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  1. I am genuinely empathetic to your situation and I hope that you can get to the best outcome that you can. All things considered.
  2. I'm curious - what kind of resolution are you actually looking for? Full refund and return of car? Compensation e.g. the difference of the price paid and the current value? Selling the car, either at your bottom price or highest valuation price and moving on? Taking a case to the tribunal? The answer to this may determine what you do next. Presuming you take the dealer to the tribunal and win (sounds like you have a strong case based on what you have disclosed here) what is the likelihood that the dealer will actually pay any costs adjudged against them? I'd assume that 'dealers' (being very general here) go to some lengths not to pay. FWIW there was a re-shelled E39 M5 for sale 3-4 years ago - here in Wellington if I recall - that was listed and sold pretty quick for about $17k. Apparently this was privately imported from South Africa by the owner and it failed compliance on some (minor?) body/chassis issue. Apparently the owner re-shelled it into a 520i body and which was done to an exceptionally high standard. The down side, similarly to what you're experiencing IMO, it is now tainted and is not in the same league value wise as an original (regardless of age/kms of both) e39 M5. It will only be worth what a buyer is willing to pay knowing a full disclosure of its history. Any of the valuers make, or a willing to make, you an offer to buy it?
  3. About 18 months ago there were a few E39 M5's coming up for sale. Most were in the mid-20k to 30k. However there were two that were listed at $1 reserve by an Auckland dealer - a black one and a green one with kms circa 185km-210km (from memory only - I don't have the ad's). I recall one went for @ $17.5k and the other @ $19k. I was gutted as I had recently acquired an E60 M5 or I would have given these a good shot! I'm sympathetic to your situation but a valuation of $26k for an M5 with a rebuilt front end is pretty optimistic IMO, even if it has low km. I think the valuers are being rather generous. That being said, I do hope that you enjoy it every time you take out - I know I would be .
  4. @aja540i Great to deal with and easy communication. Although I bought something small was given postage options and was sent promptly. Awesome to deal with a top quality member! Cheers.
  5. Bargain of the year - possibly the decade, maybe the century! Scored a passenger side mirror for the X5 - everything including the glass - and all genuine!! Arrived today and bought off Trade Me for $12 (was a $1 reserve) plus postage of $20. So that's $32 all up! Original invoice in the box says this whole package was.... $2086!!! And that's just for one side! Thank you insurance write-offs. Thank you!
  6. towbars on an Audi RS and M car make more sense than one on a Leaf. Or any other electric car for that matter . Maybe its to tow their electric trailer or electric caravan or electric boat or electric... . I wonder how long it took to recharge in Whakatane after running out in Matata to allow the owner to return back to homebase? In fact how many charges were required for the round trip? Which makes me wonder - how many charges are required to say go on a 3000km summer road trip? In fact, how many weeks more than the few days it takes in a combustion engine type vehicle will it take to travel that distance? Does the charge frequency increase and range decrease when towing the electric trailer? At least you'll be emitting 50% less of whatever the name of this thread is And please don't take this post too seriously folks
  7. I occasionally browse this thread for a chuckle fix . Sooo not sure this is on topic but I think its kinda related to the humorous nature of the thread... What I find most amusing about this decision is... why on earth would you negotiate the addition of a tow bar to a Leaf????
  8. Make that E60 M5 dream a reality BigPoppa! I was glad I did
  9. Will def keep my eyes and ears open...
  10. Adjustable ride height - now that's cool!
  11. Now I'm a fan of window tints - but this is just wrong. Oh so wrong lol
  12. Do it @SmithyInWelly
  13. Totally love Dakar Yellow! Seen this a few times on the Welly motorways and at first glance it looks like an E36 M3 Saloon lol. This will be so cool as a 'run around'
  14. Thanks for the future reference @TermiPeteNZ - I think a brake service will be on the cards for next year To give some perspective though - I was quoted close to $2k just for genuine HSV front discs and pads (yes, just the fronts!) for the HSV Avalanche a couple of years ago. And that is without fluid, sundries and labour, Therefore, I think you've got a bargain haha! Who says BMW's are expensive to maintain...
  15. Highly recommend Mike and Jeff. They certainly know their stuff. They got the M5 sorted when others put it in the too hard basket . And as a bonus you get to have an enjoyable cruise up to the coast and back