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  1. BMWTouring

    1999 E38 740i Facelift

    The only way...
  2. BMWTouring

    1999 E38 740i Facelift

    Selling my weekender, 1999 BMW 740i Sedan, NZ New, 250,000 odd kms in Titanium Silver with Black Leather. Has had timing chains, guides etc done. Currently fitted with 650i Coupe wheels, but also comes with original 16" alloys and tyres. Reasonably tidy for age, the paint is a little faded on the roof and a few scratches here and there but it is tidy for a 17 year old car. Looking for $4,000 for it. VIN long WBAGG820X0DB08933 Type code GG82 Type 740I (EUR) Dev. series E38 () Line 7 Body type LIM Steering RL Door count 4 Engine M62/TU Cubical capacity 4.40 Power 210 Transmision HECK Gearbox AUT Colour TITANSILBER METALLIC (354) Upholstery STANDARDLEDER/SCHWARZ (N6SW) Prod. date 1999-05-27 Order options No. Description 204 DRIVE VERSION EXPORT 245 STEERING COLUMN ADJUSTMENT ELEC 261 SIDE AIRBAG FOR REAR PASSENGERS 302 ALARM SYSTEM 316 AUTOMATIC TAILGATE OPERATION 352 DOUBLE GLAZING 401 SLIDING/VENT ROOF, ELECTRIC 430 INT/EXT RR VW MIRROR W AUT ANTI-DAZZLE 441 SMOKERS PACKAGE 456 COMFORT SEATS, ELECTRIC. ADJUSTABLE 464 SKIBAG 499 HEADRESTS IN REAR, ELECTRIC. ADJUSTABLE 500 HEADLIGHT WASHER SYS/INTENSIVE CLEANING 508 PARK DISTANCE CONTROL (PDC) 522 XENON LIGHT 548 SPEEDOMETER WITH KILOMETER READING 602 ON-BOARD MONITOR WITH TV 629 CAR TELEPHONE (GSM) W CARD READER FRONT 670 RADIO BMW PROFESSIONAL 672 CD CHANGER BMW FOR 6 CDS 676 HIFI LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM 818 MAIN BATTERY SWITCH 850 ADD FUEL TANK FILLING FOR EXPORT 864 OVERSEAS/DEALER DIRECTORY 880 ENGLISH / ON-BOARD DOCUMENTATION 925 SHIPPING PROTECTION PACKAGE Series options No. Description 202 STEPTRONIC 210 DYNAMIC STABILITY CONTROL (DSC) 304 LT/ALY WHEELS/ELLIPSOID STYLING 60 853 LANGUAGE VERSION ENGLISH Information No. Description 431 INTERIOR RR VW MIRROR W AUT ANTI-D 459 SEAT ADJUSTM., ELECTR. W. MEMORY 473 ARMREST, FRONT 488 LUMBAR SUPPORT DRIVER/FRONT PASSENGER 694 PREPARATION FOR CD CHANGER
  3. BMWTouring

    4pots - N46 vs N43

    Both of those engines are rubbish.. the F20 turbo is pretty good. You will be forever chasing oil leaks. and they're gutless.
  4. BMWTouring

    E38 750i refresh/resto log.

    Are you gonna part it out? If so, are the rear bumper and boot struts any good?
  5. BMWTouring

    E38 rear bumper cover

    I'm after a rear bumper cover for an E38. Its a 99 Facelift, not sure if they changed with facelift or not. The car has PDC. Cheers
  6. BMWTouring

    2002 540 m-spec

    Apparently the vendor wants around $6k for it.
  7. BMWTouring

    yay or nay?

    Definitely the original M double spokes
  8. BMWTouring

    bmw X5 e53 parts car , new stock in @ BMWORLD

    How much for the towbar Brent?
  9. BMWTouring

    Buying E90 questions (325/330/335)

    I sold E90's brand new and was a service advisor for BMW, so I have a fair bit of experience with these.... 325i's are slow and use just as much fuel as a 330i, 330i's are great in my opinion - 335i is even better but can cost more to run/maintain/buy. You won't find a manual E90 330i easily so I'd say you're gonna have to settle for an auto. Buy an M Sport to begin with, it won't be worth the cost to fit M sport kit and suspension - plus you wont have the sport seats. All of this would set you back at least 5-6k. Definitely get a warranty, the E90 is pretty reliable, however some of the 6 cylinder engines have had issues with hydraulic lifters and running camshafts - no rhyme or reason either as alot of the ones that had trouble were NZ New cars with full service history... The auto's again are pretty reliable, but can develop oil leaks from the plastic oil pan which warps over time due to heat - this should be covered by a good mechanical insurance policy. Good luck!
  10. BMWTouring

    530d Sedan E60

    Selling my 530d if anyone is after one. Awesome car, well looked after and has had swirl flaps deleted. Awesome power and economy! Will take $19k for a BS member. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=765730655
  11. BMWTouring

    BMW 2003 E65 760i...!

    760LI's are seriously cool... Nice spec over and above both E65 V8's I've had. So smooth and powerful!! not sure I'd like to pay the fuel bills though. I'd pay the money if the right one came along.
  12. BMWTouring

    E36 manual conversion - CHEAP

    Yeah, I only paid $750 for the car and the auto is fine. I'd pay $1200 if someone else was going to do the conversion!!
  13. BMWTouring

    E36 manual conversion - CHEAP

    After a CHEAP E36 manual conversion kit to suit 318is Sedan. All the kits on trade me seem very expensive considering these cars are now worth next to nothing. Cheers
  14. BMWTouring

    BMW Airbag Recall

    BMW Group NZ have not released the recall notice to dealers yet, as they haven't got the complete list of vehicles affected. As soon as this is released, the dealers will be notified, along with owners. As you can imagine, this isn't a 5 minute job.
  15. BMWTouring

    Swirl Flap Removal

    I've just ordered the kit from PMW in the UK to remove the swirl flaps from my E60 530d. The cost was just £49.84, so a cheap alternative to a cylinder head, turbo and possibly more. I'll do a how to guide when they arrive for anyone that is interested in doing it also, but from my experience it is well worth doing for peace of mind!