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  1. Eagle

    E39 530i manual

    You looked the owner up on facebook?
  2. Eagle

    E34 parts to save

    All that stuff is still available and you probably would fit new components your current one worn. Center tie rod, pitman arm and steering box would be the only things possibly worth keeping on the front. Those early front strut bearing assemblies are another thing to keep as they are expensive or even NLA for OEM and expensive for Meyle aftermarket ones. Probably easier just keep the whole strut assembly with the bearing etc. Wiper linkage\motor maybe worth keeping also if you can be bothered removing it.
  3. Eagle

    Finding parts

    Sent it to Youshop USA. $20NZD max and probably even less for economy postage.
  4. Eagle

    E39 530i manual

    Its clear you'd be able to get it for less than 6k Personally i don't mind the wheels at all and love manual seats, electrics are heavy and pointless unless you got multiple people using the car. Its got no sun roof also so its about as light as E39 6 cyl can get. K's dont hold much weight at this age. Guessing the 25k would be covering manual conversion, wheels, headers, coilovers etc and if you paying someone to do the work then its easy to rack bills. Someone in Auckland should go look at it
  5. Eagle

    E34 parts to save

    General E34 stuff isnt worth much and doesn't normally sell. BMW generally used durable electronic parts those days and you can also repair most things without replacing. Window regs, motors and switches rarely fail themselves but guess easily enough to store. Doors and panels are always good if you got the space. All exterior lights, heater valve, fuel pump\sender, instrument cluster, LKM and CCM module (if its digital), door cards maybe is all i can think of Guessing its just got the basic manual vent control HVAC system?
  6. Eagle

    E39 530i manual

    Not ideal but wouldn't say its a deal breaker, seeing it in person is the only true judgement. Id usually take a look but voluntarily driving to Auckland these days is the definition of insanity.
  7. Eagle

    E39 530i manual

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1951987246.htm?rsqid=32b8cd07f6a643b48c3bbf57f8fc203d Rare spec with a number of goodies on it. Looks a little neglected but still could be a decent buy provided it not excessively worn. Real shame that interior colour really shows up the wear, looks like leather center console also courtesy of BMW individual.
  8. Eagle

    WTB OEM Coolant

    No i dont know where to get it from a tap. Ive used rainwater which comes out a tap here for every car ive owned or worked on. Tap water quality has a huge variance, NZ's soft water would be nothing like China's for example. There is an actual specification for water quality to be used in cooling systems. If you want to use demineralised water for whatever reason then knock your self out, im not saying not to use it. Ive pulled apart enough of my own cars and seen enough pulled apart that having proper coolant and changing it when required is far more critical here. Be surprised if the average garage is charging out customers for demineralised water.
  9. Eagle

    moon mileage...

    Im sure its been looked after. I was more meaning whats been replaced to get it to those those k's.
  10. Eagle

    moon mileage...

    Be interesting to see the service history. I think age is more the cruel mistress when it comes to cars, its the true measure of quality and reliability.
  11. Should be 2x sensors off the same connector, 1 for each bank of cylinders ie 1-3, 4-6. Im assuming 3 relates to this without having seen it.
  12. Doesn't say what brand it is but aftermarket sensors are well known to cause many issues in BMW's Forgot to say it but euro spec E36's never had check engine lights as far as i know The OBD plug can access all the systems. Unless you are asking where the physical TCU module is located? You don't have the second scan printout im guessing?
  13. Sounds ok on the scanner front then. Is the car a jap import? They did fit a OEM or genuine sensor? The cam sensor fault may of been masking the current one or caused the current one, maybe something else malfunctioning but not throwing a code but causing the transmission to act up, maybe someone the disturbed sensor wiring etc when working on it. Are you saying the knock fault code appears in engine computer but triggers the transmission light,limp mode etc but with no fault code in the transmission computer?. Your description of what its doing and when is hard for me to follow but internet diagnosis with problems like these isn't very good i'm afraid Either way make id sure all the ignition system is functioning properly first, check the sensors, wiring and plugs for components etc
  14. Eagle

    WTB OEM Coolant

    Depends on source of said tap water.
  15. What are you scanning it with?