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  1. treone

    E39 M5 - USA style!

    I agree the amber indicators don't look quite right. IMO it kinda ruins the overall look a great looking car. It's the same with the original 8-series. All the US ones have the amber FTP's, even the CSI's. Which is wrong, just wrong! And by the way the M5 is looking great!
  2. treone

    1992 E34 M5

    Thats awesome! Back on topic - what thoughts/impressions, good and not so good, does your boss have on the M5?
  3. treone

    1992 E34 M5

    @Olaf I couldn't help myself. Its a case of 'doing it again' - the clubhouse remix that is 😊 Look forward to the coffee and cars catch up next week...
  4. treone

    1992 E34 M5

    I also contemplated buying it at the time as well - looking back now it was a great way, and price, to experience an E34 M5! Good to know that it is still around and lives on! What about the NZ New ultra-violet one (possibly in the pics in this thread - apologies if it is, I haven't fully re-read thread) that came up for sale through Turners a couple of years ago? Where did that one end up? Personally would love to own an E34 and E39 M5. But unfortunately for me, it seems that prices are steadily climbing... I shulda, wulda, culda 😞 . Happy with the E36 M3 sedan though 😀
  5. treone

    1992 E34 M5

    Ressurection of this post has got me thinking - anyone know what happened to, or where is, the green re-shelled E34 M5? I recall @BM WORLD sold it 5-6 years ago?
  6. treone

    So after my more recent reality check...

    I contemplated an XR5 late last year, when two came. They remind me of an XRi Telstar I had, which was actually a pretty good liftback. And practical too! I've actually ended up another Adventra - Don't know why, must be that 3m+ practicality. It sure ain't the economy 😒 Can't go wrong with Mondeo, and thats coming from a 'Holden' guy haha!
  7. treone

    Living with sensible(?) vehicles - E53 V8 and E60 M5...

    Bugger about the coolant leak @TermiPeteNZ. At least it looks like it is, or was, the correct BMW approved coolant 😊. Auto 38 will have you sorted in no time. And the M5 is looking awesome as usual!
  8. treone

    So after my more recent reality check...

    Didn't go for an ST version then @SmithyInWelly ? 😀 Congrats on the purchase and look forward to seeing it
  9. Look forward to the next local catch to drool over the M cars 😜 These are awesome videos as well! I would like to see the same done with the M5's. Heres hoping!
  10. treone

    Wrapped interior wood

  11. treone

    BMW and Mercedes to work together

    What could've been is now going to be? 😀
  12. Condolences and thoughts go out to Atta's family and to all those impacted by this senseless act. RIP - Rest In Paradise.
  13. treone

    A proper 2019 M5 review

    At last! Enjoy...
  14. X5's are awesome! and it would eat the rough road for breakfast 😊. Think of it as an E39 touring on steriods. The higher seating position, stacks of room and ride/travel comfort is a big bonus over the E39! An X5 just eats the miles. Be prepared for the sacrifice in fuel economy if you take the plunge - But thats what the Leaf is for hehe. IIRC I was getting 12/13 on my daily commute (60km round trip urban/motorway) and about 10/11 on long trips (1100kms Wgtn to BoP return). Unscientific testing of course haha! Good spec, good price, great color - go on, just do it (after getting it checked out first of course) 😁.
  15. treone

    Nice garage

    I'm calling it - video of the year!!