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  1. Hey guys, I need the inlet neck on the front of a turbo alloy compressor housing machined / lathed / CNC'd down to a lower level. Before I start calling around shops for a quote, does anyone know the perfect place in the Auckland area to have something dealt with accordingly? Or is there anyone in the Bimmersport community I could hit up? Let me know, Cheers mike.
  2. If only we could make Auckland great again.
  3. I can't even keep up you seem to have too much going on at once! Have you done much to the internals of the M60 to handle the supercharger?
  4. The X5 middle muffler is a near true dual design, its straight through so little restriction with some perforated pipe at either end. The X pipe tends to be more of a bottle neck which tends to give that raspy rushed gas sound, I've never been a fan personally. They also make the overall tone quieter. The best change from the middle muffler would have true dual pipes with a small 1" H pipe, that would have kept the X5s V8 rumble but made it louder. Still, each to their own. I'm just obsessed with exhausts :p
  5. Mmmmm clean carpet! Those seats will be fine, hopefully you can get a mint drivers one.
  6. It's going to be sure as heck interesting to hear how it will sound. Getting the right noises has always been one of my favorite aspects of doing an engine swap, it spurred me on when I did my V8 E36 all those years ago.
  7. Pretty cool! I probably prefer the C6 and C7 look, but this is a nice new style for the Corvette.
  8. This page needs to be reported, so much exhaust fabrication pornography!!
  9. Hehe I got lucky that one time.
  10. I found a 530i M60 V8 with a manual gearbox at Zebra once, so you can get lucky if you look around.
  11. Michael.

    Radar Detectors

    I'm interested in the Uniden R7, anyone dealt with that model?
  12. That's coming along nicely. Going for some slip joints for expansion?
  13. Michael.

    M TOY M3

    Mmm nice, that will do the trick.
  14. Michael.

    M TOY M3

    Awesome. Bloody E36/E46 foor cracks! It's really a mandatory check and repair when acquiring these cars now days. In the final months of my E36 I was going to make a rear brace doing exactly that, just drew something up on the computer and started to cut pipe to spec but never finished as I sold it for my Soarer later that year.
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