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  1. Highly recommend Mike and Jeff. They certainly know their stuff. They got the M5 sorted when others put it in the too hard basket . And as a bonus you get to have an enjoyable cruise up to the coast and back
  2. Welcome! Look forward to seeing you at a meet/catch up sometime.
  3. Two very nice 3 series - an e36 Dakar Yellow M3 coupe and an e30 m325i manual. Both within a couple of minutes of each other!
  4. Welcome aboard! Look forward to seeing you at a meet sometime
  5. Never been a 7 series fan but I do like the E38 - and what a bargain this is! As some dealers are known to say "a whole lotta car for not much money!". If I was in the market this would be the driveway !
  6. Cheers - will PM you...
  7. Tempted for the E53 X5 - but a quick 'google' comes back with this from the Dynavin site: If you have the factory fitted navigation in your BMW E39 5-Series or E53 X5 then the Dynavin will be a plug-and-play replacement but you will also need to purchase the Dynavin Extension Kit available from our online store So also wondering if it has the extension kit mentioned above. Do you have the mounting brackets as well? Also assuming it is this model in the link? Cheers
  8. So cool! X5's are awesome and I'm guessing awesomer with three pedals! Makes me wish I still had my old manual 2.5l petrol X3...
  9. Thanks @hotwire - didn't know there are differences between E39 & E53 monitor angles. I might have to stick with the factory monitor with tape deck and keep jammin' to my DJ mixtapes haha!
  10. What model is the Dynavin? Possibly interested in it if it is suitable and can swap into the X5. And if you have no further use for it that is
  11. $5,840
  12. Curious - what is your plan for the Dynavin?
  13. I'm sure that this sold on TM a couple of weeks ago for $11k in Christchurch - then owner was requiring funds for a business venture if I recall. The immediate previous owner is an 8 series enthusiast (they occasionally post on an 8er forum) and owns a number of 8ers. I would therefore presume that they have done the required maintenance that one of these requires. I think this was also previously owned by a Bimmersporter as well. Nice example!
  14. @hqstu - what two very seriously fantastic machines you have! Envious. Very envious am I!
  15. Agree - another example was the NZ new 840ci that was recently sold by an Auckland dealer. This example was registered in 1997 model when in fact it was actually built in 1995 (as per the VIN) . Legend has it that it 'sat' as a 'demonstrator' with the original BMW dealer i.e. unsold (they couldn't sell it), for two years. I had my 1996 840ci (UK model) parked next to this one when visiting the local dealership once. I asked a staff member why the 1997 NZ new one had the 4l and standard automatic as opposed to the 4.4l and steptronic that was in mine (and standard from March 1996 for the V8 8 series) they said different specs for different markets. Yeah right...