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  1. Re the E85 idea.... it's worth considering the stoichiometric air/fuel mixture ratio for petrol is approximately 14.7:1, with ethanol it is around 9.79:1. That means you need a lot more fuel. Sooo in fuel-injected applications you may need to upgrade the injectors and you're fuel pump - then it's a matter of tuning it to suit, no idea if the stock DME can handle that. Probably not worth the extra work, I'd stick to premium 98, the closest fuel the engine was developed for.
  2. solder some new wires on?
  3. That kit isn't worth it at all, might not even pass NZ cert standards too. Nolathane engine mounts are something to avoid too, using OEM rubber ones is the way to go, I've experienced cars with nolathane mounts then rubber ones - the difference are night and day so aiming for rubber oe type is the best way to go. Headers are prob the most annoying aspect with these swaps. Further back and low as possible makes it harder still. Of course using a non OEM steering shaft needs to be certified on top of the other things so avoiding that route is always a plus. Steering mods and such are always the major ones for cert guys given what can happen if theres a failure. In my car I had about 4mm of clearance from the header to stock steering arm, had to CAD up the headers so I could get the best profiles cut, worked out well but there was NO room for error. Heres some pics of the clearances once finished
  4. Yeah stock fuel lines would be fine. It's only a mid range 4.4 V8, not a 1500hp drag engine Thought much about what you will do with the headers? As you prob remember I put the Toyota 1UZ V8 in my e36, nearly the same clearances on a M62 block (I drew up both in cad to compare) and it's relatively similar in the e46 engine bay. The drivers side steering arm is prob the main thing to look at changing, stock one is very fat with the crumple ribbing, Vorschlag USA make an E36/E46 smaller adjustable arm to suit their LS1 conversion kit, not cheap but saved a lot in space.
  5. Will be good to see this finished. Careful on the jack stands, it looks like unstable to me! Wouldn't take much of a bump moving the engine in for it to fall off..
  6. Z5

    Looks sweet! Wheels ugly as usual though.
  7. Still waiting on the elbow piece, so after that, not urgent. Looks like its due early next week. Yeah heat is the main thing to keep down hence thinking tig. What sort of scheduling suits you Andrew? I'm totally flexible so whatever suits you best.
  8. approx 10mm Stainless part is a decent thickness as well be approx 5mm wall thickness. Could also mig weld it?
  9. Could be a good project for someone. Also, such a weird question "Hello will those headlights go onto a BMW645ci ? mastertechno (179 ) 3:24 pm, Wed 9 Aug" :/
  10. Hey lads, I require some tig welding in Auckland Stainless fitting 28mm diameter welded onto this MS cylinder as shown. It has a piston inside which is at the opposite end of the welding, so I'd need to supervise and hold some wet rags on that end to keep the temperature down. Weld is shown here with the arrow. Let me know if you can help! Top cash paid!
  11. Vin decoder says, "Paint code: 490 - SONDERLACKIERUNG" Which translates to Special Paint. Must be an ordered individual colour. https://www.etkbmw.com/bmw/EN/vin/decoder/NH47601/EN
  12. Looks great! Meanwhile...... $17,000???
  13. The lack of refinement the 4 cylinders offer is why I'd avoid them, they seem liked a cut price half arsed engine from the 4 cylinder E46s I've driven, and way down on power. If you're not after a fast car, a 320 the baby 6 cylinder 2.0 or 2.2L is the way to go, MUCH smoother engine and a bit more grunty than the 4 cylinder.
  14. Matches the wife's lip stick. Good option.
  15. Just wondering what exhaust fab / welder shops people have been using in Auckland for a long time? Not interested in chain stores like Pit stop or places like Woolf Mufflers. Normal guy I've used for 11 years is out of action this month so looking for an alternative. Cheers Mike