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  1. Are XYZ reputable?
  2. Throwing them at Nissan Leaf drivers is pretty fun!
  3. Yeah those blacked out fake looking BMW ones, no blue or correctly coloured M badge. My heart aches
  4. Yeah ^ I've always understood engines with race style clearances and construction take their toll on sacrificial parts like the main bearings.
  5. Carbon badges though. Can't buy it
  6. Ray might be able to do a good deal on a S65 swap
  7. ^ James knows his stuff when it comes to such. Other issues you will have are smaller diffs and rear axles, bearings etc. So you'd need those from a bigger 6 cylinder car. Front and rear brake upgrades too, depending on engineers cert requirements. Basically need an entire written off 330i to have all the right parts and wiring to swap over, becomes a pretty big job rather than just a simple engine swap. For the effort required you'd be better off getting a 335i turbo engine and go down that path, wouldn't cost much more but both would require the same effort
  8. Looks great with the BMW BBS wheels in the first picture. E32s are a nice car, much like an E34. Classic BMW motoring.
  9. Agreed. I don't know why I didn't like them at first, but they look 10/10 after seeing it in person.
  10. Too busy on such a long weekend really. I used to drive out that way, but needed to do it early in the morning otherwise theres just too many 60km/h drivers around.
  11. Can you charge as you drive with a trailer generator attached??
  12. I actually heard a 750i go up a road last night, had some mods, probably rear mufflers yanked off. Actually sounded pretty cool
  13. They actually share some proportions with the WRX hatch backs of the previous generations, Kinda butch looking pocket rockets. Good luck with the repair!
  14. Nice looking E38 7er! Was that engine all polished?