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  1. off topic

    Thats for a road tyre on a car -- 4WDs generally run a wider section tyre - search any off road type tyre and you will see - very common size is a 265 on a 7 inch rim
  2. C130.2 is 105 bar but only 5.8 litre sustained flow The 130.4 is 105bar at 8litres - this would be the minimum I would settle for the 140's are better again
  3. Have had a Nilfisk for the last 5 years, use it regularly to de-slime decks - never use it on the car ( bad for car) What you need to look at is the sustained pressure and flow rates - sometimes referred to as a Q rating - not the peak values often quoted. 100 bar and 8 l/m should be the lower limit for a decent unit - generally translates to peaks of 120bar and 12l /min which tallies with hotwires' comment. Toys break tools shouldn't
  4. There are several advantages to the Recaro primarily the adjustability, narrow frame / seat base and really high safety performance in lateral protection and head/ shoulder control. When you dig into the science it is a no brainer they are simply vastly superior and they don't have those stupid drink holders which get in the way But the post is really about the car isn't it?
  5. off topic

    It's not that hard really, your old tyre sizes are simply the case width in inches when converted to metric are: 7.00 = 175 to 185 mm 7.50 = 185 - 195 mm The aspect ratio will come down to what is available but should be in the range of 75 to 85 to match the old tyres which were probably an 85/90 profile The skinny rim is your limiting factor - so the tyres could range from a 175/85/16 to a 205/75/16 all will fit and be reasonable. A 103 or higher load rating will be fine and a T speed rating also as the vehicle is unlikely to crack 200kmh and warrant a H rating See if you can get some wider rims off Trademe and just fit a wider tyre a 6.0 or 6.5 rim will allow you ro go to a 215 to 235 section tyre respectively . Plenty of good (non chinese sh*t) tyres around for under $250 - try the bridgestone 694 these come in a 85 profile and for a 225/85/15 which I run as a spare on a Pajero they are $189 each. I drive Auckland to Wanaka on these in a 235/75/15 on 7 inch rims on the Pajero - good road tyre excellent gravel and farm tyre
  6. But that would be logical -we did what you suggest - recaro child seats at 3 times the price but you get to keep the 5 start safety rated car rather than driving a recycled rubbish tin with the handling of a dray and the protection of reinforced tin foil. Vendor may have pre birth 'baby brain'
  7. The drive line component did not come from Landrover - they were all designed in collaboration with the usual suppliers to BMW --- ZF etc. The only thing that came to the table from the "Rover' side was knowledge about off road / on road drive dynamics, much of which BMW did not use because the on road performance was too compromised.
  8. It is an easy task that takes about 20 minutes and the parts are about $30 trade , anyone charging more than $100 is scamming
  9. Some self appointed dross jock makes some noise on a populist social media platform - are we supposed to take note ?? no thanks More mindless sh*t with no research just a vacuous moron sounding off but then he has probably been stealing cues from their president ??
  10. Same- I had a good guy at bridgestone, now have a good guy at Michelin since bridgestone only do a limited range of tyres also have good non BMW mechanic, good PC supplier and Good paint supplier - forget the populist ""everyone does this"" crap us smart people are doing the relationship thing and getting MUCH better Value
  11. P.S looks like a manual conversion is possible 5&6 speed gearboxes coming up in the U.K
  12. Sure does and European tyre ratings play more into it than Chinese ones - they just put any old number on. Tyres like Michelin Pilot sport etc are designed to run a small stretch for optimum performance.
  13. Been doing too many drugs in the gym, they have rotted hid brain- is that rust under the suspension top mount? free with every UK import
  14. There is an optimum fitting for a specific tyre and for a 225/45/17 it is generally a 7.5 rim. a (much) narrower rim is like balancing a triangle on its point - that is the rim - will move laterally inside the tyre - so when cornering the tyre will roll under the rim. a wider tyre works like a truncated triangle and the angled sides position the tread very precisely between the inner and outer rim edges. The wider tyre on a narrow rim doesn't create a softer ride it creates a sloppier ride