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  1. Very odd. Is this why so many cars are selling for obscene prices, eg 130k Honda Integras and 100k Supras? haha
  2. wow weird " shaguar1 Hey, sorry to do this, but I need you to remove my bid. I’ve bought something else. Thanks" - 6:19 pm, Fri 29 May The auction closed at 7.30pm thaat same night. Seems very strange you'd be bidding on a specific car like that and then suddenly buy something else in such a short time...
  3. Ah yeah, I know the vibe.
  4. Haha, care to elaborate??
  5. Great looking car, although at 10k you'd want manual and stock wheels with good tyres.
  6. ^ It's on trade me that one.
  7. Exactly, all that chat does is divide which is a shame. It's nice to come here relax and talk about car related things only.
  8. I think the 4 cylinder makes sense in a 1 series, and 3 series. But not 5+ series.
  9. Well done, hope you got the price you wanted! Looked like a great example, those wheels & tyres really set it off.
  10. Wow, just had a read through the thread tonight. Terrific attention to detail. An E30 getting the TLC they require and some rather necessary modernization - will go very well. Only suggestion I would make from personal experience is to NOT use exhaust heat wrap, the stuff traps moisture when cold encouraging rust, they also insulate the steel so well they get super hot, beyond what they normally would. I had a wrapped manifold make terrible contracting sounds because it was getting so hot, eventually once I took the wrap off after a while the stainless steel looked totally different as though it had been tortured excessive temperatures. I did some research and found a lot of horror stories of people using it and having rust holes develop over time, and particularly cracks. From what I understand, the only reason it exists is for motorsport and bike use where a mechanic or operator might burn themselves working near a hot pipe when they can't let it cool down, so it acts like a good safety feature. In the end I made up custom manifolds and had them ceramic HPC coated inside and out, many years later they still looked exactly the same, no rust whatsoever. If radiant heat is a concern a fabricated heat shield as well as HPC coating would be the best of both worlds.
  11. Super annoying when operators make these mistakes entering it into the system. Genuine mistakes are quite obvious though, as opposed to dash cluster swaps or tampered meters.
  12. Wow what a beauty. Seems like a fair price all things considered. Best of luck with the sale!
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