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  1. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    Really ?? read the posts in sequence and objectively Check codes are optional as the americans use / used them 3779 was the original standard 3780 took this forward both use the same base 17 digit structure WMI VDS / Unique identifier , just the allocation changes to accommodate what you say more vehicles. Yes it is Diablo red and it is running really well kids enjoy and more confident driving it due to better handling and easier to place on the road.
  2. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    Yes it is, but the point is they DO use the ISO based VIN coding system and follow the WMI / VDS / Unique identifier pattern outlined earlier (which is contrary to the view you expressed above). This comment : " no BMW group VIN fits that pattern" WMI allocations are pre defined and give an indication to the region as demonstrated in the example above --- this bit " W = Germany S= Britain 3/4/5 is north america ( built and sold)" the us also use 1&2 VDS is a manufacturer specifc coding system that fits within the ISO framework , in the ISO standard it can include safety features by using the checksum location Neither this post nor the previous one sets out to detail the entire ISO 3779 / ISO 3780 VIN criteria they just reference it to demonstrate the point -.
  3. 3pedals

    Potential EU trade agreement

    only in London and only until the next financial markets implosion
  4. 3pedals

    Potential EU trade agreement

    Funny rose coulured glasses there Olaf, the UK took what it wanted out of the relationship with the colonies and just dumped them when they thought they could get a better root somewhere else they were and still are just opportunistic sluts, now the same sluts want us to come back into the commonwealth fold, go gaga over their royal family and prop up the sh*t economy and toxic culture. Our enemies have treated us better. Vote for a republic tomorrow and tell BOJO to F-O
  5. 3pedals

    Potential EU trade agreement

    The real issue with the UK is the job market , available jobs are Politicians ( shared only by them with their mates, Banking / investment Insurance I.T for banking and Insurance Doesn't leave a lot for honest hardworking people Muslim or otherwise
  6. 3pedals

    Potential EU trade agreement

    Ain't that the TRUTH ! Most of the European banks are heading to ? the European medicines agency is going where (Amsterdam actually) Uni Lever is no more the dutch bit has ditched the life sapping & profit english bit and going home.
  7. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    For those interested here are the BMW WMI codes W = Germany S= Britain 3/4/5 is north america ( built and sold) X5 built in North Carolina for the international market are "built by BMW Ag' so have the WBA WMI code and then L or M as the first character of the last 7 digits which is the North Carolina plant. 1-3. Stelle World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) nach ISO 3780 BMW AG München - WBA BMW Motorsport GmbH München - WBS BMW BMW Motorräder - WB1 BMW US Markt P.C. - 4US BMW US Markt P.C. Motorsport GmbH - 5UM BMW US Markt P.C. MPV - 5UX BMW AG Werk Oxford (Mini) - WMW BMW Rolls Royce Hireus - SA9 BMW Rolls Royce Goodwood - SCA BMW CKD Mexiko - 3AV BMW CKD Avtotor, Kaliningrad - X4X BMW CKD Thailand - MMF BMW South Africa (bis 1999) - NC0 Magna Steyr - WBX
  8. 3pedals

    Potential EU trade agreement

    Actually totally wrong the UK was taking Europe for ride , they didn't play the game in the slightest , bit like the famous David Cameron line to Nicola Sturgeon- support us and stay in Westminster and we will look after Scotland - as soon as she said yes it was all over - none of the promises even got air time- Scotland f**ked over by Westminster yet again If you talk to the informed europeans most are glad to see the back of the British government - busch of slimey limies with no integrity - the biggest stumbling block is whether the brits will even come close to honouring the divorce settlement - they will probably whine about that for the next 40 years and not pay it - they whined about the EU from the day after the joined it
  9. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    Nope, BMW conforms with the ISO standard VIN coding system and if you use a ISO conforming decoder you get results -- W is the allocated letter for Germany A (third letter) is BMW e.g. WBA etc. The Americans have their own VIN sytem which looks very similar except they allocate some of the WMI sequence to specific maufacturers e.g. Harley Davidson has HD and they have two check digits in their system as mandatory where as the European system actually doesnt have check digits so they use the digit allocation for other detail If you use an Americam system based VIN decoder you will get errors Parts are okay, got a genuine new accessory belt idler last week new was $63.00 about the same as most makes.
  10. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    Hi Jon, Yes the forst three are what the cal the WMI or world manufacturer Identifier the code structure on the Saab is the same as outlined below from memory the structure of the code is": first 3 - WMI - ( World Manufaturer Identifier) which covers: Country, Region / maker, vehicle check digit next 5 - VDS - ( Vehicle description which covers model and engine check digit year code last 7 plant and sequential number Basic interior as it is a "style" model part from making it safer and faster and maybe better front seats the intention is really to use it as a run around and tech teh kids to drive properly including dealing with "" Oversteer""
  11. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    Yes, completed a mould last year so getting the gear ready to make it. It needs to be vacuum bagged because of the complex shape so the kit to do that is what is holding me up, the key attributes of the manifold are: Runners 20mm shorter than M52 - to match new cams and engine power profile, retains moderate velocity at low speed for good torque, retains step impendance at head to provide high impedance to reverse flow waves, has 20% more flow than the M52 manifold at 4,000 RPM has 30% more flow at 5,000 RPM and 40% more flow at 6,000 RPM The tract shape has a conventional taper from the plenum to enable the flow characteristics and I have built the plenum mould so that I can use different throtttle body set ups. Also have an M3 airbox with the larger mounting for the air flow sensor and I have a complete system from the front of the airbox into the area behind the grill that can deliver the full low required with no pressure drop. Modelling suggests around 200 kW with all mods
  12. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    FYI jon Vin identifier for UK built 306's is SDB for French built ones it is VF3 - true to form mine is a VF3 so the real deal a French car made in France - bit like a German car made in Germany not one of those nasty thrown together SA parts bin specials built to get around all of the sanctionas against the apartheid regime?
  13. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    Relax Col, the Peugeot is just a subterfuge and a training car for the teenagers - the real plan is the rebuild of the 328 - but that said even the wheatbix car should be on it's game 328 plan - 190kW and about 340Nm from: hot cams, lightweight alloy flywheel, carbon intake manifold, possibly 11.3:1 or 11.6:1 compression pistons plus new engine & gearbox mounts carbon X frame and carbon sway bar. New underbody tray at the front and carbon diffuser at the rear . To do all of that I need to have the car off the road and on a hoist so the weatbix will also do some daily drive duty while teaching the teanagers.
  14. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    A pic for the interested - 130,000km on the clock spent the last couple of weaks teaching it to walk again after a 4 year hibernation. Only one noisy drive belt idler bearing Currently known as the weatbix car because its got about one of them ( i.e short on grunt) Came with H&R springs for the front ( not fitted ) will decide whether I want to tackle the rear torsion bars as thats the only means to lower the rear to match.
  15. 3pedals

    Ethanol mixture in 98 ok for E60 M5

    totally agree, why would you want to run an M5 on anything less than the best fuel?