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  1. Palazzo

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I bought it in 2004 after it had been in storage for 2.5 years. Daily drove it until 2013, sold it cheap to my dad on the proviso he looked after it. Had new paint, needs a few things attended to, (like the diff that I sourced earlier this year), but is still a joy to drive. I condition the leather in my cars every 6 months, must have forgotten to tell dad and today was the first for a long time, but it came up well. Just starting to get a tiny crack in the dash, anyone have any ideas on if you can stop it?
  2. Palazzo

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Flew to Wellington, conditioned the leather and got my annual drive.
  3. Palazzo

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    The Barra Turbo.
  4. Palazzo

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    @Herbmiester, what engine was nick named “The Gull” by its engineers?
  5. Palazzo

    Daily Driver opinions

    My dad borrowed my 328i coupe for a day (manual) and did well over 700kms on a tank without any effort, they are pretty economical in the country and not bad in town.
  6. Palazzo

    BMW diesel fires in Korea!

    March 2016 looks out of the date range in the Autocar article, only 1.6 million others to put right.
  7. Palazzo

    L98 into an E36 coupe.

    I’m sure there is or was one in this colour at Zebra Onehunga. Prob too late sorry.
  8. Palazzo

    Fiji green 318is

    Looks salvageable. https://www.turners.co.nz/Damaged-Vehicles/Damaged-Cars-for-Sale/bmw/3-series/18631685
  9. Palazzo

    Anyone know where to import E46 M3?

    Euro 4 emissions standard, now up to 6?
  10. Palazzo

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    Is that yours on TM, or just very similar history?
  11. Palazzo

    FS - 245/35/19 (93Y) Falken Azenis FK453 x 2

    Your inbox is full....
  12. Palazzo

    E23 Restoration Project

  13. Palazzo

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    I have trouble reconciling that statement.
  14. Palazzo

    The first-ever BMW X7.

    How much did they pay MB for the GL body, so they could stick that ridiculous grill on it?
  15. Palazzo

    N52 starter - Sorted

    12.7v? Are you sure thats enough? Even a little bit off will result in no start. Isn’t 13.8 where you should be?