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  1. Maybe the N40 engine ones are better. Lady at my old work had a E87 118i manual with that engine in it, looked fairly clean, she hadn't spent much on it with over 200,000km on the clock. NZ New with mostly open road driving though, opposite fate of your typical 4 cylinder jap import.
  2. Hey Jared, did you keep the radio led screen from the 530??

    I will be heading through to Auckland next week, in the car to pick up a stock order


    Barry  ph0212633724

  3. Eagle

    Euro Italian

    Yeah much respect for him still supporting the forum and offering the discount after all these years.
  4. Neuton tyres are a budget brand tyre no doubt and but no would know how much worse they are than the Bridgestones unless you used both new in the same conditions. Id be swapping out the runflats for conventional tyres in your situation (i believe most do this). The higher cost, lesser ride quality and grip negate the puncture benefits for the average persons use. You can get a factory tyre inflator kit from BMW etc for temporary puncture repair.
  5. Open diff can spin both wheels. The test ive used is have someone hold one wheel while you spin the other wheel, if its an lsd then the held wheel should want to overcome held resistance and want to turn in the same direction as the spinning wheel, it shouldn't be able to be moved in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel.
  6. Eagle

    Opinion sought

    +1. K's mean jack on a 14 year old car.
  7. Your typical middle of the road grey is terrible interior colour esp fully colour matched, i objectively see no benefit unless want a bit of depression in your life. White\very light grey works far better as a light colour.
  8. Eagle

    Quick Questions

    As above but be sure your car is level, run it through the gears and it check at right temperature (between 30-50 degrees) to ensure accurate reading
  9. A lot car but a lot of potential money pits. Id be scared to own it or drive it much in case it breaks. V12's have never been BMW forte though, hardly performs much better than the Mercedes 6.0L V12 from 1991.
  10. Id check battery voltage and connections first. Otherwise it maybe something stuck or bad internally, jacking it up may of disrupted something. Try giving it a few taps with the ignition on or undo it from the block and see it if gear is actually extending with the key on
  11. Head in floor well job are never nice but id agree with you on that one too. The E39 is fairly easy by comparison and is one of the reasons ive always preferred the 5 series over the 3, those extra inches sure make things much easier when it comes to working space. Fixed my passengers seat twist - 2x cable sleeves needed shortening for height and 1x for recline.
  12. With all the silicon you pulled out no one would be surprised. Shame on the PO.
  13. Depends if it had actually failed internally or it just needs a clean, they shouldn't compress when filled with oil. Easy enough to inspect since you are cleaning them all but 2 new ones would be good for piece of mind. Never heard of anyone rebuilding them myself, buying a whole new one would be better i would of thought.
  14. Eagle

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Now thats retro
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