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  1. Palazzo

    Wtb e36 body loom

    What about the harness in the for sale section? M50-52 parts?
  2. Palazzo


    Bet the dealer was stoked with that. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/wrecked-cars/auction-1634535616.htm?rsqid=ee2ff0b2a4e9476ba276a097d3321a37
  3. Palazzo


    Yeah, I thought the same thing, but you never know.
  4. Surprised it hasn’t got a warrant.
  5. Palazzo

    Installing garage doors - recommendations please

    We just had one done. He left less than the usual amount of detritus, turned up on time and did a good job. Can pm you his details if you want.
  6. Palazzo

    NZ's first e39 M5 for sale...

    From memory put into a wall at a track day, not hard but pretty sure it was this car.
  7. Incl gst is still $60 cheaper, just whether or not $60/unit is a comfortable saving for you.
  8. Palazzo

    E36 Steering Wheel

    It's not perfect on top, but not bad either, could easily be restored I would think if you wanted it perfect, or just condition/clean and use as is.
  9. Palazzo

    E81 130i

    Heat and humidity.
  10. Palazzo

    Help save Western Springs Speedway

    What are the spectator stats for Western Springs, the actual subject?
  11. Palazzo

    BMW Recall

    Also covered are the 2007-2011 328i xDrive, 335i xDrive and 335is, and the 2009-2011 335d. What does d stand for again? Although it’s possibly still a bit of a stretch to link them.
  12. Palazzo

    E36 Steering Wheel

    Yes, will check condition when I’m back.
  13. Palazzo

    E36 Steering Wheel

    Which one? Picture? If it’s what I’m thinking, yes.
  14. Palazzo

    E36 Koni Adjustables & Eibach Sportline Springs - Sold

    Do they fit a touring? $?
  15. Palazzo

    Quick Questions!

    Is that one of those stupid single use hose clips? I forced mine off with a screwdriver and then replaced with new clips and hoses.....
  16. Palazzo

    Another e36 - My 328 Beater

    Does M3 suspension etc fit a non m e36? Thought I read somewhere it didn’t. Will be be watching progress!
  17. Palazzo

    750i on FB

    Someone might be interested in this? No association with me.
  18. Palazzo

    750i on FB

    Sorry that’s probably a huge photo, did it off my phone.
  19. Palazzo

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Removed some twats modifications.
  20. Palazzo

    e30 320i FL rad in PFL?

    From memory when we had both they were quite different, I don’t think you’d get them to work, but could be wrong, it was a while ago.. I don’t believe one radiator is harder to find than the other either.......
  21. Palazzo

    Quick Questions

    Does anyone know the correct oil filter internal diameter for an M52B28? I got two suggested, one is a 27 (or 28mm) and the other 40 (or 43, can't remember now). '96 E36.
  22. Palazzo

    E36 touring tail lights

    Does anyone know if these ever came as clears?
  23. Palazzo

    E36 touring tail lights

    Cheers. Just the usual rocking horse poo if you want something different then.
  24. Palazzo

    E36 touring tail lights

    No, apparently they are not.
  25. Engine and trans "7 out of 10"??