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    What did you do to your SAAB today

    FYI jon Vin identifier for UK built 306's is SDB for French built ones it is VF3 - true to form mine is a VF3 so the real deal a French car made in France - bit like a German car made in Germany not one of those nasty thrown together SA parts bin specials built to get around all of the sanctionas against the apartheid regime?
  2. Nothing - its 99% fixed, doesn't drink or spew oil any more and goes quite well Needs a pixel fix at some stage for $40.00 Might fit Koni rear shocks also just for completeness.
  3. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    Relax Col, the Peugeot is just a subterfuge and a training car for the teenagers - the real plan is the rebuild of the 328 - but that said even the wheatbix car should be on it's game 328 plan - 190kW and about 340Nm from: hot cams, lightweight alloy flywheel, carbon intake manifold, possibly 11.3:1 or 11.6:1 compression pistons plus new engine & gearbox mounts carbon X frame and carbon sway bar. New underbody tray at the front and carbon diffuser at the rear . To do all of that I need to have the car off the road and on a hoist so the weatbix will also do some daily drive duty while teaching the teanagers.
  4. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    A pic for the interested - 130,000km on the clock spent the last couple of weaks teaching it to walk again after a 4 year hibernation. Only one noisy drive belt idler bearing Currently known as the weatbix car because its got about one of them ( i.e short on grunt) Came with H&R springs for the front ( not fitted ) will decide whether I want to tackle the rear torsion bars as thats the only means to lower the rear to match.
  5. 3pedals

    Ethanol mixture in 98 ok for E60 M5

    totally agree, why would you want to run an M5 on anything less than the best fuel?
  6. 3pedals

    Any idea what E36 option S962 is?

    Fairly sure this is the 'transitional' MS40.1 DME which was used in early production of the 328s . They sit somewhere between the M50- MS40 DME and the later M52 -MS41 DME and gave about 148- 152 kW They were used in the early 328s and in particular the manuals. Production supposedly swapped to the MS41 DME in mid 1995 although there is some debate because some markets didn't see the 328 until 1996 the units were then the MS41.1 common to the manuals and autos and delivered 141 kW. My 328 is a 95 328 with the MS40.1 DME - full alloy M52 engine and the engine characteristics were quite different from the later MS41 controlled M52 when it was stock , now with the mods to intake and exhaust it is way beyond the M41 controlled M52's with no reprogramming as the mods match well with the DME characteristics.
  7. I guess I must be trade approved then ?? No drama here just enjoying a nice lagavulin watching the sunset on the sea before king prawns in a tempura batter with nasi Goreng style rice last week it was whitebait fritters and an Aberfeldy , now what can I conjour up for next weekend ??
  8. http://www.patchrubber.co.nz/product-group/2849-universal-alignment-shims/category/96-alignment-shims What a crap load of drama for a simple issue - just search and aquire
  9. The M3 top hat moves the top mounting point rear wards and slightly out which increases caster and reduces camber but usually only down to about neg 0*5 mine is then shimmed to neg 0*8 which works really well with the 6.5 deg caster I have. You can swap the top hats left to right, swapping the top hats usually gives about neg 1*5 to neg 2*0 but given you have positive camber you should end up at about neg 1*3 deg. Whats your ride height like ? and what else could be affecting the camber - i.e lower control arms - are they correct not Evo ones with offset bushes ?? Also you need the M3 type outer ball joints or toe will change every corner as you squash the rubber in the stock ones.
  10. 3pedals

    Mixing Diff Fluid Brands?

    Half the reason we do oil changes is to remove the contaminants so not smart to put them back into fresh oil
  11. 3pedals

    ACS hub-centric rings

    You mean sourced from someone else and loaded with ACS margin
  12. Fit M3 top hats and then use the shims to fine tune otherwise the tyre can end up very close to the strut - this will also give you a bit more caster and then you don't need so much camber
  13. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    Nope saw the advert which reinforced view of the particular model
  14. 3pedals

    ACS hub-centric rings

    well thats burglary I go a set ot of Finland for $23 Euros shipped to NZ
  15. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    thats really lowering the tone - A frontwheel drive peoplemoving slushmerc. At least the 306 loosely resembles a fun car
  16. 3pedals

    The ultimate chick magnet

    Well at least the pink one has decent tyres , that orange thing has nasty nankangs - neither spin my wheels.
  17. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    There you go !! a comment in jest and it's true- the brits did get a special edition: built by themselves for them, with all the faults common to british built cars , poor fit, crap electrics, squeaks and rattles. Luckily the 306 was also built elsewhere which is probably why it has a great reputation (Elsewhere).
  18. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    But they were in England right ? so they could have had a UK edition and/or they could have picked up the local culture ( just teasing) Living on the end of 14k of curvy road colours every car buying process towards the curve tossing rating but that said a 10 minute blast is all it is followed by a short commute - for medium twisty hauls the E36 is the preferred option, motorway cruising the Saab, intercity / interisland road trips the diesel X5
  19. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    I Think the French built special UK versions either that or the english just like to whine about their cars - the 306 S16 , then the XSi and the Gti6 all out handled and out performed the volkswagen golf GTi's of the day ; which was the benchmark hot hatch of the day. Known issues with the 306 are average interior trim and the rear axle which is a work of art except when you throw salt laden grit and garbage into it and don't maintain it. Europe doesn't salt their roads only the brits do. XU series engines are bomb- proof with reasonable maintenance and come in cooking 76kW varieties right through to 125kW 306 is regarded as a better handling car than the 307 & 309 and safety rating is actually higher than an E36
  20. I ran Koni sport adjustables all round in my E39 528 motorpsort they were significantly better than the OE sachs- better control, more linear regardless of speed - i.e good at 50 k and good at 150k . I have Bilstein B6's in my X5 and they are totally unsuitable for our driving conditions - fine on a billiard table or race track
  21. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    It's in getting a warrant after putting a fresh battery in it , been in a shed for 4-5 years but regularly started until about a year ago . Currently has an 1800 single cam which will stay in it for about a year or so while I do the real project which is a total refresh of the E36-328 with lightweight flywheel, new clutch , new cams and few other bits I have made or accumulated and a fresh paint job. Will do 306 pix when the 4 years of crud is off it - I think it is red-ish? metallic Options for the 306 when it gets it's turn are: engine transplant or hot cam, fabricated extractors and some decent breathing on the original motor , I quite like the two valve high lift big overlap option on the original motor. It already has fully worked suspension with Koni shocks in it - Yes it's a 5 speed manual 3 door hatch
  22. 3pedals

    What did you do to your SAAB today

    found my next project - an early low k's Peugeot 306
  23. 3pedals

    Road Toll Not working

    Convoluted yes harder not really - does it churn out drivers with a decent skill level for the current driving environment - NO - why - they have no idea of the principles behind the rules so they just have a bunch of rules they cannot relate to. The theory is easy if you understand the principles you can get 90% of it right -- as for the practical if you can't pass that after how many years are you not demonstrating the core problem that: once some one has a licence they simply switch off and dont learn? 5 yearly assessments sure but 5 yearly refreshers would be more constructive, Yes we can we can revoke the stupid law that made it possible but then the tourist operators would moan again.