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  1. hello, im after a bonnet for my 88 pre face lift coupe (any colour) and a set of or 1 front lower lip spotlights including brackets etc..im in chch but can pick up around canterbury.cheers everyone!
  2. gday mate, have set genuine bbs rs 001's on my e30 coupe,after some lips,mate told me to check out your listing,i have 15 by 7.5's currently,want to get greedy and have something bigger on the rear and even possibly on the front,can you help me? thanks for your time Ezra
  3. if you stil have the BBS RS001's very keen to take them of your hands asap,can you please email me photos of the set of those with pics of the tires,thanks again
  4. gday..very interested in set of your bbs rims,pref after gold and silver bbs rs's(wides on the back if you have a set with them) for my 88 e30 coupe.what have you got for me,im currently in germany but will be back in NZ in a months can deposit money in an account of your choice and pay for shipping to chch. (4x100 stud patt) what have you got? thanks for your time please email me back at ezra.weaver@windowslive.com.ready to make transaction this week if you have what i need cheers Ezra
  5. gday,just tryed it on face lift..bit of a no go.the rear metal valance is about two inches longer than pre face lift and also the pre plastic bumper is longer in height and protrudes out a bit more,if there was a way to mount it it would take a lot of tinkering around,sorry mate, all the best on finding one that fits though Ezrabmw
  6. for ex U.S try baverian auto sport,check there website they are prity helpful
  7. user name gaz has a pre face lift and i know him i will ask ifi can try size it up,cheers
  8. they are both off pre facelifts(but the 1st post one is off a 88 preface lift)but in 88 i think they started making facelift models than too...sooo not too sure how it will fit with the plastic bumper,same chassis etc,shouldnt be any probs
  9. hey david,Ezra here,still keen to come have a look at my 323i for trans and motor?it will be going to euro rec or scrapers soon so let me know,p/m me.cheers :)

  10. www.shipmytrademe will do it to hamilton city for $54,will check mainfreight too.but that price is prity good.let me know or hit by now on trade me
  11. and also the top and bottom tanks of radiator have been replaced with brand new ones less than 1000km ago by a1 radiators in chch so disregard photo of leaking radiator in engine bay photo im off late may so no rush to sell right now if need be,cheers
  12. hello all,im off to germany soon,so thinking about listing my 318i 88 pre face lift coupe, 250 k on the clock wof,reg new filter,oil,air filter,new top and bottoms fitted to radiator and flushed by a1 in chch door cards are in nice condition seats have sean better days(comfy but bit ripped)carpet has few stains passngers side few small dents and dings but could be popped out, has sunroof(manual winder)which needs to be re attached(i use a crescent) i have all the parts to put electric in can be included has factory bmw radio with car alarm theft gadget bmw alloys all tyres wof able was going to use for project but wont have the time as have two others would make a nice 1st car for kids if your into your e30's cheap to insure let me know if your keen im thinking around $1700(have LOTS of parts i can include) cheers all,let me know if you want any more photos,thanks
  13. will it make a differance if the electric winder(from my parts car)comes from 84 and the manual one is a 88 preface lift?cheers guys
  14. i will ring mainfrieght for you soon as sus out a qoute,cheers,i also have a tow bar from my 323i its a removable hitch one,its hidden behind rear chrome bumper looks sweet,can email you a picture if you want,or i will just attach here
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