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  1. I take it he also recommened fitting new bump stops - they are an essential component - pleased you have a good outcome and Russell is excellent to deal with although he can get donkey deep in racing cars at which time it is just a case of giving him the space and he will always deliver.
  2. Be careful about drilling holes in shocks, if there is residual gas it can be at up to 9 bar so any residual oil and gas comes out at a serious rate of knots. i If you bother to do that you are better to get the hole in the right place and then you refresh the oil and regass the shocks and recycle them back into use rather than raw materials. Stocks converted my E36 rear shocks from hydraulic to gas pressurised and I am having the Bilsteins in the X5 re valved which will require the same modification to enable them to regas them as they are gas presurised but not rebuildable from the factory.
  3. Dave, all telescopic shocks are hydraulic; gas shocks are a subset - if the Boge ones are stamped gas under pressure then they are a gas pressurised and should extend if they have gas, but that does not mean the rebound is not working as per above. Hydraulic shock as per above use the gas controls airation of the oil so they behave consistently. just like the milk foaming things for DIY cappacino - plunge a piston / mesh through a fluid and it will froth , reducing the viscosity ( like lots lower) and making the shock less effective- Gas sqaushes the bubles making it a fluid again not froth.
  4. 2010 130i LCI 120ks

    Can't see the sun roof in the 'rear' or should that be 'RARE' like a good steak ?
  5. Dave, No: - the expansion of the shock of its own accord just indicates the presence of gas in the system presurising the oil to stop it foaming. if the shocks are hyrdaulic only then they will not self extend - lots of shocks are just hydraulic e.g your race car, If they are gas filled and don't then it just means the gas has fallen out, if they are gas filled and ther expand rapidly they have bugger all rebound control ( they are poked). A proper compression test is force at a rate and a rebound test is the same in the opposite direction - i.e you have to pull the shock back up. Rebound force the effort to stretch the shock out should be 1.5 to 4 times higher than compression force. You can ether apply a constant force and measure time or pull at a given rate and measure the force - most shocks / shock dyno's use the latter method and will quote a rate. Compression force on my koni shocks is about 450 Newtons and rebound is around 1450 ( at the koni spec'd rate) because I have firm springs which assist compression control and then need higher rebound control to slow the release of the energy stored in the spring.
  6. Talk to me about the E65...

    We don't operate cake mixers - suggest you read the post slower and adjust the inclination of your location - you might come up with some insight rather than the dross you have spurted out above.
  7. Return of the invalid cart

    She is, and she wants to because she does not like the lack of control of the auto so we have split the learning process into two key areas: Roadspace awareness - that is: lane positioning, intersections, following distances, watching out for all the imbeciles who are not paying attention/ texting or are just incompetent or ferkin stupid etc.- in the Saab Car control skills - that is: turning, sliding, positioning, braking etc. away from the imbeciles in a variety of manuals including RWD's & 4WD's When she has them all mastered then we can pull them together and she will have a decent toolbox of skills to draw on.
  8. Return of the invalid cart

    yeah but daughter is a bit grumpy because it was effectively her car to learn to drive in.
  9. WTB: Roof racks for E39

    Do go for the ones that fit into the factory fixings in the rooof channel they are awesome
  10. Winning business strategy

    They didn't "miss out" on the parcel boom they were ring fenced out of the market by a goverment that wanted them to fail - much like they did with the rail network and Kordia. Slimey Simon Bridges went to extroardinary lengths to prevent a well balanced report that establishe rail for east Auckland was the winner - Cheaper solution , increased public transport capacity, increased freight capacity and reduced road conjestion all for half the money BUT rail is the devil along with public transport so get out the torpedos and sink that one before it sees the light of day. And no it appears NZ post don't have a business plan but we were doing them all the time at Kordia just so the minister could shred them at your expense.
  11. Talk to me about the E65...

    An E60 is a gnats bigger than an E39 but the E65 is about 100mm longer between the axles and 200mm longer overall the boot space in the E39 is bigger than the E53 (X5) so absolute vehicle size is not the best gause of capacity and spaciousness Best you go and taunt the dealers and drive a few cars
  12. WTB: Roof racks for E39

    Same as for an E46 I have a pair hanging in the garage , waiting for an E46 M3 to appear under them
  13. Talk to me about the E65...

    Sure but what you are doing again is using the extremes - camshafts and followers in most other cars are not $14 grand and the root cause of failure is likely to be a maintenance issue. The SMG pump is likely to be design related but that is a risk of that type of transmission system as are the problems with DCT types - buy them and take the risk -- or as we all basically agree you could mitigate it ( MBI) BUT you could also choose to eliminate the risk by not buying SMG / DCT type cars therefore it is not a risk you have to manage. If we took a risk based approach to buying a vehicle rather than an emotional one half the cars on planet would have died in gestation and manufacturers would be less inclined to use the buying public as crash test dummies. The issue was raised about the electronic complexity of the car - my key point was and still is the electronics are unlikley to be the problem, mechanicals and poorly maintained mechanicals are. And on the point of you can't maintain your way out of failure - not 100% but you can do a sh*t load better than average, we do it at work with trucks doing 2-300,000 km per year they don't break down and some of them are well over 3,000,000 km without a breakdown.
  14. Wife may have broken some bones in her foot so wearing a highly fashionable moon boot 2 pedal Saab to the rescue
  15. Winning business strategy

    It appears that NZ post have decided not to deliver mail to a physical street address for a business - they made the decision it appears without informing the businesses it appears on the assumption that the businesses should or do have a PO Box? Is it any wonder that mail delivery volumes are down a whopping 38 % on last year ? DUH P.S if you want your mail delivered, you have to call them and register your business for street mail delivery - but the residential house next door will get their delivery regardless.