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  1. They certainly are the best tyre around for the money in my experience. Tbh once you fit new dampeners and replacement springs (even if std ones) you'll probably be doing some word eating haha.
  2. They sound like 3 series wheels then E39 offsets are around ET20, so i highly doubt it they will work without hitting fender wells when turning and rubbing on brake calipers etc using the correct size tyres. Even if they worked you'd compromise handling with reduced track and the car would look terrible. Assuming typical tyre sizes in 8-9" you'd need a 25-30mm hubcentric wheel spacers and bolts for the front, and a 15-20mm ones for the rear. This would bring it into spec without and you wouldn't have any issues unless you lowered it excessively.
  3. "Non turbo with similar output" Yeah because you left the torque figure out of the equation like the bs'ing car salesman you are.
  4. Yes same word different definition
  5. Yeah and get rid of that that hideous spoiler and it wouldn't be too bad.
  6. Eagle

    Quick Questions

    Sounds like a grounding issue to me. Being a BMW id check all the connections like holders, plugs etc at rear lights first.
  7. Yeah Mercedes was always the higher quality and more refined ride back then but that why ive never liked the concept of them, that and the W201 looks weird to me with tacked on sporty bits. The E30 was far more natural looking.
  8. 200,000 is nothing really, it maybe a positive in fact if the water pump etc have been done. The N52 appears to have less overall issues than the M54 but the ones it does have are more costly to fix. Neither engine bulletproof in my book but they certainly aren't bad per se. Id rate them similar reliability wise taking into account that N52 are generally newer and have less mileage, they use much of the M5X design. M54 isn't great to work on but the N52 generally worse in my experience, more compact, more things to remove and even more stupid fasteners to worry about.
  9. 60k sounds like a figure they sold it for in their dreams
  10. Believe it was through Autolign, at the time i just specified what springs i had and just wanted the setup to be a bit more livable on the road. I never used B8's are std, i got them revalved after removing the B6's that i bought instead of B8's. H&R springs aren't known for great for ride quality either. E24 should ride better than an E30 either way.
  11. Eagle

    Struts leaking

    Assuming your are talking about suspension strut. I have never heard of anyone rebuilding factory struts, it wouldn't be cost effective anyway. Get new ones from FCP.
  12. Not my thing but its the E12 suspension design so maybe not to worse thing you could do to it. Yeah looks tidy on the outside but no mention of any other work done and too many wanky exterior photos with little else.
  13. Single din headunits with those fascias always look out of place on BMW's. The way @qube did it for his E39 was ok though. Id just get a dynavin etc clone and be done with it, they are only a couple of hundred more and have much many more features, even if dont use all of it its surely helps when you sell the car.
  14. Yeah ive heard people getting picked up now for non factory LED driving lights. Ive got 5W LED's in my high beam halos, pretty much matched to the factory xenon low beam halo, you'd never know they weren't factory from the outside. I get my WOF for free atm so wouldnt fail on it but id just swap them back after the WOF if i was ever in the situation. Yeah that why i hate driving at night, so much light pollution these days esp with rain, it's much worse when you on a motorcycle. You don't even need low beams in the city at night to see.
  15. FCP with Fedex for 2x E39 front struts and 2x rear shocks was $100 USD, It was $60 USD if shipping them as pairs. I use Youshop when their charges get a bit excessive for smaller items and i dont mind waiting. They were going to charge for $50 USD to ship a front wheel bearing at a few little connectors and seals, Youshop was $50 NZD with the 5-9 day and $37 iirc for 7-14 day.
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