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  1. Test drive booked - It's red and 210kW of dynamic DNA
  2. It's a bit of a moot point debating whether a 20 plus year old car is a genuine M-Sport or not as back then the factory did some things and the local dealers did other things so often what left the factory is not what the customer got. e.g. mine left on standard wheels with sports seats, suspension and steering wheel and no option 337 ( M-Sport door trims) but was delivered with style 24's and M- Sport door trims. It's also more subjective to say that option 336 or 337 defines an M-Sport because this is only the "trim kit" (door badges headlining and shift / brake handle cover) from memory. A drivers "M-Sport" would have: the sports seats, the sports wheel, the sports suspension, rear spoiler and if you are really lucky the M strut brace and front lip on M-Sport front bumper cover. P.S the original M- Sport shocks would be long past their use by date
  3. how many k's on the 330 and what spec?
  4. try this one - looks good from both angle and you will only have the kids every other weekend.
  5. No don't they don't understand cars and they are not that good with numbers- their expertise is in developing complicated ways to express simple things.
  6. Junk science detector in alert mode -!!! The real science behind the driveshaft comment is that the reduced inertia of a drive shaft allows it to spin up faster - The lower inertia allows you to transfer more (of the available) power over a shorter period of time by reducing what is converted to inertia. You can achieve the same 'faster spin up' if you have more power but you will also have more inertia What you measure (steady state ) on the dyno is the same - this is one reason why dyno results don't always translate into real performance on the road - because rotational inertia counts. Brents comments are also wide of the mark- changing diff size will change frictional losses and rotational mass - the trend to smaller diffs and less oil that is much slipperier does release more power to the wheels ( rather than suck it up & slow it down)
  7. It was the last time I drove one - some where around 10 seconds to 100kmh, I also drove the hotted up 123 d (not an X3) and it was equally unresponsive. both had very limited dynamics in a particular gear and shifting lots didn't make sod all difference - its a flat uninspiring engine. It's a long time since I've driven a car that took more than 9 seconds to get to 100k and anything more than 8 should be considered slow by todays standards. 6 or 7 is sporty, 4 to 5 is fast. The petrol will be FAR more dynamic, spin up quicker, be far more flexible and generally better, but we digress.
  8. 2 litre X3 diesel is like a constipated turd , hard work , slow to move and really just sh*t. If you want a decent commute / family travel car then it is really something like an E60 - and for the thinking auto-phile the diesel versions or second choice 3 litre petrol. Volvo will have the kids vomiting on the third corner in the Rimutakas, as will the territory diesel and the Outlander will just make lots of noise but you get a lot of "bang" for your buck.
  9. You might find the wife is less enthusiastic about some of Olafs' model recommendations
  10. Mainstream Audis are just fashion statements for people who don't get the art of driving.
  11. The diesel option is the thinking mans X5 but the early ones are only 140kW and a bit soft but fuel economy is fair, our later version ( 160kW) has averaged 8.6l/100k . Expect any luxury/ performance vehicle in that price range to have been somewhat neglected and allow at least $3 grand to bring it up to a genuinely good condition vehicle for its age - suspension brakes - major service engine and gearbox and clean up, probably tyres. any more than that and you are heading towards 5 or 8 grand. While others opt for MBI - I don't --- I buy carefully and maintain properly - if you can't afford a $3k bill every now and then - don't buy an X5.
  12. What does the whole dyno sheet look like - both torque and power would be nice
  13. See we differ in opinion on Alfas the 155 was one of the worst cars I have ever driven , all the bad traits and none of the good, that aside hope you enjoy it and restore it and enjoy it the wide body is a nice car to look at.
  14. Have you been partaking of the other Johns' herbs?? - that's pretty weird expunsion coming from the arch defender of the "dealer cult"
  15. yes but it does not guarantee they are OEM for your car , just some car.