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  1. Michael.

    New record for E30 325is pricing?

    I think it's one of those "it's for sale darling" adverts. ..and nice pics so the owner can get jollies seeing it online from time to time.
  2. Michael.

    E36 Ti Rally Car

    Not enough power and no V8 sounds. Would still go ok though, but we're after a bit more than that. There's a number of engines that could be used I guess, I learnt from my 1UZ E36 that was too much effort for too little output, so the L98 / LS2 engine seems much better and quite cost effective when they can come with manual gearboxes. Not interested in turbo motors so rules a number of options out.
  3. Michael.

    E36 Ti Rally Car

    My brother's been doing Rally co driving for a bloke running an EVO 9 for a few years, my dad took keen interest in it so thought it might be a good idea that we slowly work on our own rally car in a 1/3 each collaborative effort. I decided an E36 Ti would be the best base being cheap, RWD, lightweight, easy to work on and with plenty of part support. Thanking Brent A for supplying us with this car. Haven't done a huge amount yet, but picked up a nice 4 wheel trailer and have started stripping the car down. Engine is already gone (thanks Brent) so we recently started pulling the interior, got most of it out taking notes on the weight of everything coming out, I've counted nearly 160kg of old E36Ti interior with a bit more to go, we're part way through removing the sound deadening from the floor which is about another 7.5kg. Next plan will be to CAD up the engine bay points (as I did with my 1UZ E36 project) although this time we will use a 6.0 V8 L98 Commodore engine with Tremec T56 transmission. Custom headers, mounts and all such typical things will be done by myself. We originally thought about using an M54B30 but the finicky nature of those engines when pushed, and fairly low output meant choosing something with a better stock output, and more interesting being a V8 that will offer a great soundtrack. I think the most interesting part will be sorting out the E36 Ti rear end, we aim to use a M3 210mm differential so a fair bit of custom rear end work will need to be done, but seems like the best way to go, a 188mm diff might handle it but would likely fail after a few events, might not but probably better off over engineering such a key section of the car. The cage and such safety parts will most likely be done by Allport motorsport, including supply of seats, belts etc. Should be a lot of fun, aim is to just keep it relatively simple and practical. I'd imagine we'd start running it some time in 2020, most of 2019 will be the build process. A few pictures of the Ti as it is currently.
  4. Michael.

    E30 powered by MiG-23 fighter jet engine

    So this is one of those geared turbine engines like on a helicopter??
  5. Michael.

    Import tax

    Im confused. So second hand car parts like engine computers worth 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 etc will all be taxed 15% on import now? How the hell do they expect to police that, they'd have weeks of backlogged packages trying to get things through if held at customs depos Besides the letter customs sends to take your money (usually takes 7 days) is a complete joke, should be done within minutes or hours via email or text message if they want to be in the game of '21st century marketplace' practices.
  6. Michael.

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    Yeah that's some low fairly production numbers for a company as big as BMW.
  7. Michael.

    The first-ever BMW X7.

    This page is full of too much comedy.
  8. Michael.

    The first-ever BMW X7.

    I understand why they're expand the range to endless limits.... But I really miss the good old BMW days of just the 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 series cars.
  9. Michael.

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    Yeah but S62 noises are wayyyyyyy better than any N54 thing, Plus there's more to life than dyno figures. Ive driven various 135i, 335i manuals, DCT and autos, somewhat modified examples and I find them exceptionally boring cars, sound wise particularly, there's no sense of occasion, an NA M3 is slower but a lot more fun and the noises stir the soul. I guess that is why you have an E46 M3 and not an N54/N55 car? So good on you ! :p
  10. Michael.

    Nice looking 150i

    Whoa I like it!
  11. Michael.

    Couple of Rides spotted recently :-)

    I emailed them and as long as the car is rarer, and not commonly seen on a daily commute they would allow it. They welcome my 1991 Soarer for instance. But a 328i is not really the sort of car you want to see there, too common, verses an M3 or something of interest. There were too many generic 2012 golf GTIs turning up and other such new common cars so that's why they decided to put the brakes on a bit.
  12. Michael.

    Couple of Rides spotted recently :-)

    Just notice the plate, FU 911... terribly childish. Call me a bore but those kind of 'RIP EVO' attack plates are just the worst of car culture.
  13. Michael.

    Couple of Rides spotted recently :-)

    Possibly my favorite looking BMW of all time. 1000% quirk. So good.
  14. Michael.

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    That car with a S62 would be great. Doing one of these anytime soon Ray?
  15. Michael.

    Doug D E38 goodness

    I agree with EVERYTHING he said about the E38 It's always been one of those iconic benchmark cars. Once again I'm thinking of buying a cheap 728i to tidy up and cruise around in for more daily activities, perfect for putting Soarer parts in that big boot!
  16. Michael.

    Anyone wanting a cheap 318ti Manual?

    aww non motorsport spec.
  17. Michael.

    The new BMW Z4.

    Looks nice but those headlights are a bit goody, and the spastic vents under the light too are a bit questionable, although every car maker seems to think more angles and fins and fake vents is a good look these days. I guess that is what the new age consumer wants.
  18. Michael.

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    BC Golds, Fenix radiator... clearly it's a cheap build, you get what you pay for I suppose.
  19. Michael.

    CHEAP (?) V12

    Yeah haha, it's relative for what they go for though. Could prob find one cheaper if you did some hard searching. Not a bad way to go for 320hp / 490nm though.
  20. Michael.

    CHEAP (?) V12

    Cheap and reliable https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/toyota/engines/listing-1765549723.htm?rsqid=d62960dddff94242812629546d9040c9
  21. Michael.

    sweet looking e34 touring

    That's a pretty good buy. These things have been mistreated for too long, hardly ever see a good one
  22. Michael.

    Z1 anyone? 😳

    I think it's one of the worst 80s-90s BMWs made. This particularly example seems very tacky. Are they even worth that kind of coin overseas?
  23. Michael.

    DON'T BE THIS GUY !!!!!!!

    Wow that's crazy stupid.
  24. Michael.

    20k to spend on a BMW?

    These things are worth about a dollar.
  25. Michael.

    BMW diesel fires in Korea!

    Yikes that's pretty bad for a late model car to catch on fire under the hood. You'd expect this from a 1970 British Leyland heap!