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  1. And thats why a well tuned car will never be an 'M' car also 😎. Sounds like an awesome drivers car. Trust me, there will be many more smiles to look forward to!
  2. treone


    @aja540i Im keen if OP isnt. I have a cracked mid speaker housing on the passenger door that just annoys me eveytime i look at it 😣
  3. treone

    E34 540iS

    Bargain! πŸ˜€. Really do Like this
  4. @M3AN - it is this Narva dual usb port. Got it from Repco (25% off finishing tomorrow). Parts I used: 1 x USB socket and a 1 x female blade insert type connector like this one. As a non-smoker I have no need, or desire, for cig lighters (and ashtrays for that matter!). Since I was at it, I took out the 'butt stubbers' (or whatever they are) out of the ashtrays too. Now they are a bit more practical little hidden storage spaces. And keeps everything factory looking at the same time. Mounting There are two mounting options. I used the socket and ring to fit mine, which gave a better factory look IMO. I discarded the rectangle screw mounting piece. Be aware that clearance beneath the original mounting location is tight but this can be overcome I reckon, with the appropriate connector. These are the steps I took to mounting the socket after removing the trim (which was way to easy!), disconnecting all wiring, taking out the light (which I lose as I had to remove the plastic part it inserts to) and working from a bench ie kitchen table: Remove cig lighter/holder without breaking/damaging any plastic. I took out the light, but I kept the wiring in tact and left it there all taped up and tucked away. You do lose this light when its all done. Cut away the plastic that holds the cylinder and light whilst being very careful not to break any clips and trying to get it flush as possible. I used a mini hacksaw but I guess a dremel tool would work as well. Widen the hole slightly (there is a bit of a 'lip' that I took back the outer circumference edge) in order for the socket to fit snuggly and flushish with the top (it ends up pretty flush). I also evened out the area that I cut out above. I used a dremel tool with a conical sanding bit and took it back slowly whilst test fitting the socket until it was flush enough and I was happy with how it was fitting. Insert the usb socket, orientate to your preference and then secure by screwing on the ring from below until tight. Wiring I used the existing cigarette wiring to power it. I taped up the end of the light wiring and then tucked it out of the way. The red/white dot wire is positive (+). Modification is required as the existing plug doesn't fit the male blade connector of the socket. I cut off the plug and put on the female blade connector. I did this by stripping some wire and crimping on the female connector. Caution here, the only connector I had available a suitable was quite long. Although it fits it is snug - I suspect it is touching the floor. Be careful not to use to much force when putting everything back in, the bottom trim may seem like it sits too high, but will seats nicely when the mid is inserted into its place. It pushes it down and holds it. A right angle or smaller length connector is probably ideal, but i had to use what I had laying around and it works for now. The brown wiring is negative/ground (-). No modification is needed as the existing connector is the right size, and right angled too, to fit on the sockets male blade connector. Connect wires to socket (- and + are marked on socket so make sure they are connected appropriately) and check that it is receiving power and charges a device, Mine didn't initially, found that I had a blown cig lighter fuse. Once you're happy reinstall all wiring connectors and trim, reset time and date on the mid, then have a cup of tea. And enjoy passenger and driver usb charging! I've also installed one into another car as well. Best mod to both so far. Well best mod this week 😊! Sorry I didn't take any pics therefore the above is just what I remember doing but pretty accurate, so hope this helps someone out. Cheers!
  5. Out with the ciggy lighter and in with the dual usb charger! Was actually quite straight forward, surprisingly. So will take the win - woo-hoo! πŸ˜€
  6. The Last Dance... Jackson, Winter, MJ, Scottie, Rodman, Harper, Kukoc, Kerr, Longley, etc = G. (T).O.A.T and MJ = G.O.A.T! 😊
  7. technoviolet, avus blue, oxford green. And Dakar Yellow! πŸ˜„
  8. @olaf i did read your earlier post πŸ‘. Great topic to study! But i am biased as i grew up with hip-hop. Started in the early-mid 80’s as a breakdancer/bboy. And yes we walked the streets with our ghetto blaster and lino lol! i graduated to djin’ in my last year of college many many moons ago! Hence why i appreciate β€˜the mix’ of all music genres, remember house, acid house, trip hop, indie, mainstream 😎 Hope β€˜you’re’ learning heaps and pass with flying colours! Peace, Love, Unity and Having positive fun! Oh and you might find some good insights into Hip Hop from KRS 1 (google and youtube) - a pioneer of the kulture!
  9. Classic numark mixer and 1210’s! Although the tables are positioned the wrong way round 😎 Will have to have a listen! Actually enjoying listening to some of the β€˜live dj sets’ on youtube. My fav DJ at the moment is DJ S, nice smooth, seamless mixing, ahh take me back to the old skool!
  10. The Covid-19 / Political or what ever it is thread haha! 😎
  11. A boot liner helps, but I found, only if your dog stays in the boot 😊. As mentioned above , and depending on the dog, dog hair will get everywhere. So you may also want to consider seat covers and rubber mats. For seat covers I use/d cheap imitation leather covers in most of my cars and they are awesome - no worries about having dogs jumping over the seats. And the seats actually hold up really well. The seat covers 'ain't the prettiest' by they do the job pretty well, and it may be a trade off. For mats I use deep dish ones for front and back, I wait for the 25%-40% supercheap sales and they are great. Carpets are 'as new' and keeps dog hair away from main floor areas. I also double the back with an all in one rear rubber mats (the one that goes over the tunnel, also from supercheap). I've been using these for close to 10 years and they have helped preserve and protect my interiors, well as much as they can anyway. I did consider installing a cage/barrier in the rear but I wasn't willing to lose practicality - which is the reason why I have a wagon. Oh - and you might also want to get a protective cover for each of the rear doors. They may also suffer from an overly enthusiastic dog (my old X3 doors became well scratched pretty quickly). And last thing - scratched trims is something you may have to live with as well. Hope this helps!
  12. I would be interested in the OBD1 tool if your offer is not taken up. Cheers
  13. Thought the stance on here was dependent on who is doing the flipping? Dealers 😠. Members πŸ˜€. 😊 ☺️ πŸ‘ My attempt at humour so apology in advance if you don't get it 😎.
  14. How about an E36 M3 and I will throw in some free lowering springs 😊
  15. treone

    Quick rant thread.

    Even more reason to just suck it up πŸ˜‡
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