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  1. Really yay how much what size are they
  2. So I bought a new wheels from my 06 e90 to then find out the wheel nuts I have don't fit the new wheels Does anyone know where I can get the right wheel nuts for the wheels ? Tried repco no luck
  3. Yes it's a stock as far as I know
  4. After owning 3 e36s I now have a e90 325i Had it now for 4 months. After getting all the little things done to including coil packs and starter motor (all fixed at dealerships expense) This car is great to drive leather interior with wood grain trims. It's very comfortable. But wow so many sensors in this car. I am looking for maybe changing the mags on the car but Haven't found anything that has tickled me to get has any one got any nice mags ? The only upgrades I have done is get a spoiler and a dummy shark fin , and vinyled the tail light red
  5. So the problem was thr starter motor all fixed now thanks
  6. Thanks but I have Glenn's number I'm using the mobile version of the site can't see signatures
  7. Is that you Glenn ? I'm happy to come see you
  8. Dosent turn at all I think it could be the starter motor
  9. I don't no your number sorry
  10. So this morning my car didn't start. I put the key in press to start everything lights up like normal tried jump starting it with my mums nissan tida still it didn't start radio lights Etc all work fine Also from my battery's his cable looks odd is that what's causing the problem ?
  11. The dealership I bought the car from is fixing it the third time At there expense and they agreed on changing the four (they changed 2 previously) so I am happy Is it the way I drive etc or anything that makes them go or is it a just a common problem My cars only done 80,000 km
  12. Will changing 6 help every time if have had this issue the dealership has only changed the one that's buggered twice
  13. It's only been just over a month Since owning this car and I am first owner in nz
  14. So I bought a new car E90 325 It's gonna be the third time the car gonna go back into the garage to get coil pack fixed why does this happen and what can I do
  15. Has anyone done that before also searched on Google couldn't find anyone whos done that before.