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  1. Do you know what the ratio is on these and rack stroke?
  2. Inevitable really. Probably should have been 4wd in the previous generation too.
  3. Mmm perfection! GLWS
  4. Well... each to their own, I think the E34s interior is vastly more impressive than the Mercs of the 80s and early 90s, the E34 has sporting pretensions with it's angled dash towards the driver and all the other benefits like sport seats in the good models. From what I've seen AMGs interior didn't differ much of an upgrade to standard models and still had the look of a few bits of 2x8 wood nailed together at right angles using springy leather seats from an old mans 1970s council flat. Must have got lucky with yours! I remember years back my dads mate had a W140 and the quality was appalling where it counted, electrical issues all the time and had to have the loom replaced, he sold it shortly after I recall. Ended up buying an LS400 to replace it and still has it years later. Agree about E39 interiors, very classic, just let down by cheap buttons that crack sometimes.
  5. I like the appeal of this era AMG, but the rest of it, particularly general styling, and interior quite stuffy and dated. They don't have the same winning interior formula BMW had through the 80s and 90s.
  6. Their loss if they didn't 2004-2006 last of the E46s would have been a good buy!
  7. I'd say they were scared away from a 6k BMW for life Last logged in: December 15, 2016
  8. It's a stationary test for the low volume cert. Passed fine
  9. Knowing BMW they will call it a 9 series. ...And make a coupe and sedan version. Look at the mess they did with the 3 and 4 series. So unnecessary!
  10. True that
  11. Surely be getting towards the end of a service life of an M52 by 300,000kms unless doing a comprehensive refresh? Seems like an expensive path to go.
  12. So with all this said.... why don't you own one anymore?
  13. Well, I have. Driven three 850i models over the years, all have disappointed me. They seem to have such un-BMW like driving characteristics, vague steering and stodgey braking, an uninspiring V12 and just a general sense of an aged car with too many rattles inside. Still remain the most disappointing BMW models I've driven, especially considering the hype around them supposedly being these amazing cars. I still like the look of them, but the performance doesn't seem to match the looks which is a shame. I've always wanted drive a late model 840ci manual, I suspect they will be better than the early V12 autos, but it's not like many are around to try.
  14. I've always been surprised why these are worth so much? Going by asking prices anyhow... Like it's more than E36 M3 money and in the same ball park as E39 M5s and cheap E46 M3s, three cars that offer a true BMW driving experience & thrill.
  15. Cheers for the help Andrew. Going to sleep easier now!