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  1. Yep its the same thing for battery electric cars, taxing to make the big heavy batteries that have a life span, and it just shifts the load from petrol / diesel to the electric grid which in most places is still those terrrrible fossil fuels like coal. The real electric car revolution wont begin until a long term solution is found, that exists as hydrogen fuel cell cars with very small or no batteries, hydrogen is an abundant resource, yes it require processing to gather and infrastructure needs to be build but its a similar model to LPG, and could easily be implemented in regular fuel stations. The fact a hydrogen car can be gassed up like a petrol, diese or LPG/CNG vehicle is exactly what the consumer wants. Depending on a battery that will go flat and takes at least 30 minutes to get a short range charge is taking steps backwards. It could work for some people that drive short distances and can charge it over night but I'm thinking of the bigger picture. The ease of long distance travelling is what has made the car so good for the last 100 years or so, that wouldnt have been the case waiting between trips when it runs out of fuel!
  2. Maximum profiteering really, double the equipment and resources for minimal gains.
  3. Obviously you didnt want it? haha
  4. Worth the oil consumption though, any high revving unit is usually going to do that. black top 4age?
  5. Must have lived near the beach with that much suspension rust
  6. I don't think you followed what I said. I actually said electric commuter cars were a great idea, especially when they run hydrogen systems. Anyway............
  7. I think it's a pretty different market for electric performance cars, generally for nerdy people that like to have the best 'stats' on their product, like a fast laptop and don't really care about the soul of cars which fuels most enthusiasts, being the engine noises, gear shifts and so forth. Electric cars are kinda like an Ipod, lots of features and can do everything well, but a little gimmicky and I'd rather play my favorite music on my vinyl record player, it's more of an occasion just like a petrol car. Of course I think the regular commuter electric car is needed and a great idea, especially when hydrogen fuel cell technology overtakes battery cars with their short sighted battery technology, thats too expensive, too heavy, too taxing on resources, difficult to recycle and takes too long to charge.
  8. I know that's what Ray did with the S62 into the E46 vert. Not sure I'd go that way but it's proven to work. Don't you find the on center feel of the M5 steering box a bit dull Martin?
  9. Wow are they that much??
  10. haha yeah flow is often forgotten, cold oil, plenty of pressure but low flow is the classic example. I think it's easier to switch something via pressure though, I'm sure inline oil flow meters exist but the cost and how the data they produce would be used would be the challenge.
  11. Yeah, I think a mechanical external pump, custom mounted and running off the accessory belt would do the trick and be the most reliable etc. Could probably get a remote mount electric oil pump but I do also question the reliability, that said you could put in a fail safe switch/sensor that cuts the engine if the oil pressured drops or electric motor fails, turning off the engine ignition immediately
  12. https://www.salvagebid.com/765324106-2001-bmw-z8/ Interesting one, big price for a flooded car?
  13. Oh yeah of course, what a pain in the ass. Would really need to remove it and run an remote oil pump, almost be best with a basic dry oil sump. That would sit right where the steering rack is.
  14. Sump on the M62 is pretty nasty, it is a cop out though. I'd just ditch the factory sump and make a simple new type with laser cut pieces. For the engines to fit nicely they need to be quite far reward to clear the subframe and not too thick either as the subframe to block clearance isn't much.
  15. Beautiful M5, looked glorious Newmarket Viaduct at about 7.30pm Anyone here??