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  1. https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/cc11082 With about 110km on the clock.
  2. That was the two things that got me. The effort involved to do such a poor job and how they got it in stock.
  3. Palazzo

    E36 Wagon

    The one on FB is a 2.8.
  4. And from a dealer. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2355284616
  5. Palazzo

    E36 Wagon

    There's one on FB for $5k.
  6. There's a few. A mate of mine imported one years ago as a money making scheme. Not sure that worked out.
  7. Pffft. Bridgestone. Stripped my lock nut in 40sec with a rattle gun (that I had used the day before in perfect condition), refused to accept they had done it, refused to help get the now stuck on wheel off and suggested I go to Mag and Turbo. Would never set foot in there again.
  8. Try Brugar Engineering., he will tell you if he can or can’t and does nice work.
  9. Palazzo

    E36 Wagon

    There’s a dereg 328i on FB.
  10. Great write up and work! I don’t know if you’re inspiring me or terrifying me to do something with mine.
  11. Nice colour with Style 108 wheels.
  12. Ours got written off at 215k from memory with one $900 repair and servicing. That’s Nz new with a history, I’d take a punt if you could chip him. id say an m50 b25 wouldn’t be that far off a 3.5 and would be way more efficient.
  13. Faster too...... https://trademe.nz/motors/cars/bmw/740i/listing/2309760786
  14. What about a 730i/740i V8? We had one years ago that was as reliable as a Swiss watch and economical for what it was, I’d wager better than the old 6.
  15. Geez, from what I’ve heard about the N46b20, I thought they’d be out of stock.
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