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  1. Michael.

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    I could 5 E46 M3s on Trade Me? That's not many haha.
  2. Michael.

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Not just any Toyota!
  3. Michael.

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Ill have to make sure I turn up at the meet this time!
  4. Michael.

    My F12 650i Vert

    I'm surprised they don't have a metal retractable top for the price point.
  5. Michael.

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Awesome, I really like these. I was looking at one the other day, the rear is quite fun in it's design, different and unlike anything else on the road in the big sedan range. What spec is the 5L V8? "Just" the NA one with 380hp?
  6. Michael.

    heaps of fun for 15k!

    Hmmm just needs a S65 with those 4 exhaust pipes
  7. Michael.

    Rudolph the Red Ti

    Awesome little cars. My brother and I are going to buy one of these as the base for a little tarmac hill climb car. Should be a hoot.
  8. Michael.

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    So I noticed!! I live around the corner and Michael's ave (Ironically) is one of my test drive routes I regularly go around.
  9. Michael.

    M TOY M3

  10. Michael.

    M3AN E36 M3 PLOG (Project Log)

    The one in your display picture looks better I reckon.
  11. Michael.

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Haha given the way it's treated, I really doubt it.
  12. Michael.

    BMW Group uses X-ray measurements for vehicle analysis.

    Seems like another way to use less materials and check it worked. Would have been useful for the e36 and e46 subframe mount designs!
  13. Michael.

    Just bought an e34 540i

    Either a major heap or the car doesn't exist haha
  14. Michael.

    Just bought an e34 540i

  15. Michael.

    I'm ashamned

    They feel like BMWs but with a funny body stuck on top :p
  16. Michael.

    Just bought an e34 540i

    Yeah the Ford / GM product as far as engines go didn't really gain anything credible until the late 90s. Nissan, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes were all making quality multi cam V8s by the late 80s, it was like the late 70s for those American / Australian derived engines. At least they are making up for it now with rather crazy figures from the LT4 engines and the gigantic following the LSX series motors have, while still keeping them pushrod which is kinda cool for head packaging reduction
  17. Michael.

    RIP - 2019 1 Series

    Wait until they start selling electric only front wheel drive cars. The disposable camera era of BMWs :p
  18. Michael.

    M TOY M3

    Looks cool ! Yeah I should have in hindsight, but this was back in 2010 when I was a bit younger and tended to avoid confrontation. I can only imagine I figured what was done was done. I definitely would have brought it up if it were the case today, that said I never let anyone but myself touch my cars these days unless I know they can't stuff things up and it's under my supervision.
  19. Michael.

    M TOY M3

    Haha, I had that guy at 'Chubb Racing' do a rear cage in my E36, my engineer friend at the time didn't really think much of the welds when I showed him. Wasn't overly happy to find a couple of welds splatters had burnt holes into the glass and he also scratched the door sill when taking the drivers seat out, dragging the rails on it. Hope he did a better job on your car!
  20. Michael.


    I was under the impression it was because the direct injection system couldn't fit in with the already crowded cylinder head.
  21. Michael.


    I never really bothered to understand how valvetronic works in BMW engines. This video breakdown explains it quite well What is generally thought about the system? Is it reliable? Seems like there's a lot of small parts that could fail!
  22. Michael.

    Just bought an e34 540i

    Ooo very nice. My first BMW was also a 1993 540i Do miss it sometimes! Have any pictures of your machine?
  23. Michael.

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Oh damn. God some parking wardens are assholes. Kinda sad when they do that on quiet residential streets. (even though they can) Stands to ask why the owner leaves it on the road like that! Can't save every interesting car I guess.
  24. Michael.

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    It gets tickets??
  25. You get what you pay for with these things, personally I think there are some parts you shouldn't cheap out on. Join and ask, making a post with the specs / details of what you intend to buy on here, http://lvvta.proboards.com They have actual Lvvta cert people that frequent them that will be able to guide you so you can have a road worthy modified vehicle.