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  1. summerscheifer

    Disconnecting Car Battery in E36 95 coupe

    i know its was a year old one but im just having the problem on my bmw battery when i switch in the battery one,it make quick tick sound from relay in motor,but when i switch to battery two or both it will start right up,is the relay bad?or i need to check something else?or should i have a battery switch for that?please give me some tips. thanks.
  2. summerscheifer

    air intake mods/kits?

    guys, i have recently bought a K&N cold air intake kit. I installed the cold air intake and now at wide open throttle it hesitates for a second then it takes off but it only does it when its cold? Where should i start. i heard it could be the spark plug gap. could this be it? thanks for the help.
  3. summerscheifer

    E34 headlight bulb replacement

    thanks for the help.
  4. summerscheifer


    is your lowering spring still available? i need it for my car. please let me know if its still available and by the way im just confuse my friend wat to buy also springs but he needs a audi a4 lowering springs. is it ok if he install it to his audi? thanks
  5. summerscheifer

    E34 headlight bulb replacement

    my dad replace his headlight bulb for e34 last week. by the way do you have guys another car? i need help for my honda civic headlight bulb replacement. i need to replace also it too. and where did you nuy you bulb? is the bulb have difference if its for the other model? thanks in advance.
  6. summerscheifer

    idrive retrofit and conversion

    hi there! sorry for making this up but renming i own E92 320 i bought bmw oem parts at online store but just wanna ask if how was the coding? i want to have a idrive. how did you learn those? thanks in advance.
  7. summerscheifer

    e30 passenger side headlight

    i have a spare headlight assembly but i'm from us. already got one? just pm me if you need some. thanks.
  8. summerscheifer

    How to: Nissan S13 SR20DET into a BMW E30

    hi its a very useful source. thanks for explaining the starter oil pressure and the alternator. it really helps a lot. and now i know that the power for the relay is constant 12V. but have a question i just wanna ask if if the oil is leaking is it possible that the oil pan is need to be replaced? any idea for this? thanks a lot.
  9. summerscheifer

    OE e46 M3 exhaust system

    a very awesome article. thanks for that. but had a problem with my exhaust because the manifold on my car get cherry red? isn't the exhaust a harmful one if its the case? and addition to that can i reuse exhaust manifold gaskets? thanks in advance peeps.
  10. summerscheifer

    6 series - 635CSI Ownership.

    hello guys i got mine last year. and i proud having 635CSI. its really amazing..great speed as ever. then if i need a bmw replacement parts i saw an online store for me to buy on. really cheap price. Wheelbase 2625 mm 103.3 in Track front 1430 mm 56.3 in rear 1464 mm 57.6 in Length 4755 mm 187.2 in Width 1753 mm 69 in Height 1384 mm 54.5 in Length:wheelbase ratio 1.81 Ground clearance 140 mm 5.5 in Kerb weight 1427 kg 3146 lb Weight distribution (Front) 57.00 % Fuel capacity 70 litres 15.4 UK Gal 18.5 US Gal
  11. summerscheifer

    new here

    hi im a newbie here. thanks for making me a part of this community,.
  12. summerscheifer

    power window motor e30 pfl

    hi mate. do you get some feedback for this? had the problem with window motor i own new motor put in now heat will not work unless pass door and one back is open. any help? thanks a lot