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  1. Palazzo

    N52 starter

    12.7v? Are you sure thats enough? Even a little bit off will result in no start. Isn’t 13.8 where you should be?
  2. Palazzo

    Quick rant thread.

    In the last 3 weeks, I’ve watched someone run a stop sign in front of a cop car forcing them to emergency brake and another dipshit panic brake on the motorway before driving straight across the cross hatched median/exit ramp split in front of another cop car on the exit ramp, in both cases the response was nothing. i assume these are the millennial cops the older cops talk about who don’t like to get out of the car in case there’s a confrontation. I spotted someone sniffing around one of my neighbours places and called the cops, they said they would send someone out, but not a priority if they were just walking around. I pointed out he had 10 guns on site and over 2000 rounds of ammo in his gun safe, I had 3 cars and a helicopter within 2 min.
  3. Palazzo

    X5... hmmm... thoughts anyone?

    Are they really that bad Glenn? I thought one with valve stem seals done would be ok and a safer option than the later ones?
  4. Palazzo

    Gear box rebuild Wgtn

    Do tell....
  5. Palazzo

    Gear box rebuild Wgtn

    I’ll probably get him to do the spare lsd, which is up here, but the car is in Wgtn, in one piece. Labour out and in plus shipping would make it too pricey I think.
  6. Palazzo

    Gear box rebuild Wgtn

    Any recommendations before I google? Getrag 260, still functions ok, just tired.
  7. Palazzo

    Wanted E36 M3 Dakar Yellow

    Isn't that yellow one the reshelled 318is coupe?
  8. Palazzo

    Life is choice bro thread.

    It was in fine form when it went past?! The rest should buff out.
  9. Palazzo

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Got a parcel from Germany.
  10. Palazzo

    Life is choice bro thread.

    You remind me more and more of Ron. “I drove one in the 90s and it was terrible and they therefore all are”. And forever will be.
  11. Palazzo

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Diff bushes (not big/strong enough esp on a turbo), rear suspension bushes, front brakes (undersized), rear tyres (just destroys them), interior is touch wood, perfect so far. All is forgiven on boost, from about 1200-5000rpm.
  12. Palazzo

    Life is choice bro thread.

    From my experience, considerably less than an e36. Cooling system seems to work too.
  13. Palazzo

    Life is choice bro thread.

    It looks like a non turbo 6, he should have relaxed, it still would have disappeared on a 3 litre Holden.
  14. Palazzo

    M3AN E36 M3 PLOG (Project Log)

    If you look closely at the side here, I wouldn’t say that’s a great fit either.
  15. Palazzo

    Potential new owner of a 318ti E36 (First car)

    $48 at Pickapart.