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  1. So to get ~ 100bhp/ litre, you have to rebuild the bottom end of the engine as a service item? Pffft!
  2. 100,000 miles or 125,000km? Either way, a service item??
  3. The rego on the bumper goes back to an ‘81 M535i if that’s helpful. Or correct.
  4. This tan?
  5. As I said before, by all means prove me wrong with a project log, dyno runs and maintenance log once it's done. Personally, I don't think you (or anyone else) can reliably achieve 600+ rwhp (700 + crank) from that motor, but give it a go if you think it's achievable. Me, I think you'll need a miracle from the Bishop. If you do get there, based on the torque figure above, your DCT will be under major stress. I would also think you'd go single turbo, but that's just me. If you get there (reliably), I'll buy you a beer.
  6. Your first post pretty much got what it deserved. Bm Workshop have experience modifying these motors, so that would be my first port of call. Suresh who used to be on here a lot had a well modified example, but nowhere like the number you’re talking, you want 700 plus crank hp and reliability? I say you can have one or the other. But please prove me wrong with a project thread, dyno sheet before and after and ongoing maintenance log. Best of luck with your project.
  7. Show me one that’s done 100.000 trouble free. ks. Stock ones do turbos, vanos solenoids and fuel pumps for a start.
  9. It’s off a car I found. Now in the back of my car. Will most likely go in to the Grey M325i I posted in “What did you do to your bmw today”, or into the ‘vert, once one of them has been rebuilt. This is smooth, quiet and no leaks. Got the tag cleaned today.
  10. Are there any vin decoders that show more detail than what I can access through etkbmw for example? I have 2 sites showing Lock Differential 25%, but am wanting the ratio? Can’t read the tag properly.
  11. But to sum up, it’s most likely between 3.46 and 3.64 and is LSD? Certain it’s a uk car.
  12. Cheers Andy, will see how we go.
  13. Try this. 0870285
  14. I tried Realoem, lists various parts for the diff. If I use the text drill down part, only lists parts for an LSD, good?
  15. I’ve looked at 3 or 4 decoders now, all say LSD, none have ratio. I thought Brent had one he shared on here once.
  16. I’ll update it when I know or have it in my hands.
  17. Does anyone know the diff ratio on a E30 325i auto? Were there several different ones? Most common? And did it change on an LSD? Cheers.
  18. Looking at picking up a second hand diff from a 325i auto, wasn’t sure what ratio was likely to be in it. And it should be LSD.
  19. I have a M325i, it’s 3.64. 3.73 is close though, thanks. Is it easy to have the ratios swapped? Sorry for the uninformed question.
  20. Admired it.
  21. I’ll take the fuel filter. Where are you now, Wellington? I’m here for another week or so.
  22. Read this?
  23. $95 seems quite steep when you put it on, go for a drive, get home and it's gone.
  24. $95? Or have they gone up?
  25. Good catch and good work.