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  1. #Herbmeister I’ll deliver it to Wellington.

    #Smithyinwelly it was available, I thought long and hard about your wagon....

    Kyu, you can drop the quotation marks. It cost $3.5k, but I’d say limited prep. It lasted about 11-12 years, every surface he painted is damaged. The rest is in good nick and would come up great with a proper cut and polish.

  2. This was bought new by a mate of mine in 1996 in London. He brought it to NZ with him when it was 18 months old and I bought it from him in 2010.

    Has 126.000 miles (202kms) on it and runs perfectly.

    Clutch and shocks were replaced at 160,000kms. I used this as my daily until 2013, then got another car, but couldn't bring myself to sell it.... 

    Last year (March) I got a new warrant and fixed a few bugs, flushed oil and coolant etc for a $900 bill and since then have driven it regularly, hasn't missed a beat. I also replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter at the same time.

    The air con needs regassing (I was going to get the Repco refill kit) and the stereo (factory Sony with CD changer) has decided it will only play through the left speakers (assume the plug is out in the back of it). I also have a new cabin air filter for it, but don't have the time to get all of the little things attended to. 


    It had some paint touch ups done by a professional painter a few years back, all of the areas he touched are now stuffed. Boot, bonnet and top of drivers door.

    Hood lining is sagging, not too badly, but will need doing at some point.

    Has 16" motor sport alloys on it with Super cat tyres on it with plenty of tread. 


    This is the one that was mentioned in a thread last year with a possibly higher horse power ECU, but who knows? There's probably stuff I've missed, but there you go.


    I want $4,500 for it. For this, it will come with:

    A perfect condition boot with Msport spoiler

    A good condition drivers door.

    An M sport front bumper (purple, but good nick)

    A replacement hood lining in good condition








    Door card.JPG




    Left Int.JPG


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  3. 14 hours ago, Olaf said:

    you guys doing some slow cool smoking, then?

    I'm just on gas, where I live charcoal needs more committment with the wind.  I use smoker boxes with cabernet or shiraz-soaked wood chips, and ceramic flame-tamers to help with the smoking beneath the hood.

    Mine's an old BBQ factory full-stainless 4 burner that I restored, souped-up with enamelled grilles and the flame-tamers. It works well, and saved me spending a couple of grand that I didn't have to spare.


    Nice looking piece of meat. I ran the same set up recently with gas and a smoker box to do ribs etc. but decided to try charcoal.

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