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  1. I’d go overseas to get away from Tokoroa.
  2. There is a difference between facelift and pre, compression and engine management from memory at least.
  3. Could you get the e36 cable out at Pickapart? I had a 540i battery in my e30 that was an easy fit.
  4. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-stereos/amplifiers/2-channel/listing-2309447307.htm?rsqid=b910e91c32954ec3b74be1b015ea4a53-004 This is reputedly capable of pushing a pair of subs bridged. And good quality.
  5. Says 4 cyl kit with 51mm struts?
  6. Well there's a full set of the e30 audio gear including tweeters just popped up in For Sale...... Why play around with tapes when you could download onto a dedicated ipod (or whatever)? I have stockpiled a few Alpine amps from the late 80s/early 90s for a play at some stage. They are cheapish, reliable and er, period correct? I have 4/5/6 channel amps. What about the underseat flat subs if you're chasing bass fill, not doof doof?
  7. Which bit? its a coupe?
  8. I know, I was trying to give him an idea of cost.
  9. I chucked it in there already, said only compatible phone was a Sony-Ericcson(!), but I could see it had been paired to a Galaxy. Maybe the download and USB would sort it. Cheers.
  10. Is there a simple way of upgrading the Bluetooth on the above? Couldn’t connect an iphone7 to it, showed on the phone, but couldn’t connect. It was connected to other phones, so worked, but not with this. And if there is a simple fix, can you add BT audio as well?
  11. 15” ones are around $100.
  12. There was an e36 328i touring with tow bar for sale for ages in Taranaki, $3750ono. Seems to have disappeared off both FB and TM, so might be too late.
  13. I got some from BMW. I think i still have them in the packet.
  14. I like the price on the 325i convertible bottom left of the page.
  15. You might get lucky, there was a touring with leather seats at Pickapart last year. Sat there for ages.
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