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  1. Rear active struts rebuilt and installed this weekend. Ride is smoother and more poised when giving it some pace around the bends. Did a full clean out, new seals through out, dust boots and installed a new high pressure valve type for the nitrogen accumulator spring for recharging purposes. Most pleased!!
  2. You just missed one that sold last week, about 26k via Turners Auctions 3.8L NZ new
  3. hahah neverrrrrr! Not really worth anything either
  4. Hmmm been thinking about what's been done, and what's left to go. Wheels, 17x7 ET46 Enkei New tyres 225/50R17 Michelin PS4 Front & Rear brake rotors, calipers rebuilt, TRW Dtech pads Rebuilt brake accumulator, new seals, regased Rebuilt front hydraulic struts, valved strut accumulator Front suspension bushes replaced with rubber units Suspension valve body main accumulator valved fitted, regased Suspension pump pressure gauge installed for monitoring Steering rack rebuilt, tie rods, end rods, and dust boots replaced Steering column replaced Steering rack bushes x3 Rebuilt rear hydraulic struts, valved accumulators Rebuilt suspension valve body Rebuilt Suspension pump and power steering pump Replacement main pressure line Replacement power steering return line Cleaned suspension and power steering filters Rebuilt front and rear strut accumulators (cut open, seal replaced, rewelded or threaded fitting) Driveshaft hanger bearing Driveshaft rear guibo Differential rebuilt Differential mounts x2 Engine mounts Transmission mount Rebuilt half shaft axles Rear wheel bearings Front wheel bearings Rear suspension bushes, upper and lower 3UZ-FE engine upgrade 4.3L with VVTi 6 Speeed automatic upgrade with tiptronic control New Koyo Radiator, Toyota LLC, thermostat, upper and lower hoses Alternator rectifier replacement Water pump, cam belt, idler bearings & tensioner, Oil pump seal front. 3 way fuel regulator installed, replace E46 reg/fuel filter IS350 tiptronic steering wheel Certification for engine swap Header 4-2-1 Custom exhaust system Tacho converter Speedo converter Cruise control operational Modified drive by wire throttle Immobiliser delete speed cut delete Digital dash capacitors replaced EMV screen capacitors replaced (all) Stereo control deck capacitors replaced (50) Stereo DSP capacitors replaced Stereo Recievier capacitors replaced Stereo main amp capacitors replaced Stereo subwoofer amp cpacitors replaced CD stacker capacitors replaced ABS ecu capacitors replaced Air bag ecu capacitors replaced Power steering capacitors replaced A/C unit capacitors replaced Door control capacitors replaced Remote capacitors replaced Speed control capacitors replaced Suspension ECU capacitors replaced 4 wheel steering capacitors replaced Reversing camera control capacitors replaced Hydraulic fan control capacitors replaced Mirror control capacitors replaced Headlights replaced, 3M clear applied Glass high beams installed Door card fiber glass repair Leather seat repair / replacement Carpet cleaned / mats cleaned Drivers door window regulator cleaned and greased Passenger door window regulator cleaned and greased Drivers door hinge replaced Passenger door hinge replaced Interior console trim replaced Handbrake handle replaced Air purifier installed, speaker grilles changed, parcel tray Door and rear 1/4 dents repaired Full body respray Window seals replaced Door handle seals replaced
  5. Cool story.
  6. Wow that's really cool, good pictures. Didn't realise these were the 5.5 Twin Turbo V8s, keep on thinking of them as the old 6.2 types! Looks like quite a pretty clever compact package. More than enough power and torque so little matter the dump pipes aren't perfect, look like massive cats anyway?
  7. Cool. Take some pictures of the engine out of the car if you can, curious to see what they look like, headers and such.
  8. Nice one. What's the go here, chassis rail damage and repair?
  9. Good job Christian, not exactly something you plan to fork out for, but at least it future proofs the engine for another 10 years+ and helps with resale value, if you part with it at some stage. Now to take it for some good open road drives!
  10. Then you may as well just fit a section of 5" pipe, as that is all a hollow cat is, tend to sound pretty bad from examples of cars with that done which I've heard.
  11. I prob would have left the cats in if they weren't damaged. Should put it on the dyno, likely lost some power given the exhaust on those is tuned from headers to tail pipes. Technical info on E46 M3 stock exhaus:
  12. Nearly 7 years old, 100kms + would be considered a liability for many prospective buyers.
  13. 5k Would probably be relative. I don't really see a market for 4wd ones, might be a cool spec but doesn't mean the demand is there. I think he was originally asking for 12.5k - manual 540i money!
  14. Mmmm E38.