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  1. 369hp for the top model, yikes, long way from the 230hp of the once top model E46 330i!
  2. Ultimate douche bag specification :p
  3. Michael.


    That's a nice looking 645ci cab! Fabulous.
  4. What is your dream car? Spill!
  5. Curious as to why you would sell as a pair rather than individually?
  6. Hardly on the way out. Variable compression, cam shaft less, multi turbos, opposed piston engines, there is a bright future for new advance ICE engines. Combustible fuels are still extremely effective and economically viable so will continue to evolve like they have done for 100 years. Electric battery cars are a relatively new technology to run in parallel on the market, more options the merrier. People can buy what they please, if you prefer to pay electric car road costs and increase your power bill verses buying fuel an electric car is a perfect A-B city daily driver. Once batteries can be the size of a regular fuel tank and take minutes to recharge they will gain popularity, but battery technology isn't anywhere close to that, just look at the size of a Tesla battery or how many heavy batteries these electric car conversions require. Not to mention what happens when they get damaged, massive lithium fires! Hydrogen fuel cells will likely take over where batteries fail, but time will tell. Some critics say they are too dangerous due to hydrogens explosive nature but the current hydrogen cars have very small tanks built into the strongest part of the chassis with various kevlar and carbon fiber materials, arguably safer than lithium batteries that are easy to puncture and expose to oxygen. In the meantime some people will buy petrol and diesel cars while others buy electric ones while new combinations continue to come onto the market like hybrids. A little known fact is the rare earth metals required to make electric car motors and key components are mostly mined in China, this means they can regulate the global market making it difficult for supplies, not good for big business interests. It will be fascinating to see how that pans out.
  7. haha, Alex do you alignment?
  8. I kind like the project aspect of it, a lot of technical work that is require to make it work properly. The lack of engine noise giving the car soul and drowning out the 1980s BMW rattles would get annoying quickly though. I understand the appeal of such a conversion but after a while it would get quite dull compared to a conversion many have done, S52, S54 or a V8 swap, they have the sound and soul that gets the senses tingling,. Im not talking about performance either, intake, and exhaust notes have a musical quality that makes driving pleasurable, eg a 325i isnt fast but can sound superb, giving off quintessential BMW sounds. A Tesla running gear E30 would move quickly Im sure but without some six cylinder pops and crackles, ehhh -
  9. Certainly not in the same league as a proper M coupe. The look isnt quite the same and of course the lack of a roof means the chassis leaves a lot to be desired. If you look past those things a pretty cool package.. possibly over priced at a first glance, but given the rarity seems fair enough. Like Dave said very niche so would take time to wait for the right buyer.
  10. If there is a market, make it! I just wonder what they have to do to make it exciting, an 8000rpm M engine 6, 8 or 10 cylinder is as good as it gets.. glorious analogue sounds that stir the soul. The sound a car makes is one of the most important aspects of loving or hating something, in my opinion. An electric powertrain is inherently boring, yes it can go fast but you need more than just whines and whirs to feel connected and something soulful out of it. So I'd be interested to see what they do to make it worthy of the M badge.
  11. Its done 107,540 Miles which is nearly 173,000km as advertised :p
  12. Looking for a BBS type steel valve stem as pictured bellow, would anyone have a spare or know a store where I could find such locally? I believe the ID of the wheel the suit is around 11.2mm standard size. The top side washer / plate has an overall diameter of 16mm
  13. Michael.

    Not my Supra

    Gazoo racing What happened to TRD?
  14. Michael.

    Not my Supra

    That looks awesome!! Such a wasted opportunity to make a good looking car better than the A80.. but no they came up with this:
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