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  1. My sedan tipped the scales at 1336 kg and from memory was slightly rear biased weight wise with about 50 litres in the tank. and slightly heavier on the left rear, which is why I might do a carbon rear muffler. That ITB set up looks seriously good for the money.
  2. which is front %?
  3. 1934-40 328 should be in there as should the 507 and the 200tii The list is just modern models, looks like it was complied by someone with limited knowledge of the full history of BMW.
  4. Nice dyno and even nicer intake , was that US or AU bucks ? Stock B28 in manual should spin 117kW at the rear wheels, mine was 127kW or thereabouts with minor intake mods. What were the actual corner weights?
  5. Colin 1) someone threatened to associate "Ron" with an LS-1 2) my name is William
  6. So are you "pro" driverless cars then? in my view it's more devolution than progress - progress would be smarter public transport , which may include a form of automated car like the convoy/ caravan concept
  7. We have moved away from a skills and decision approach to dumb it down to the lowest common denominator -- risk management approach where you take away all the things that can cause harm or require a decision. Without skills and decision making drivers act randomly to various external situations or not in some cases , we have a regular location where cars just drive off a corner - because ? there is no arrow / chevron or barrier to indicate the road goes left - so they don't turn - some basic skills would solve this.
  8. I hear you alright --- , It's an "And" argument they tell us we suck as drivers " AND" they don't invest in improving driver skills --- this makes your projections easier to justify , if we got better at driving then the tolerance proposition and driverless cars argument becomes less convincing.
  9. Reliability is crap on the older ones and you will need to dig even deeper into your wallet to pay the horrendous service bills
  10. Take closer look through the source you quote , in the 3 metrics they give we are between 30 and 120% higher than comparable countries like Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland, France & the UK which all have a broad mix of weather conditions and roading infrastructure. Agree with your last line we can't change the muppets on the roads driving shitters but we can up-skill ourselves and our families & friends.
  11. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/mazda/auction-1234043630.htm Meets most of your original requirements - smallish , upright driving position, safe, cheap to run & maintain, room for the dogs (and kids) just not 4WD and its "SENSIBLE" big enough to tow a reasonable trailer. Buy a spare set of wheel and fit mud grips and it will go anywhere one of those pissy CRV could go. Quattros / allroads . Cherokees etc. are back into big vehicle terrain and high cost to own & operate
  12. That's a big demand list for not much money. All of the jacked up front wheel drive pseudo 4WD's will throw themselves off the road with the slightest of provocation and the older they are e.g. 97-2001 the worse they are. The later ones are reasonable but outside the budget. That's a real challenge Graham ! What could come off the list (compromise) and in what order ?
  13. Graham, drive one first to make sure you can cope with the hideous handling and regular near death experiences. Only two cars rate lower on my list Rav and Vitara - death / injury traps Chime in Olaf and suggest a jacked up Volvo
  14. only if we continue with lowering the standards for drivers?
  15. So we had 19 fatalities over this summer break and neither speed nor weather / unusual conditions were cited as major contributors- the largest at 32% from memory was "Loss of control" The genuinely concerning stat is the numbers now not wearing seat belts we had one of the best "participation" rates now we are emulating the U.S. with a rapidly declining use, but this could also be distorted by the reality that with modern safer cars fatalities with seatbelts is now an anomaly