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  1. X5's are awesome! and it would eat the rough road for breakfast 😊. Think of it as an E39 touring on steriods. The higher seating position, stacks of room and ride/travel comfort is a big bonus over the E39! An X5 just eats the miles. Be prepared for the sacrifice in fuel economy if you take the plunge - But thats what the Leaf is for hehe. IIRC I was getting 12/13 on my daily commute (60km round trip urban/motorway) and about 10/11 on long trips (1100kms Wgtn to BoP return). Unscientific testing of course haha! Good spec, good price, great color - go on, just do it (after getting it checked out first of course) 😁.
  2. treone

    Nice garage

    I'm calling it - video of the year!!
  3. treone

    Tired X3

    I like the X3 but I'm a huge fan of the X5! Would jump at the chance to own a manual one but seems they are more common in the diesels. I don't have the kahunas for a diesel. Yet πŸ˜€ Enjoyed the manual X3 for 3 years and found it a capable round town hack. But nothing spectacular. The X5 was a great long distance cruiser and ate the miles with no problems! Would only get another X3 for a fishing slash dog wagon 😊. But I wont be... haha
  4. treone

    Tired X3

    comment fixed 😎
  5. treone

    Tired X3

    Im liking the replies and they're so true! Some good sound advice and observations coming out! For clarity im not, and never was, contemplating purchasing this - i agree in that this is most likely a money pit and you would be better off paying extra for a 'good one' i you were in te market I now have a car buying strategy that im going to be sticking to and an X3 isnt included haha
  6. treone

    Tired X3

    I like X3's so this is such a shame... but is it worth a gamble? https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1921862068
  7. treone

    E39 540i touring

    Ahhh man, if i wasnt looking at mazdas... Looks to be nice example. Added to my watchlist hehe 😎
  8. treone

    2003 E39 525i Touring $OLD

    Cheers @BozzaFC and @Olaf Next new/old car will probably be the aforementioned Mazda 😬 and the first of my list of keepers 😊
  9. Mikes got a good memory as I haven't been there for a while 😊 The plan is to eventually get another 8 series and an E39 M5. Hopefully I'll be able to get one of the two in the next 1-2 years and then work towards the other after that, before prices go crazier. Both will be keepers for me! An Eisenmann exhaust will provide a nice note. I preferred the sound (roar!) of the V10 when you hit the higher rev range - nothing could beat it haha. And yip - you've got my name right
  10. @Jun - Yip that's me. Hope you've got a better idea of 'next steps' after having Mike and his crew look over it. I can't recommend Mike Page European enough so I think you (and the M5) are in the right hands. Replacement springs explains why your M5 sits lower at the rear than the other two. At least you've got the option to revert back to original if you want or keep as is. Now you know more about whats going on with the clutch and preparing for replacement isn't a bad thing either. I reckon just keep enjoying it! Oh and that 8 series! Its 'Vespa1'! I used to see this occasionally in Wellington. Haven't seen it in a while and always wondered where it got to. Hoping it wasn't 'off the road'. When I get my 8 I know where mine will be going to be 'pampered' ☺️
  11. treone

    2003 E39 525i Touring $OLD

    Sold! And even better to a fellow member 😊
  12. treone

    2003 E39 525i Touring $OLD

    Thanks @Olaf and @qube! I have thought about listing on TM as a $1 reserve but not sure I have the kahunas haha! I can honestly say that I've never had a FB profile and have never logged in so FB's not an option for me lol! @francoisv - when I first got it I did think a manual conversion would be cool but a full S54 manual set up would be epic! A prefect canvas for a project 😊 For transparency I have been contacted by an interested party so I'm going to put a 'sale pending' sign up...
  13. treone

    2003 E39 525i Touring $OLD

    I wish! Unfortunately looking for something a bit more reliable (re: sensible) than a BMW as a daily haha
  14. treone

    2003 E39 525i Touring $OLD

    Bump... OK need this gone as I've been told to get a Mazda! I would like more but price is now $1,800 firm. PM for contact details. Cheers!
  15. treone

    2003 E39 525i Touring $OLD

    Update Have had oil leaks diagnosed today (17 January 2018) by Auto 38 (thanks @Jono51) who has determined they are coming from rocker cover, inlet cam sensor O ring and sump gasket. They also replaced all 6 spark plugs and one coil due to a misfire. $2k ono - very open to offers close to $2k but no low ball offers please. Note that I will be away for the long weekend but will be available for viewing from Tues/Wed next week. Am contactable though. Cheers!