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  1. Depends on what you read, whilst the likes of Farage, Le Pen and the Dutch idiot Wilders are all talking it up - and the media are all lapping it up --- Reality looks a lot different. The Europeans do allow true freedom of expression but they also control abuse, that's why Wilders was found guilty of inciting hatred and racial abuse. They will go through a reasonably robust process and hopefully ignore much of the media hype about the sway of these idiots with no perception of a greater "public" than the extent of their own clique of morons. Europe has survived Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Churchill, the current crop are no where near as capable as those despots nor as ruthless as Amin, Mugabe and the more recent crop. Idiots like Bush , Reagan and Trump can gain office on the wave of Agnotological ignorance that is now endemic in American culture, but this depth of ignorance is not so prevalent in Europe. I have a more optimistic view based on a "European" reading we can change things and the Europeans have France and Germany are the moral compasses and powers of Europe with the likes of the Sandi-wegians providing leading edge social values since the 14th century . The U.S. on the other is likely to mimic your last line - they are still using cold war tactics
  2. This is of course true because Nigel Farage and the Huffington Post said so ( both have a very skewed view) , Sweden has one of the most balanced metrics on "personal freedom" and interference in ones personal space can constitute rape under the Swedish definition and is often recorded as such. Contrast this to the usual kiwi considered legitimate defence of " she was pissed out cold and didn't object so me and my mates all banged her" . As a progressive and open society Swedes can freely communicate their objection to unwanted attention and they can report it and it will be recorded rather than being bragged about on you tube by the offenders as it would be in NZ and then dismissed as bad P.R Which country has the higher un reported sexual and physical abuse stats in the world - Sweden or NZ look in your own camp before launching into a misguided attack on one of the most democratic and egalitarian societies in the world - and it is legitimate to call it a society, NZ in contrast is fundamentally dysfunctional.
  3. they are just hanging around in the garage they can hang there for a year
  4. He will do more for the country dead than alive.
  5. I've got a spare pair of 328/M3 half shafts knocking around if you feel the need to go large, small money if you are interested.
  6. Where is a moderator when you want one, can you calm these people down they are wrecking my thread. Iit's just an opportunity to take the piss out of the President Donald Reality T.V. show - enjoy he could be impeached soon and then there will be no King Donald, Donald the Great or Donald the Terrible --- we will have to look elsewhere for another despot - may Mugabe could come out of retirement ? And lay off Olafs neighbours , the Swedes are really quite lovely, they are the only host country who had an Olympics without boxing and that was about a hundred years ago - Beautiful people with principles I love them, you should too I said so, and its true you will love them, just take one home really, they eat reindeer too and run naked in the snow, it's True you will love them. Or is it Fins that run naked in the snow - OLAF where are you
  7. The scale on the left side should go from "click bait utter garbage" to "highly filtered garbage" - none of the entities listed , not even the once famed BBC should be credited with integrity and objectivity any more - Western media is self serving at best evangelistic at worst. " Public service" or "public good". Journalism is long dead and well commercialised/ monetized out of existence. Randolph Hearst politicised the American press more than a century ago and its been digging a deeper hole ever since.
  8. And the caption said " Mathis says to Iraqis " We are not here for your oil" YEAH RIGHT Source Sputnik fake news site , more reliable than Trumped up American media hmm "Trumped UP" probably deserves a new definition.
  9. A moderating moderator - 100% supportive of a more focused and hopefully more objective forum culture.
  10. We went through the same dynamic except my wife is a confident driver, we had an E39 which she use to mow down small trees in the paddock , we replaced that with an X5 which she really enjoyed driving, then due a need to be in an auto we bought a Saab 9-5 this has proven to be a very useful run around so we are largely back to where we were with the E39 except that it is a much easier car to maintain. We also looked at a Mondeo. Regardless of what you buy some one will dredge up an internet horror story so If the ford fits then wear it - they drive well they are engineered well and they are safe.
  11. Dare I suggest http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/saab/auction-1259604590.htm
  12. True, doing a proper manual conversion then flicking it is a waste of money and invested time
  13. Good to note that you are looking at the correct gearbox and not a lower spec'd one, also bear in mind that the 328 manual runs a 2.93:1 diff and the autos run up to a 4.45:1 depending on where they came from so check your diff ratio as well- Also the 328 manual runs M3 half shafts which are gruntier than others, not sure if the auto does? P.S. it's not about what the car is worth to some one else it is about what you value
  14. Swapped the headers on my M54 E39 for OBX, did them in situ so it is possible, I'll put some coal in the geriatric memory banks and see if I can remember. For the E36 I did take the steering column coupler section out , but I don't remember doing that for the E39. Just nipping out to get some coal could take a bit to stoke the brain cells up