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  1. Eagle

    Diff Seals, BMW vs OEM vs Generic

    Only had one problem with VR and that was a headgasket along time ago. Used their diff seals a couple of times. I have 2x VR output seals\rings with that part no if you want them - $30 incl postage if you want them
  2. Crazy given they are poorly designed garbage. FCP euro have a special discount @ 324 NZD. maybe the dealer should order some.
  3. Eagle

    Chirping idle after new tensioner?

    Was it some lower quality aftermarket brand?
  4. Eagle

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    Pelican are offering FedEx now too but FCP are the cheapest and fastest. Only use Pelican now when FCP doesn't stock something.
  5. Lost count of how many ive ordered over the years, never had an issues. E39 front Meyle struts cost me $80 USD to ship from FCP back in April 2017, the struts themselves cost me $116 USD on special Good old 80's BMW's with their strut inserts were much cheaper to buy and ship
  6. Eagle

    CHEAP (?) V12

    Every time i hear someone crying about BMW parts being expensive i ask them when was the last time you went to their dealer for parts. Answer is almost always never.
  7. Eagle

    sweet looking e34 touring

    Looks tidy for the age but photos aren't good. Would be interesting what the mechanical side of things is like.
  8. Most of us here work on our own cars and have good reasons for preferring them for certain requirements but they aren't the be all and end all esp these days. No one with crediblity is going to recommend buying a BMW because its a BMW Plenty of good options for 'nice' hatchbacks these days.
  9. Eagle

    E39 535i 5HP-24 issues

    Have you got a decent scanner? Surely EGS codes would give some info
  10. 1. Definitely get it checked out. If the independent BMW garage has a good rep then id go with them, if not the dealer. 2. If it checks out fine it may not be worth it given the price of the car but no one knows for sure what can happen or not. At those k's i would hope its had a transmission services and suspension work along the way. 3. Hard to say without exactly seeing the car. Sounds a bit overpriced to me gives its a high k 1 series. +1 to E46
  11. * Note - Better also pertains to the ability to experience falling apart and breaking down
  12. Eagle

    20k to spend on a BMW?

    Haha yeah. The Hamilton one at least appears reasonably priced. I think the other one is a case of - i paid someone 15k to fix it so add that to the price.
  13. Eagle


    I've no issues with Youshop US which ive used over 10x but Youshop UK on the other hand are terrible. Ive used them 6x now and 5 recent times they took 3+ working days to recognize the package and 3+ working days to actually send upon immediate payment. Last package took from 22 Aug to today and that was wasn't counting the days it took to show which was nearly a week. Lodged a complain and won't be ever using them ever again but just a thought id put out a warning based on this consistently garbage service.
  14. Bet you'd never thought this would make the list. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1747361675.htm?rsqid=e810e9e711f64e29b089266602243088
  15. Eagle

    1995 318i sedan M43B18 disa

    What grade oil are you using? Is it louder when increase rpm at idle. Others things like loose spark plug and exhaust leaks can cause ticking once you get going. Get your self a Stethoscope, useful tool inexpensive tool.