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  1. Saving one BMW at a time 😜
  2. Actually most generic Toyotas you hear driving around are constantly pinging from stationary, anything vvti with 10.5+ compression usually has a sad life once they come to NZ from Japan. They should all be run on 95 at a minimum.
  3. Hopefully they don't get bought out by a corporate vulture company and start getting made in China...
  4. Michael.

    New 4 series

    I thought the point of buying a German car was because it was made in Germany.
  5. Michael.

    New 4 series

    I think they could have made a long kidney grille work, but the rest of the bumper is such a mess, the bit's under the slightly too angry looking headlights are a really over the top, it's like they had to fill up as much surface area with overstyled shapes. I guess they haven't heard of the term ' less is more. '
  6. You should bring to to the BMW meet in Penrose @ the sushi cafe, today 11am-12pm for show n tell.
  7. Michael.

    New 4 series

    Looks like a Lexus & Alfa had a love child. Yikes.
  8. Michael.

    E46 M3`s

    Very sharp!
  9. Very odd. Is this why so many cars are selling for obscene prices, eg 130k Honda Integras and 100k Supras? haha
  10. wow weird " shaguar1 Hey, sorry to do this, but I need you to remove my bid. I’ve bought something else. Thanks" - 6:19 pm, Fri 29 May The auction closed at 7.30pm thaat same night. Seems very strange you'd be bidding on a specific car like that and then suddenly buy something else in such a short time...
  11. Ah yeah, I know the vibe.
  12. Haha, care to elaborate??
  13. Great looking car, although at 10k you'd want manual and stock wheels with good tyres.
  14. ^ It's on trade me that one.
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