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  1. Might look like a 30k car but i agree its appears overpriced. Engine bay looks fine to me, my engine bay gets real dusty here with this dry weather and ive cleaned it many times.
  2. Yep got 5 myself. The price can only go up.
  3. About the same as my E39 on my highway commute. Shorter final drive option and speeding don't help, i can tell you that much. Other things: Check for vacuum leaks, clean maf, good t-stat, test\replace old O2 sensors, clean injectors, Im sure good vanos seals and DISA valve help also.
  4. Wasn't worried about that. Having refinished 2 sets of these myself (running a set atm) they do require a good deal of input but they are worth it once done. GLWS
  5. Very good condition for vintage? Curbing looks quite bad on 2 of them
  6. If you ring the dealer and give them the last 7 digits on your VIN im sure they can help If you remove some fluid from the reservoir and place it on something white you will be able confirm if its running CHF or ATF. CHF = green tint, ATF = red If it uses ATF then a full synthetic DX3 or 4 would work fine
  7. Looks quite unique (good unique) E30 + M60 is one reliable and long lasting combo. GW
  8. Ive yet to buy a car that doesn't need something but some are worst than others. E39's for example - old cars by today's standards with low plastic quality, running more complex and less reliable electrical systems combined with a more complex full alloy suspension setup = lotsamoney to get back to standard. Im sure i could refresh two E34's for the same price as one E39.
  9. As Andy said they are much a much rarer car than a 328. From a cost point the M44 is less problematic and cheaper to run than M52's while being nicer to work on
  10. With new breakes you may be right
  11. I agree. If it weren't for these clowns putting tacky sh*t all over their ecoboxes, i couldn't have a laugh at their expense
  12. Yep plenty of oils that say they meet the spec. ZF lifeguard is probably the proper choice but not cheap. I'll probably use full synth Maxlife for mine soon but that mainly because i got a lot of it Any of the good brands should have it in 20L containers which are much cheaper for the $. I don't know what method you are using for the oil change though,
  13. Depends on your exact transmission but i definitely would not use that (not full synth for starters). Valvoline MaxLife ATF fairly cheap and commonly used overseas (transmission dependent) Ive always used the specified Fuchs from BNT for all transmissions ive ever done.
  14. Seems reasonably priced https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1496026637.htm?rsqid=a2911d617a6e438a907630e4878ea358
  15. No idea how you manage 3 of them. Can't wait to get rid of just the one, so much crappy plastic failing everywhere. The other day i noticed both the bottom corners on my msport front bumper have had chunks taken out of them (probably from stones etc hitting them at speed). Never see that on say an E34.