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  1. Nice. So these have the 3.0L engine? It's really sad they have made the engine vs model labeling even more confusing than ever before. Now it's just a line up figure, higher the numbers, the more you spent
  2. That's pretty sick.
  3. Only saying cos some people were dastardly enough to do this.
  4. Nearly cheap enough for a demo derby!
  5. Fancy!
  6. I can't take this guy seriously, his delivery is a bit too arrogant / condescending
  7. Lolol, you say price drop... sellers says: "with prices for modern classic V12 ever increasing"
  8. This may be true, but those buyers were never looking at M cars, V10s, V8s or anything interesting in the first place. Most of them already drive Toyota's and their idea of going green is by selling their Camry V6 for a Prius. Only to end up having a sadder, reduced quality of life to save pocket change at the pump.
  9. Cool videos Brent. Looks like a good time. What was the entry cost?
  10. Stopped working for them 18 months ago, they went from 30 to about 5 staff within months haha. Says it all.
  11. True that. I just have a thing for Euro wagons. Err tourings.
  12. These are sooo awesome, a fair bit more desirable than the fairly common sedan versions. Andrew here has that beautiful blue one. I think pricing is pretty relative, certainly not going to get one any cheaper than that.
  13. Yeah my thoughts too, just heard about people getting done for high speed videos where they can id the car / roads etc and prosecute accordingly. Probably not an expensive fine, but demerit points or something?
  14. So low at the back. Not a good look.