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  1. treone

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    Hmmmm - will be in the BoP from next weekend for a couple of weeks... a day trip to Rotorua may be on the cards haha
  2. treone

    2003 E39 525i Touring

    Thanks @SmithyInWelly! Unfortunately it has developed an oil leak 😬! Now I know its a real BMW haha Therefore - price drop - $2,200 ono. Still a good wagon for that 😊! Will probably still use it up to Xmas - then park it up as I will be heading away.
  3. treone

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    Tempting! The colour combo of this one is cool! Palmy's not that far away Pete ☺️ and to mak the trip even more worthwhile there's a manual conversion kit there as well (hehe): https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1862443098 Hope your one gets sorted soon!
  4. treone

    2003 E39 525i Touring

    Cheers @Eagle! I bought this sight unseen and was pleasantly surprised by the overall cosmetic condition - and yes, the aftermarket stereo runs the interior aesthetic imo. What does it ride like? Driven about 1,000kms so far and I've been quite impressed the way this actually drives. Although its won't break any land speed records it rides quite smooth. It is not as tight as the 525i Msport I had a while ago but I was after practicality. I'm calling it my grandpa wagon - in both looks and 'driveability' haha. E39's are 'cheap as chips' now so yeah, I think its a good deal for a touring.
  5. treone

    2003 E39 525i Touring

    I purchased this on a bit of an impulse 1.5 months ago (couldn't resist an E39 Touring!). Year: 2003 Kms: 180km Colour is silver, with black leather interior, wood trim, grey headlining and genuine BMW 16" alloys. Body and interior is in good condition that's in keeping with age and kms. Hey it is 15 years old so not everything will be perfect 😊 WoF expires Oct 2019 and will come with 12 months rego. It has an aftermarket Sony single DIN headunit however steering wheel controls no longer work. Cruise control isn't working - I suspect wiring was butchered when stereo was installed. Bad dash pixels - common on the E39. It has developed an oil leak somewhere - I have (and probably won't pre-Xmas/New Year) not had this investigated. PRICE DROP due to leak - $2,200ono for a stock standard e39 touring! Cheers!
  6. treone

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    No worries Pete. I go to him for all my AT servicing (and rebuilds haha). Zane/ATR seem to be the go to place for auto trans advice and work locally. He is the first person who gets mentioned by local garages, so that must be a good thing. He also is/was a X5 owner which should give you extra confidence. That reminds me - need to get the HSV booked in for a trans service before xmas! 1
  7. treone

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    At least you're in good hands Pete. Zane has rebuilt two holden transmission s for me and on both occasions rebuilt them stronger by using upgraded factory parts. Dealt with the MBI coompany which made the process relatively painless. As for the bullet point - I'm feeling your pain on this one 😒... hopefully sorted soon ☺️
  8. treone

    E39 Touring Sand Beige Interior

    May have a 2003 525i Touring coming up for sale shortly ☺️. Although interior is black leather. It has a 'bit of an drive issue' at the mo and haven't quite decided just yet what I'm going to do with it when its been sorted...
  9. treone

    E39 M5 for 20k

    Mate you stole it! Great score and looking forward to seeing it at an upcoming meet/catch up!
  10. treone

    E39 M5 - USA style!

    What a gorgeous M5! Love that colour too.
  11. treone


    This is awesome. Wickedly awesome! @leebske you have a stable of awesomeness 😊 and I hope you get, or get close to, your asking price
  12. treone

    $50k F10 M5

    Nice. If I was in the market I would consider this one: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1686865623.htm?rsqid=8777f61e7f144332aae31497a11b1f7e A bit of a gamble here but mitigated some what by CGA coverage.
  13. treone


    Unless its of the M3 family 😊
  14. treone

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Today on the way home form a Wellington group catch-up... a new M5... the ActiveHybrid model πŸ˜€
  15. treone

    New BMW in Wellington! E39 530i

    Welcome aboard!