). Now when I buy a car the number one criteria for me is ‘fit for purpose’ - a comfy cruiser/mileage eater that can handle two adults, two dogs, an occasional passenger and a boot full of stuff. It also needs to enable the travellers to feel refreshed after 7-8 hours of travelling/driving, be effortless to drive and have enough grunt for safety (passing) purposes. So 12 years ago I bit the bullet and bought my first V8 – a VR HSV Senator. Subsequently the majority of my vehicle ownership since has been of the V8 variety - either a Holden/HSV or BMW (sedan, coupe or station wagon). The route I travel the same way there and back. SH1 main trunk to Taupo. Turn off onto Broadlands Road and head through to Reporoa. Connect onto SH5 to Rotorua. Turn-onto SH? To head to Whakatane. Return is reverse. The cars HSV X5 Model Avalanche Sportpac Year 2005 2001 Engine capacity 5.7l (LSI) 4.4l (M62TU) Gear 4spd automatic 5spd Steptronic Power 270kw 210kw Torque 475Nm 440Nm Drive AWD/4X4 AWD/4X4 Doors Five Five The HSV has a full exhaust, including headers, upgrade (ohhh what a awesome noise it makes!). Apart from that both are stock standard. Fuel efficiency and range: X5 (purely on range) You don’t buy a V8 for economy so let’s just get this one out of the way. They are actually pretty close – close to 13-13.5l/100km. The X5 takes it out as it has a larger fuel tank – close to 90l. The HSV’s tank is only 60l. Bugger! Don't expect these figures around town though. The drive: Depends on your mood Depends what you’re after. Both have more than enough power and both are responsive to driver input. The HSV has a heavy feel in the steering. It takes a bit of effort to steer. The X5 steering is lighter and more car like. The achilles heel of the HSV here is it’s stupid, clunky 4spd box. Although its responsive its does take a second to think about what you want it to do. I am a fan of the Steptronic boxes and in the X5 it is well matched to engine and driveline and does an effortless job. Mid-range performance is where it’s at for both. Put your foot down and you go - 80-130k/hr is a bit of a blur (even when going uphill) with a “$#^& wagons shouldn’t be able to do that” sensation! Driving position is high and both have good road visibility over a regular sedan. The performance and handling: Both. OK maybe the HSV gets the edge here I'm no Stig nor do I profess to be Supertouring Car driver. I am under no illusion that I'm a bona fide professional driver who knows how to drive public roads like they are a track. I'm more of a drive smooth with good lines kinda driver. Neither are the HSV or X5 are race prepared. They are public road ready. However performance and handling is important to compare. Both are actually well balanced and sure footed. Being AWD they stick to the road like glue for such big wagons. They crunch the miles effortlessly and dispel potholes and road imperfections with ease. Overall you 'feel in control' in most situations. However if I did have a grumble it would be that the X5 does suffer from a little body roll through corners. The aesthetics: HSV Both are a different shade of blue with tinted windows – although the HSV is all round and the X5 is from the rear back. The HSV has a wide stance with broad shoulders and a tasteful body kit. It looks angry. The X5 looks well… like an X5. The HSV is wide and long whereas the X5 is tall. Both have a great driving view but the X5 pips the HSV in this regard. Both provide clear night driving light. Overall though the HSV has more of an on-road presence – driving the X5 with the HSV following behind I found myself checking the rear-view mirror constantly and thinking – the Avalanche has a don’t mess with me’ looking face and is a pretty good looking wagon. Oh - ever had a car in front pull over to let you pass? Multiple times in the HSV but not once in the X5. Yet. The interior: Equal Hard to pick a clear winner here. Both are ‘sports’ orientated with leather seats, sunroof, leather wrapped multi-function sports steering wheel. HSV - being wider the HSV has more cabin space. The slightly extra width makes the HSV just that little more roomier – you don’t get claustrophobic when you pack it out. The HSV uses cheap plastics whereas the X5 has a more quality build, as do most euro’s. Seats are comfortable with the front rows being sports seats. However I prefer the HSV seats to the X5’s (the X5’s are a bit hard after a few hours of driving). The sounds: HSV The X5 sound system is completely Japanese stock standard. Widescreen, jap frequency, 6-CD changer, tape deck (yeah an old school tape deck that works!) and 10 speakers. The sound is ‘adequate’ to listen to but it won’t be winning any SPL competitions! The HSV has an unfair advantage here as I have upgraded the stock systems. The stock Blaukpunt H/U and crappy Korean speakers (6+1) are bad. Really bad. It now has a JVC multi-media H/U, Boshmann Evoker 6” mid bass in the front doors (paired with the factory tweeters – good enough for me for high fill), Rockford Fosgate Punch 6” in the rear doors, Fusion 10” Subwoofer (will be upgraded to a Rockford Fosgate shallow mount 10” soon!) mated to a fusion amp in the boot. All are installed in the factory locations for stealth. This system won’t win any SPL competitions either – but it gives a nice, clean and even sound, with a boomin’ bottom end when the mood requires. If the HSV’s system was still stock then the X5 would take this out hands down! However, the X5 almost took it out purely on the old school factor – how awesome has it been to rock my old school DJ mix tapes that I did in the 90’s, goddam that DJ made my day! Load capacity: HSV There really is only one test for this one – what size mattress does it fit? Yes, I become a homeless type of person who sleeps in their car when travelling – I don’t know what all the complaints are about really, an Avalanche wagon is quite a comfortable place to reside in. Sorry I digress. The HSV seats lay flat so it can easily accommodate a foam double mattress, both width and length wise. If you are of average height and size it will sleep two comfortably. The HSV's load area is vast and rectangular – no wheel arches, tapering and funny angles to contend with. Boot space gobbles luggage and other stuff without issue. Then, put the seats down and there is even more space to fill! Need to transport a front loader w/machine and dryer? Need to transport seven 2m fence posts? Get an Avalanche! The X5 boot is sufficient. It will take luggage no problem, but you will run out of room quickly. If you have larger stuff then you will start to play a game of tetris. Like the HSV, when the seats down you gain some very useful extra space. But the ultimate test, what mattress fits? You can squeeze a foam double mattress in. It will need to be folded up at the lower tailgate end and crimped at the edges to fit. You can sleep in it but it won’t be the best sleep you have. And with the seats not being completely lay flat you, will have a slightly elevated sleep. Oh and you will need to sleep on angles! Conclusion: Get one of each! So I did :-) Cheers!
  3. Nice!
  4. Probably can handle the wheels. But what's the point of lowering it as well? Apart from trying to be 'Gangsta' . I wouldn't like to drive it to the shops...
  5. I do like the colour combo of this one myself.
  6. Is the 540i msprt still for sale? - if so grab it quick! here you go just to make it easier
  7. Its been 'withdrawn from sale'. Anyone here buy it? @SmithyInWelly? @Herbmiester?
  8. There you go @TermiPeteNZ I've updated your post for you!
  9. I remember when they had it on their yard back in '07. Had a look at it and it was mint. They wouldn't let me test drive it though, so didn't actually drive it. I ended up buying a 1997 NZ new 535i cos from memory I think this was close to $30k! Used to see it parked behind parliament all the time. These 'lil' V8's are awesome - and I think with a manual box will be a pretty cool, fun drive. As they say - a lot of car for not a lot of money! Buy it, drive it, enjoy it, then do what @BM WORLD says - drop in a 4.4l!
  10. This will be the perfect accompaniment for the snug garage then
  11. Go on @SmithyInWelly grab it and come back into the fold
  12. Wow - if only I could justify a fourth V8... Exactly what @hqstu said! I'm sure it will be gone asap - GLWS
  13. Ewwww that face! that face! Funnily enough I do like the two tone interior. But not he woodgrain
  14. Aha - I've wondered where the PAINTR's wagon got to. Used to see this all the time on Lambton Quay. Seems to be getting bit pricey considering its age and the updated condition (thanks @EURO V8) but still has a cool factor me thinks. I also wonder whatever happened to the 1994 E34 525ix manual touring (also in silver) that used to reside in Welly...
  15. How cool is this!