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  1. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=522423026
  2. Thanks for reply, i opened up the LKM and all solders etc appear to be in good condition. also today whilst driving my rear fog lamp went and was notified about it on the dash.. all wires are sweet checked measured 0.02 ohms between light and fuse, the bulb is sweet as well. so the LKM needs replacing to the looks of things?
  3. left headlight low beam not working, when ignition is turned to ON the msg DIP BEAM displays on the dash. right low beam is sweet. thought it was bulb changed it over but still nothing, checked low beam left fuse which read 11.54v with headlights switched on. right headlight reading was the same. ideas of what to check for?
  4. wanting to know if my car has a cat converter in it? I would jack up and look for myself but my jack looks on the verge of death with the weight of the car lol. bmw 735il 1989 m30b35 auto
  5. 1989 E32 735iL 93800km Kiwi New, Genuine Towbar, Sunroofs(leak free! and working!), Gay Blue Interior, Sony Xplod all round - loud as!! Repairs : Oil change, ICV cleaning, Spark plugs (orignials came out) Needed: Wiper blades, Right hand side wiper arm missing plastic shielding, Sunroof control panel a bit loose, front pads low To do list: Door handle seals, tints 35%, Exhaust system - euro tip and free flow mufflers (booked in) My fuel consumption whilst doing 180k https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphoto...627852372_o.jpg
  6. So looking at another bmw this time im going to buy a semi decent one and will spend around $5000. Looking for a e36 318is coupe prefered in manual but auto is fine. I would like to know if these cars are good runners, any common issues? what to look out for on them? What about performance ive heard the 1.9l twin cam engine is a good runner and will put an 328i e36 to shame on the 0-100?
  7. Yeah had a bit of an accident in the snow. All been repaired and tyres re aligned.
  8. Trademe Link: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.as...653&ed=true
  9. Good run about car, alot better on gas after recent service including spark, fuel, air, oil change. All servicing has been done to schedule. WOF till December Rego till November Vechile is in alpine white, NZ New, and 5 speed manual (good gearbox and clutch). Current Odometer reading: 297677 Sold with Sony headunit and a few other goodies. Next Service due at 307000 Cambelt serviced replaced at 272000 Standard m20b20 motor in good condition. There are a few minor issues reflected in price $900 ONO. *More photos to come*
  10. I had this issue with my 320i went over all relays, got fuel, got spark etc. Turned out to be the Air Flow Meter, i was told the circuits are proned to failure in them causing bad connections and making the car hard/impossible to start. I got mine running without one by taking off the intake boot and leaving the afm connected. Cranked it over and it started ok. Just had vaccum leaks etc from the pipe hanging loose. Was about $80 for a replacement unit, well worth a go
  11. All is up and running again now. in the end required the following Control arm Tie rod end Sway bar link Sway bar link bracket Wheel alignment
  12. Yeah i know repair should be all completed by tommorow. I thought it was huge damage just by the way it handled just after the crash lol
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