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  1. treone

    Supercharged V8 Ute anyone?

    @Gabe79 - at last something we can agree on ☺️. This is what HSV should've done with their Supercat version of the Colorado. Hope they get it right with the Camaro...
  2. Awwwwww helllllllll yeeeeeeaaaahhhh! Makes absolutely no sense in the EV age but who gives a heck! I want one! Just cos haha!
  3. Ever since owning a V8 Holden Adventra and now a HSV Avalanche I've always thought that they need to be manual. Was considering converting the HSV into a manual but that seems like too much of a mission. Over the last few days I've been reading about Transgo shift kits (something like this: http://www.turboindustries.com.au/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductID=4aae67c7-7a07-417e-b70b-045645ffd328) which has got me thinking is the way to go (eventually). From what I've read the Transgo 2 shift kit seems to be the most practical option as opposed to a full manual kit. The actual conversion seems straight forward. As I'm not that knowledgeable about these things - anyone had experience with this sort of thing? Good and bad points of conversion, what kind of cost would it be, what do I need to consider - torque converter, HD trans cooler, rebuild gearbox first, etc. Cheers
  4. treone

    Hi from Auckland

    Cheers - thanks for that. Although not thinking of the CRD variant specifically,’ this does give me something to ponder over...
  5. treone

    Hi from Auckland

    Welcome aboard! I'm interested in your comment re: Jeep GC CRD. Also curious - What did you like about it? Been having some thoughts lately of a Jeep GC 😞
  6. treone

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I have an idea of a funner game: how fast can you empty the tank? I literally have a blast playing this game πŸ˜€ From an ex-M5 and current multi V8 owner!
  7. treone

    Just bought an e34 540i

    As the saying goes - "if there are no PICS, it doesn't exist" πŸ˜ƒ
  8. treone


    2-3 times a week for me. Spag Bol, Noodle salad and dumplings (homemade) are the go to dishes ☺️
  9. treone

    Gissa job!

    Fingers crossed for ya too - hope the interview goes well! And travel safe ☺️
  10. Was in Whakatane two weekends ago. Whilst in the shopping centre car park. Heard a distinctive start up roar then the following burble. Hmmm Holden VT or VX? Clubbie maybe? No - a red e34 540i. As it drove off it all was revealed as the driver engaged 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd... nice! Nothing beats ol' skool I want one...
  11. Agree. Should've named the thread - where have all the manual BMW's gone 😊. Loved my manual 2.5l petrol X3! Had a manual e34 520i which was good fun when compared to the 525i auto I had! Always admired your old 535i too! Am only curious to know where the 'standard model' manual V8's had gone (excluding the M3)... probably pays not to discriminate, so e34 or e39
  12. Was thinking of the sedans and not a touring - a manual touring would be cool! This is good to know...
  13. Browsing TM and found this: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1688678491 . It's been for sale for a while. It got me wondering - where have all the 6sp manual 540i's gone, both factory and converted? I remember a converted '99 silver msport for sale a couple of years ago in Auckland for $12.5k. The only one I can recall seeing. How many roughly are there and where are they hiding...
  14. treone

    2001 e39 530i - Help Buying?

    Haha - you know me too well! Thought this would be in @TermiPeteNZ driveway by now - just to complete the set 😏
  15. treone

    2001 e39 530i - Help Buying?

    Yup agree a PPI from a reputable garage is highly recommended also! Or if it was me I would just pull the trigger 😁 Man this is so tempting...