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    BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    Are you suggesting here that pennzoil and Castrol are the same product in a different bottle - if so: on what do you base that assertion - Cstrol is owned by BP and Pennzoil was an independant U.S brand now owned by Shell.
  2. 3pedals

    Rare E36 Aero bits

    Just fit it, easy to make a splash with it fitted
  3. 3pedals

    Break out the Brie and Champagne

    Great to see a world cup with fresh talent at the top even if it means my Dutch and German relatives weren' there
  4. 3pedals

    Rare E36 Aero bits

    Yeah buy it Dave and we can use it to make some squizzy carbon copies
  5. 3pedals

    Induction charging

    Dirty hydrogen is a product of the oil/ gas industry and it is used for combusion and industrial processing like urea for fertiiser where cheap is important and dit=rty doesn't matter, High purity hydrogen is readily availbele in Europe at over 100 refuelling stations and with 1,000km range on 10kg of hydrogen at 2 euros a kg H-FCEv's are a reality,. Califiornia is also investing in filling stations Fusion has nothing to do with hydrogen fuel cells and H FCEV's are in the market place now at reasonable money . Burning hydrogen is just about as dumb as suggesting a battery powered long haul freight tuck
  6. 3pedals


    2-4 nights a week indonesian, thai, indian curries ad variations on them thats my contribution - every meal every night is fresh - no processed foods an no food bags
  7. Starting to to collect parts for my M52B28 rebuild which includes some OE parts--- local prices are just obscene, the key parts for the build are: Cams - going for 257 deg and 10.15mm lift, OE M50B25TU pistons - same bore as B28 but .73mm taller giving 11.2:1 compression lightweight alloy flywheel Local price is $4 grand for the pistons from several off shore sources the same OE parts are $1,900 - $2,400 landed Is anyone doing OE parts at reasonable prices locally - tried the usual independants - either don't do them or suggest AC BMW
  8. 3pedals

    Induction charging

    Yeah, that was clear in the original launch material , but the comment still applies
  9. Won't be mine, will be biking in the south and skiing Mt Hutt
  10. 3pedals

    Induction charging

    So that just means you have to pay a stupid price for the convenience of being wasteful - just goes with the (new) territory. Other manufacturers are going the other way and reducing the charge management componentry in the cars to make them more affordable.
  11. School holidays - off mountain biking and skiing - no bites
  12. 6 cylinder E39's have a rack - streets ahead of teh slusshy V8 steering box
  13. 3pedals

    Induction charging

    Because 15 to 20% of the energy get lost in the transfer - its about convenience for the stupid rather than smart and efficient, just how hard is it to plug something in and leave it there for a while?
  14. harsh - ouch! and a scooter in your avatar as well - better ditch that? incidently the X5 came out of Hawkes bay so it seems there are few people in the bay with a bent for for a shift. I met the guy who actually ordered my car and he told me alla about the hissy fit he threw when he found out it was a manual - refused to take delivery threatened BMW NZ but then he lives on the north shore what would you expect. Had an E39 manual - the one with rack and pinion steering traded the ponies for precision , just couldn't put up with that sloppy vague steering of the 34/39 V8's
  15. Nor were manual E36 328's and X5's are even rarer especially Diesel NZ new - only 5 sold in the country.
  16. You can extend that to the Manual version of just about any model and the answer will be the same: we who have them are not parting with them.
  17. 3pedals

    E53 Bits please

    I know it's not a project car but two things you really should do - : Fit the powerflex radius arm bushes at the front. Fit the whiteline sway bar at the rear. Transformational!!!!!!
  18. 3pedals

    E53 Bits please

    58's are okay - the good thing is they are an 18 and not a 17 real poverty wheel - there are plenty of sets of 58's being swapped off , just beware of tyres well past their useby date being as "as new"
  19. 3pedals

    M52 vs M50

    In that case its the M52 because it produces more torque but the performance index will be based on power.
  20. 3pedals

    TV mode for NZ

    Japan uses the American NTSC TV standard so unless there is a software select for PAL/ NTSC in the codec which is either software or firmware, it wont be able to make sense of the NZ PAL data stream or even recognise it to decode in the first place. .
  21. 3pedals

    M52 vs M50

    Yep , aramid/ carbon hybrid - I'm still working on the front part ( it splits like the Schrick intake) to get flow into each runner a gnats closer, 1 & 6 are usually short on air at high RPM, will put pix up when it is on the engine with the rest of the bits. It's a complete system from the inlet beside the radiator/ headlight to the side of the head with an M3 air box in the middle
  22. 3pedals

    E53 Bits please

    X5 on style 53? is that a slip those are an E36/46 wheel X5 came out on 56/57/58 for ugly the 57 wins hands down. You can have my Amarok 17's for a miniscule amount but you will need to run5mm spacers Nicest all round wheel to drive on is the Style 69 18x.8.5 light and still precise most 19's are ove weight Style 87's are light and sharp as, but 20's don't work in the paddock
  23. 3pedals

    M52 vs M50

    For anyone interested - here is the straight comparo with an un-modified M50 intake manifold - the graph above is in fact of a modified version I modelled to deal with the dip at about 5,200 RPM seen below. The dips are caused by harmonic standing waves in the constant cross section runners causing pressure fluctuations which reduce cylinder filling efficency when out of phase but boost it slightly when in phase.
  24. 3pedals

    255/40/17 Tyres

    From a decent Michelin dealer, also Pirelli P7, Zero and Rosso are available in those sizes in NZ currently
  25. 3pedals


    Double FA---aarrk 3 metre wheel base and still another two metres hanging over the ends - will turn like a bus - a new class of BMW owner is emerging and clearly one Dave and I will not be running out to join. Mind you have you driven the latest Toyota Hi-lux I need my distance glasses to see the end of the tray