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  1. Michael.

    2014 M3 with high kms - should I buy?

    I have a BMW! 318ti with no engine. M54B30 going in soonish.
  2. Michael.

    2014 M3 with high kms - should I buy?

    Definitely worth it Life isn't fun unless you have a BMW to work on.
  3. Michael.

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    Yeah I agree completely. And once it's built and sold it's out of their hands for well they are treated. The life of the engine is always going be shortened by: Driving hard during cold starts Wrong oil grade / additive specifications Unsuitable fuel types Infrequent oil changes, duration or mileage Air and oil filters being neglected, or not OEM spec. Track racing is naturally hard on an engine and other stuffff
  4. 3uz-fe ones? I deal with a guy in Russia that has some capabilities, but seems rather limited. Aren't you doing such on newer diesel Toyotas or other stuff too?
  5. Yeah exactly. I kinda learnt the value of a proper ECU having some fuel tuning done on the Toyota recently, just with a basic AFC unit, so by tweaking the fuel inputs it also alters the ignition timing, bit of a double edge sword in that regard, can only get so much out of it, but it worked well for the cost. If only Toyota ecus could be reflashed like BMW DMEs!
  6. Michael.

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    Interesting. Would it be safe to say the bearing cops more pressure with less surface area? Or is it more along the lines of less surface area equates to higher temperatures on the bearing surface?
  7. Michael.

    Impressive Engineering

    Is it just programmed or does it actually see the colours to solve it with AI
  8. Michael.

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    Fascinating. I guess there is only so much oil can do when dealing with a 11 year old well used machine that has the most race like engine in a 'common' road car. It would be interesting to see how good one of these engines would be if perfectly treated very time it was warmed up, driven, had oil changes etc.
  9. Michael.

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    How many layers of the bearing had been worn down? Looks like a few!
  10. Michael.

    M TOY M3

    Hahaha I knew you'd go back soon enough
  11. Michael.

    E34 M5

    Does seem overpriced. Red valve cover and red brake calipers are a bit of a RED flag for me. Wonder what other stuff is on it that shouldn't be!
  12. Michael.

    The all-new BMW 8 Series Coupe

    Nicer than the concept pictures for sure! But it does look a lot like a stretched and squashed 2 series coupe or something though... not very E31 8 series like which was significantly different from the rest of the BMW range in 1990. I guess they wanted to play it safe like all brands do, just making the same looking cars with different proportions and body styles. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Lexus are obsessed with that brand model uniformity. I get it, but as far as new designs go, it kills anything creative
  13. Michael.

    E87 M Sport with DCT/S65 Hellbm Project

    Can you do a Toyota engine in one? 😅
  14. Michael.

    E87 M Sport with DCT/S65 Hellbm Project

    Yours is DCT, more fancy! No doubt they are both good. Great modern conversion.
  15. Michael.

    E87 M Sport with DCT/S65 Hellbm Project

    Who copied who? :p
  16. As some of you would have seen I sold my V8 1UZ E36 last week. Quite pleased, so now I've purchased my sixth Soarer coupe, but an ultra rare UZZ32 type, Toyotas flagship car back in the day, this is no. 32 of 873 made. These were sold for in excess of 150,000k NZD back in the early 90s. It offers 4 Wheel steering, active hydraulic suspension (replaced with coils, yet I shall endeavor to restore it to the hydro sus) GPS, touch screen a/c and audio controls, reversing camera, all the bells and whistles, quite easily one of the most feature packed cars of the 90s, 23 years on it still works (some simple repairs made in recent years) Plan is to restore it to a condition it deserves performance wise and cosmetically. In no particular order 4-2-1 headers, full dual exhaust of some variation. 5 Speed manual conversion Larger 4 pot front brakes Facelift side skirts Stand alone ECU + retune 17 or 18" BBS' classic / mesh style. Anyhow here's a few pictures pre cleaning. I only got it on Sunday! (cheers for the lift Earon, aka DSCOFF)
  17. Michael.

    A very sad 2002Tii

    Whoa that LS460 behind though!
  18. Michael.

    E87 M Sport with DCT/S65 Hellbm Project

    But what about the global warming? :p
  19. Michael.

    Replace mosfets in e91 dmc/ecu

    I sure could.
  20. Michael.

    Japan Strikes Back 1991 Soarer, UZZ32

    Installed an Apexi Neo AFC to dial in some fuel corrections today. Making good power before the tune, peak of 177rwkw, but the low end was a bit poor so the tuner put in some more fuel down low and got a decent 10rwkw gain through most of the low to mid range! Now with a peak of 178.1 rwkw, so very pleased. Certainly pulls well in the lower rpm band.
  21. Michael.

    E30 Ignorance - $40k - $65k Really?

    But E34 is the prettiest BMW of all time!
  22. Michael.

    E30 Ignorance - $40k - $65k Really?

    Could prob have a E36 M3 EVO, E34 M5, and an E39 M5 for that money!
  23. Michael.

    E30 Ignorance - $40k - $65k Really?

    I can't make sense of that, but maybe I just don't know the complete value of such era / spec BMWs. IMO, black grilles usually means they have been fiddled with, would expect this to be in original show room condition for that price... not fitted with junk like a doof doof sub in the parcel tray, you can just see it in one of the pictures. Anyone seen actual sale prices of these specific model E30s overseas?
  24. Michael.

    E87 M Sport with DCT/S65 Hellbm Project

    Fancy. Do you just need a DME update to run no cats?
  25. Michael.

    E87 M Sport with DCT/S65 Hellbm Project

    Are these cat delete pipes?