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  1. I hope you find it, but the Carjam report says the rego was cancelled in 2016?
  2. Hi Will, yes, still have it and wouldn't have the heart to change it. You have a black V8? I have an E36 touring for messing around with....
  3. I don't think it will be going anywhere. They all seem to have rough seats/dash/etc, but there are a couple of ok looking ones for $6k or so on TM.
  4. So I should keep hold of my Nz new Mtech 1 manual 325i? i priced up replicating an M325i a couple of years ago after driving my old one (that my dad has) and couldn’t see any change from $25k to do it right.
  5. I’ll take them, longest sale in history?
  6. Mazda 3 SP25 hatch or sedan. With some negotiation: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/mazda/auction-2160321381.htm?rsqid=9cb861167ef8489cb6b1b9b2b31e4be7-003
  7. Palazzo

    Quick rant thread.

    Get them from Australia (eBay or similar), mine were 40% of local cost including overnight delivery.
  8. Congratulations on having varied taste!
  9. That’s so rough. He always came across as such a nice guy and his car was always so mint. I had a weird feeling about his name when it was released, sorry to see it was right. Sincere condolences to all of his family.
  10. I'm currently running at 18l/100km for the trip above, I just want to know if it will be the same or worse to go slower..
  11. Can anyone give me a truly accurate steer on V8 fuel consumption in truly urban driving? For example, I have a 9km commute populated with speed bumps and traffic lights galore with an average speed of about 26km/h. Don't tell me a diesel is better.
  12. Question: Are the water pump, thermostat and radiator common across M52bxx motors? Quick answer before I try and decode Realoem/bmwetk. Finally thinking about my touring.
  13. A 2009 Alpina B7, Nz new apparently. And for sale? Wheels looked too big and ride height too high. Looked like a roller skate.
  14. Interesting. I had an ‘04 AMG with Bt and that flatly refused to connect to an iPhone 4s.
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