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  1. Michael.

    It's very nice but is it $38k nice?..

    Hahaha the Q&As were fairly entertaining. I guess he should just make some canned responses, will need them for the months if no years of questions he will get :p
  2. Michael.

    E46 2002 330ci 6 Spd Manual >SOLD

    What a lovely example! Best of luck with the sale.
  3. Michael.

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    RTABs are so crucial for how an E36 rides. Night an day difference if they are in proper shape!
  4. Michael.

    Super tidy Audi S8

    Very cool cars. Those wheels are terrible though, would look the part back on the stock S8 rims.
  5. Michael.

    ghastly 650i

    Whatever floats ones boat I guess haha
  6. Michael.

    2012 C63 AMG

    Mmmmm very nice! Seems you're rather in love with it. With the facelift front and those wheels they really look superb, much nicer than the current C63.
  7. Car evolution has stopped and gone down the stupid path of pointless features, this is all they can do in some cases, just mess around with parts that never needed changing.
  8. Michael.

    Another newbie. 96 E36

    Can't say it does it for me, but as long as you enjoy it 👍
  9. Michael.

    NZ NEW E34 540iA $3900!

    I love these cars but they are a project cars more than anything now, need a lot of mechanical TLC and the cosmetics are another matter, the majority of 540i E34s are as rough as your average 90s Honda Accord, mostly unloved. It would be wonderful to restore one of these, but wouldn't be a good investment unless the long term plan is keeping it. Whether or not buying an E34 M5 is more viable and restoring one of those is probably more logical, but the initial cash outlay for one of those is much greater, and of course harder to find.
  10. Michael.

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    Few things as satisfying when you feel the improvement new suspension components make!
  11. Michael.

    The only upgrade that made sense

    I got the parents to buy an IS350, it's nice enough, good engine (can do a high 13s 1/4 mile!) but the suspension and handling is way softer than an IS-F Interior is fine, but the dash board lacks character. I think the ugliest part of them are the huuuggee wing mirrors and the stupid position they mount on the doors, don't know why they couldn't mount smaller ones on the corners where the glass ends, like all other cars, far better looking
  12. Michael.

    The only upgrade that made sense

    Terrific car, very firm suspension and ride but that is the appeal, I think they are really nice as an overall package, great 8 speed direct drive automatic / tiptronic gearbox, very quick shifts and that motor sounds super sweet, can sound better with the single middle section of the exhaust removed. Only thing I dont really like is the interior, it's fine, but just seems a bit generic, exterior nice enough, pleasant car but I don't think the design is as good as the E92 M3 etc.
  13. Michael.

    Forum clean up?

    Lucky this forum gets frequented so putting up with dated aspects its probably to be expected when just about every other car forum has died due to facebook pages taking the traffic. I guess maintaining such is of less interest to those in charge for such reasons.
  14. Michael.

    "End of life" NZ new E92 335i manual (Turners)

    Hehe. I always say NZ, the place were cars come to die.
  15. Michael.

    "End of life" NZ new E92 335i manual (Turners)

    It's well known cars in NZ with over 200,000kms are write offs and are irreparable