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  1. Germans may of started the trend but plenty of others have joined the club. Euro Ford cars for example are just are just as bad as the German stuff for plastic cooling.
  2. So they can attempt to make money off you or get you to buy a new car. Modern cars are worse off with crammed engines bays, turbos etc and possibly even lower grade recycled plastics. At least some manufactures realized their mistake and make a genuine metal replacement version eg https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/toyota/engines/listing-2645493285.htm. Though its pretty stupid of Toyota in first place to use one plastic pipe when all the others are metal.
  3. Do you have budget? Refreshing suspension on most BMW is by far the biggest expense in my experience. B4 are basically OEM replacements and are priced accordingly, you could probably get them and new hardware for under $1000 landed from places like Daemon tweeks, Rockauto or FCP Koni's are a performance upgrade (like the B6 and B8) and are much more expensive (shox.com list Sport adjustables F&R for $1200 NZD). You may get hit with custom import entry fee\paper work\GST and at least a $100-200 freight bill importing them, making them over $1500 landed. Then you got all new bump stops, mounts etc to buy on top of that. Typically most stuff in NZ would likely cost more even if its available.
  4. Used B4's on a few BMW's and a Mercedes with stock springs, similar performance and ride to the sport dampeners they replaced. Good option if you can get them cheaper than Sachs. I wouldn't bother with PU bushings in your case, more hassle\cost than it's worth for a average road car. They need to be re-lubed and rarely worth the improvement over fresh rubber. Ive had good life out of Meyle HD arms\bushings. Yeah the B6 and B8's ive had needed to or were re-valved (like most decent suspension packages seem to do)
  5. A number of Mazda's have VVT, timing chain stretch problems. Had a few come into work not running right due to this. Ford and Mazda have some of the worse engineering design in my books. Given its just for a daily you'd be adding many potential reliability issues. I think buying a cheaper older model in reasonable nick and throwing some money at it would carry less risk from a reliability standpoint.
  6. You'd probably change your mind if you start working on yoru average VW (or worse Peugeot's) Only BMW's to me that meet your criteria would be E39, E46 or E87, E90 6 cylinders I used to do 500km per week open road in my E39 and i don't anything could of beaten it for the 2.5k i paid for it, well balanced ride and have ample room which you appreciate in those situations
  7. Ive had 2x punctured tyres at the same time once but that's it, terrible road works with low tread ain't a good combo. Still liike to have to spare, better to have it and not need it.
  8. Sadly being in the minority with generally a poor public perception means they can get away with it.
  9. Id say its more likely someone has covered it up given its an LED soldered to the board, or physically destroyed it in the worst case.
  10. Shouldn't need to exist it weren't for cost costing or dissuading people to work the car. Goes along some of the low rent air, cabin filter and under tray designs that appeared in the first N series motors, probably VAG inspired.
  11. Eagle

    M20 Headers

    Cool. I can't message you but if you message me we can sort out the details.
  12. Eagle

    M20 Headers

    Cheers. What are wanting for the long E39 kit?
  13. Eagle

    M20 Headers

    Which set is the M54?
  14. Eagle

    M20 Headers

    Possibly Wayne @smiddy. His were very good.
  15. Eagle

    New 4 series

    If predominately serving the Chinese market then i wouldn't expect most of buyers there would care given its a status symbol.
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