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  1. Palazzo

    Vin decoders

    Cheers Andy, will see how we go.
  2. Palazzo

    Vin decoders

    Try this. 0870285
  3. Palazzo

    Vin decoders

    I tried Realoem, lists various parts for the diff. If I use the text drill down part, only lists parts for an LSD, good?
  4. Palazzo

    Vin decoders

    I’ve looked at 3 or 4 decoders now, all say LSD, none have ratio. I thought Brent had one he shared on here once.
  5. Palazzo

    Diff ratio

    I’ll update it when I know or have it in my hands.
  6. Palazzo

    Diff ratio

    Does anyone know the diff ratio on a E30 325i auto? Were there several different ones? Most common? And did it change on an LSD? Cheers.
  7. Palazzo

    Diff ratio

    Looking at picking up a second hand diff from a 325i auto, wasn’t sure what ratio was likely to be in it. And it should be LSD.
  8. Palazzo

    Diff ratio

    I have a M325i, it’s 3.64. 3.73 is close though, thanks. Is it easy to have the ratios swapped? Sorry for the uninformed question.
  9. Palazzo

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Admired it.
  10. Palazzo

    Garage Clear out

    I’ll take the fuel filter. Where are you now, Wellington? I’m here for another week or so.
  11. Palazzo

    2006 S8 Audi V10

    Read this? https://www.autoevolution.com/news/here-s-why-bmws-n63-44-liter-v8-engines-fail-96527.html
  12. Palazzo

    15" centre caps for basketweaves

    $95 seems quite steep when you put it on, go for a drive, get home and it's gone.
  13. Palazzo

    15" centre caps for basketweaves

    $95? Or have they gone up?
  14. Palazzo

    Close call

    Good catch and good work.
  15. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/bmw-44-liter-n63-engine-experiencing-frequent-reliability-problems-88225.html https://www.autoevolution.com/news/here-s-why-bmws-n63-44-liter-v8-engines-fail-96527.html Jesus, I was thinking of buying one of these until Lidistick mentioned them in his post and I googled.
  16. Palazzo

    Tyre recommendations 19x9 et 20 e91

    245-35 or even 255-35....
  17. Palazzo

    Sold-Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/35/19

    And fitted, thanks Tom.
  18. Palazzo

    E30 convertible tech 2 parts and coilovers

    Best bet I think. https://m.ebay.com/itm/BMW-E30-MTech-2-Convertible-UPDATED-DOOR-PODS-tech-M-euro-m3-cabrio/332435198027?hash=item4d66ae904b:g:3C0AAOSwIVhZ-3Es
  19. Palazzo

    WTB Manual e30 320i/325i coupe.

    From memory, don't the 6 cylinder cars have bigger axles and struts also?
  20. Palazzo

    Surprise Discovery - New Owner

    Here's your little known piggyback. Hard to tell if f this exactly what you have, but nice if you do. http://www.kellenerssport.co.uk/bmw/1-series/e82-and-e88/product-sub-category/ecu-remapping-and-tuning-module-upgrades.html
  21. I should point out it's also quite low, but probably no lower than yours looks in your pic.
  22. Sold, or gone at least.
  23. They are different, sill is deeper. Hard to tell from the photo, but mine look deeper and seem to wrap further under.
  24. Palazzo

    Who In NZ own's a 325iS

    Yes, it did have that plate. There will be photos on here somewhere.