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  1. Eagle

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    Thats a given but i imagine he would be getting a replacement head, new arms or whatever
  2. Eagle

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    When pulling the head you want to get a gasket set like this: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-cylinder-head-gasket-set-elring-11129059238 Head bolts: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-engine-cylinder-head-bolt-11120621144
  3. Eagle

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    Headgasket? Im confused. Are you saying you think the valve cover gasket is leaking into no1 spark plug well\hole causing a misfire?. Did you take the valve cover gasket off?
  4. Eagle

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    Probably been neglected\abused if its broken.If so a replacement head would be the best bet but may not be worth fixing.
  5. Eagle

    What car to upgrade to from 540i?

    I wouldn't say they are value for money either but on the plus side they aren't going loose any either. As above E60's need to be cheap because you need the rest of your change in case something major fails.
  6. Eagle


    MyUS are ok if you get the VISA promo deal but even with that they their pricing is average. Service wise they are pretty swift though. Youshop seems way slower in processing than they used to and paying less for the 7-14 day option seems arrive just as fast as the 5-9 day one.
  7. Eagle

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    First basic checks do id are make sure no vacuum leaks from split intake boots then check plugs, distrubutor cap and rotor.
  8. Eagle

    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    Yeah i remember having 3rd party on my first E34 i bought. A drunk driver hit it in the rear with a bullbar fitted ute and drove off, got his details and the police paid him a visit but they couldnt do sh*t. Car was a write off with bend chassis rail but at least i found another body with a stuffed motor and swapped the engine\trans over. Never got 3rd party again after that
  9. Eagle

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    Will be interesting to see how well they hold up in the years to come,, no doubt flogged and damaged will start to appearing on tardme at some point in the near future esp with the prices
  10. Eagle

    What car to upgrade to from 540i?

    Not saying its not possible but your probably going to have to sacrifice reliability somewhere along the line to improve on others. That list makes the E39's look like a corolla in costs and reliability stakes. Good example and mechanical warranty help greatly im sure
  11. Eagle

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    Pretty sure they already know going by some of the examples and owners ive seen. Can't see either having Supra, Skyline etc valve given BMW production numbers these days and so many other similar chassis using the engines.
  12. Eagle


    Yeah they charge GST if its over the limit but as you know they don't charge it on freight costs. If it goes thru NZ customs\NZ Post they will happily charge you GST on you 200 USD freight cost as well as them item which is pretty bs Had the same issue once expect i paid youshop the postage for 2 separate parcels. Once the were in NZ customs lumped them together as once as tried charging me GST. I complained and they forwarded them to me. Otherwise they are been fine for me. UK you shop took 6 days to see a delivery but im giving them another shot.
  13. Eagle

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    That title belongs to the Century
  14. Eagle


    Fedex never charged gst on the freight either the 2x i used them.
  15. Eagle

    E92 M3 buyers guide?

    Yep they gotta try and capture all those market segments in this day and age. They will ride on their coattails for as long as they can.