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  1. He was asking about chips - not burgers and fries NZ specific chip - just add your own sauce
  2. Found a couple of vacuum leaks which were covered in the post about booster seals, running like a watch, pulling like a train. 280Nm from 2,200 RPM through to 5,500 Genuine aero on trade me for $2,500 184kW and 370 Nm - but into my speaker project so no cars projects for a year !
  3. It's only a silly argument because of the poor quaity information being passed off as fact, yes BMW like most other manufacturers moved to Alusil as a coating for direct in block alloy engines over Nikisil because there are numerous gains to be had from elimination the iron block and iron liners where practical. Quote from a 2016 article below: "You would think the bad experience with these engines would have poisoned the idea of using unlined aluminum blocks in the future, but it didn’t. Casting an engine block from a hypereutectic aluminum alloy saves weight and cost by eliminating the need for iron liners. But it also requires a unique finishing process to create a wear-resistant bore surface for the piston rings. Manufacturers who produce “linerless” hypereutectic aluminum blocks today include Audi, BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Yamaha." And apologies to the O.P the original comment was actually a bit tongue in cheek. Most chip claims for big gains are based on the vehicle being set up for rubbish fuel in the country of destination. as we didn't have rubbish fuel in NZ when your car was built it will be set up to run on 95 as a minimum fuel grade so chipping in our market only enables you to go from 95 to 98 grade fuel with a tweak in ignition timing, When I looked at it 15 years ago the real gains in NZ were about 3-5 kW for a $600 outlay - I paid the same for an exhaust and got 12kW and 20 Nm at the wheels. A freshen up of fluids in the diff, gearbox and a better grade of engine oil will reduce friction and free up about the same as a basic chip add in good tyres at optimum inflation and you may get all the gains you could with a low cost chip and your car will be smoother , faster, quieter and more reliable.
  4. Sounds dodgy, straight cut gears are usually installed on reverse, first and second sometimes third to handle the torque of a high output engine; but they only whine when being driven in that gear they don't whine in neutral or when stationary and are not affected by clutch position. The links do show full straight cut sets- question is what casing do you have? More likely a toasted gearbox courtesy of a grunted up engine and possibly even an undersized gearbox
  5. Nope, Nikasil is used on the alloy blocks like the one in my NZ new 328: that's an M52 B28 alloy head alloy block as it came out of the factory new in 1995. BMW swapped to using the old iron M50 block ONLY in "certain markets" when those "certain markets" experienced issues with the nikisil coating due to rubbish fuels. ALL other markets continued with the M52 alloy block which is also used in the M54 . where do you find all these idiot opinions??
  6. Agree, they do some really good stuff particularly in Titanium and most of the best mountainbike stuff comes out of Taiwan - they have set themselves up as the Germany of Asia.
  7. O. P can spend money on a chip , spend money on an exhaust or spend money on something else BUT O.P has not identified budget or expectations so - more arrogant totally inaccurate irrelavant ranting trash from you. Totally NOT interested in having any debate with you anywhere have a nice day
  8. Nice rant but full of errors M50 is a cast iron block M52 is alloy , some M52 engines used the M50 iron block in certain markets. As for the M50 manifold on an M52 - total disaster just makes it into an M50 i.e too much flow and not enough velocity and as per the M50 the best thing you can do is let the gas out of an M52 with a better exhaust. There are plenty of US M3's and hotted up 328's pullling north of 170kW with the stock M52 intake manifold , its NOT a problem ( got one in the garage) 180kW is easy even 190kW after that a bit more flow is useful. I'll ignore the pointless technobable which adds nothing to the argument, as for the Turners claim well they can claim what they like
  9. Vincent, I don't suggest you won't have clearance issues because I have no idea of the wheel offset , your suspension set up or anything else, like what the height of the factory tyre is? However assuming it is the ubiqitous E30 195/65/14 then the diametr you are aiming for is 610 mm the sizes that are then a good fit for the rims are: 225/45 16 and 245/40/16 but these just are not around. The suggestion is simply - this is a set of tyres that will work well with the rims - dropping to 50's on the front is an issue because you will struggle to find a 45 for the rear , you could go to 45 on the front to match original diameter but 40's for the rear will be a hunt for some hens teeth. Will
  10. Actually very badly said, The M50 B25 doesn't have the same block, and it has higher lift and longer duration cams so it can at least make some power because it sure as hell doesn't make any torque. The M50 B25 is anaemic below 4.500 RPM because the intake manifold is too big so gas velocity is slow, it needs more lift and duration and a smaller chamber to squeeze some power out of a bad mix - and then you get to the other side of the badly designed engine - an exhaust manifold that is constricted, primary branches too short and uneven in length meaning any chance of making any decent midrange torque and power is well and truely compromised. The M52B28 doesn't need the duration or lift because it is a smarter better designed engine, it gets the air in at velocity swirls it round and spits it out easily to make better torque and power, minor mods to the 52-B28 let out even more torque and power - "power is nothing without torque" Doug has both , he is on the money. A chip will get you a kilowatt or three but thats bugger all bang for a few bucks - if you want some bang look elsewhere like a decent set of equal length headers, don't bother fitting M52 ones they are better than the crap M50 ones but not good and wont boost mid range torque. Decent equal length headers, primaries around 600mm long, twin 57mm pipes and you will pick up at least 5Nm maybe 8 in the mid range and about 5kW at the top which will make the car far more responsive and driveable.
  11. Put an M52 B28 in it going for about the price of 2 chips and they are a crap load better then an M50 ever will be
  12. Be aware that the RHD item is not made in Australia , they buy products (claim to make) out of Taiwan the price should be your "quality" indicator, also it is not an M50/52/54 specific flywheel so you need a different pressure and clutch plate setup from what is normally in an M50/52/54 in my view this inevitably leads to compromises. Also light high tensile steel flywheels can ring (resonate) like crazy, expect engine buzzes and gearbox chatter etc if you go down this route suggest more homework to minimise a bad outcome.
  13. Is the Valeo kit actually lighter or just a solution for people who can't drive manual cars? Others do lighter flywheels which may be better suited to a track car stock mass is 11.4kg there are some around 7kg and some very light ones under 5kg
  14. Your challenge will be getting tyres first and the two pairs that match - if you have ABS then you need to be within 6mm in diameter, later cars are even pickier X5 chucks up a warning with 2mm difference. Best fit on a 7 inch rim is 215 and some 225's - Best fit on an 8 inch rim is 235 and some 245's A combo of 225/55/16 front and 245/50/16 rears should be available and will give you 654mm diameter front and 652 on the rear which is real close and is a good stagger ratio Hankook Ventus 457 are available in these sizes. you have a good choice for fronts but very limited rear match.
  15. It's always important to test the veracity of the information and I'd put this linked thread in the bin - the auther clearly does not know how to drive a manual and does not understand mechanics and science. BMW dual mass flywheels are like Audi / porsche ones amongst the best and they work very well for their intended purpose which is roadgoing vehicle. Single mas flywheels also work very well but have long since been suprceded by the above for road use. New dual mass flywheel in the X5 at 265,000 km is awesome new fly wheel options for the 328 maybe a single mass if I hot it up further but otherwise an OE dual mass will be gioing in.