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  1. @BozzaFC have i missed something? M62TU? Shouldn’t it be M52b30?? Good luck with sorting though πŸ˜€!
  2. Oh bugger 😣. This episode is well worth a watch. They convert the SMG to manual (as it is the same box). Very interesting how its done and probably a mod worth investigating if you have an E60 M5. Hint, hint @TermiPeteNZ & @Jun πŸ˜‰
  3. I know of one. PM me if you’re keen to discuss
  4. Theres one in Porirua. Yup, Porirua 😊 I have seen it being driven on the motorway (once last year) and shortly after on display in the 'shop window' of the local vehicle certifiers (the one's who issue/regulate the industry I think). Pretty sure this one has the old 'black' plates too.
  5. treone

    Land Yacht

  6. Not a bmw but this very rare example of a Plymouth Prowler at the hot rod show in Porirua today. Never thought i would ever see one in the flesh. It is packing a 5.7l Hemi under the hood too. I like. I soooo like!
  7. treone

    Project twin e34's

    What i reckon would be cool - keeping the 4.6 X5 and putting the 420g in it - now that would be super cool and rare 😎 In saying that I like what you’re doin and look forward to more updates!
  8. treone

    M3 E36 sedan

    Agree, and they are pretty practical too whilst putting a smile on your dial! They are around but don't come up that often, I wonder what happened to the red NZ new one that was on TM a few months ago - also around the $20-$24k mark IIRC. I can vouch for the Dakar Yellow one - it was a good one πŸ˜‰
  9. A nice sounding and looking nz new hellrot e34 540i 6speed manual in hellrot red. Seen it a couple of times now when I'm up here in Whakatane. They are not that common so thought it was worthy of a mention!
  10. @Olaf very tempting! A manual v12 would be cool 😎. value is interesting - it would appeal to a specific buyer, someone who knows the e31 well and who really wants one. Being a manual is a bonus though. comparing to the two similar ones on TM, both have been sitting for months/over a year at $25k for very long time. Then theres the last e31 v8 that has also been listed for a while at $65k buy now. But i think its the colour on this one haha For me positives are - manual, kms, rarity negatives - singapore import, been sitting for a length of time so i suppose it comes down to β€œit is worth what someone is willing to pay for it” my 2c on value
  11. Yup, E36 M3 Saloon @M3AN My sound system has been a big let down since owning. It has a JVC BT/USB headunit and I replaced the front 5.25" front speakers with Rockford Punch components, but only installed the mid-bass speaker. This gave a slight improvement but overall the sound was just full of 'highs' and was very 'tinny'. So in search of more 'bottom-end' I went with the 6X9 in the rear upgrade. Settled on the RF Punch P1692 speakers and used E36 6X9 adaptors, (bought off trademe and was surprised they are still available), which made the install easy and reversible whilst maintaining the factory look. It won't win any 'sound-offs' but as mentioned - am happy with the result so far with a more fuller sound (but still need some more bass!) I also have a Rockford mono amp and 12" sub to install, but will be left with no boot space. So tossing up whether to go with a 4/5 channel amp set-up to amp all the speakers (will replace the door speakers and prob go slim sub) to give the sound a bit more lift. I'm no audio-head but I do like to enjoy my 'mp3 sounds' when I'm in the mood. And you may have guessed I'm a bit if a Rockford Fosgate fan πŸ˜€
  12. Replaced the 'upgraded' JVC 4" speakers with some Rockford Fosgate Power Series 6X9's speakers in the rear deck of the M3. Huge improvement πŸ˜€.
  13. treone

    Quick rant thread.

    Kinda related.. but when you take your wagon for an 'express service' and when you pick it up they've charged more than twice the 'menu' price cos "your car takes more than 8l of premium oil sir" - WTF! First of all I haven't been knighted and yes I expect to pay a premium but over twice the amount, c'mon!! The price to pay to not get your hands dirty! Last time I'm goin in for a pitstop...
  14. Anyone want to buy a holden adventra so i can buy this?? πŸ˜„
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