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  1. Na mine was a 1989 with 100k less on the clock
  2. Yep that's the car I sold it 3 weeks ago owned it for 7 years it's a minter. Now completely BMW free thinking it's time for an Aston or a V8 M3 cab
  3. Was the cab parked Cam? Buy the red one it's a better car
  4. Happy bogan birthday
  5. My moneys on Westy
  6. What's the mileage on the golf?
  7. Get a golf
  8. Well said mark
  9. The higher the values the better I think. The E30 M3 is the only car iv ever made money on
  10. I agree with David it's a reflection of where the market is. I know of similar cars where the people have been offered low $20s as a trade. Issue is that the older these things get & the higher the Ks the more expensive they are to maintain hence poor residuals
  11. Yep sold
  12. Can do will email you tonight
  13. Brand new E30 gear knob, black leather and has MS shift logo. This is a dogleg shift pattern but is easily swapped for little cost. Looking for $60 Chur Doug
  14. Getting there got a couple of people sniffing around
  15. Surprisingly quick indeed ha. Will end up E30 free for a while but keeping the M3 for a bit. Time to put some mileage on that 48ks in 12 years is not enough ha.