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  1. E28 and E30 parts for sale

    Must be a record dig. I doubt he would still have it but messaging him would of been the better play.
  2. BBS RC Refurb questions

    Yep 10mm double hex. You can also wind the nuts off half way off the bolts, leave the socket and a extension attached and hit them with a hammer to assist bolt removal
  3. 99 E38 750i SOLD

    Nice. If you still had your 6 you'd have a nice cylinder collection going, but 8-12 is still a good effort.
  4. E46 330i MSport Touring

    The cheapest RHD i can find is well over $240 overseas and that's without shipping so that price ain't too bad for NZ. Either way its one of those BS priced BMW items.
  5. BBS RC Refurb questions

    RC centers usually hold up well, the factory paint on them is quite tough. Bolts have to tapped out, lots of ways to do it (google) but i soak in penetrating oil and use a long center punch and hammer, the bolt ends also have a little recess on them which helps. I use a padded dead blow hammer to knock them back in I get the curbing machined if its deep or sand out any mirror stuff on polished lipped rims. Id probably fill and paint if non polished.
  6. Burning 5 Series

    Silver 530's aren't rare enough to be sad over. Pursuits are really a judgement call as you are gambling with the safety of everyone. With technology these days its easier than ever to track the car\person. Far worse laws being broken than some idiot fleeing from LE.
  7. awesome E39 up for sale

    ^^^ Me too but it certainly looks very unique. Would hope it to be mechanically sorted at that price but we all know its probably on mostly original suspension etc like most of them.
  8. Local Mercedes dealer here charged me $230 for a scan but least i got a free wash\wax and a print out(made sure of that). Cost me $600 to buy a clone Benz system which is identical to the dealers. No reason not to get something like this for a BMW, luckily its quite cheap - https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-GT1-OBD-Diagnostic-interface-K-DCAN-using-BMW-DIS-v57-SSS-v32/322040849998?epid=1988639544&hash=item4afb21664e:g:zOkAAMXQxzZRfgfs&vxp=mtr You could also get some thing more basic like BMW scanner 1.4.0 which is cheaper\fastest but less indepth. May suit you fine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Auto-Scanner-V1-4-0-for-BMW-E38-E39-E46-E53-E83-E85-Unlock-Version-Diagnos-New-B/263366565931?hash=item3d51dee02b:g:4FoAAOSwk-1aJk3L
  9. E34 M-system II 'throwing star' wheels

    Yeah thanks saw your ones. Covers are probably the main difference, mine have held up very well for their age. Got some BBS metal valves that should work with these also
  10. Forged staggered variety 17x8 17x9 ET20 ET22 Wheel covers,caps and paint are original and still quite tidy. Curbing machined and lips polished. Have replaced BMW center logos and cover bolts(stainless hex type) with new items If i had a suitable car these would be on it right now, the problem is im unsure when\if i will get the said car. I may regret it but just seeing if there is any interest before i look into storing them away for the future Will consider offers over 2k. Have 235 and 245 tyres with good tread that can go on but they aren't worthy imo to fitted. Better photos can be taken for serious buyers if needed
  11. Owch

    Maybe he should of used the run flats that day
  12. Quick rant thread.

    Yep the key the owning a BMW is having money to burn or knowing where to look if you don't. Most people i talk to that think BMW's are expensive to fix\run were the type that went to the dealer for parts, not one of them thought about looking overseas.
  13. *HELP* e46 318i 2000 BATTERY DRAIN?

    You should be able to use the hidden OBC functions to get an idea of battery voltage whilst running. Test 9 will give you the info. http://www.bmw-driver.net/forum/showthread.php?t=31204 As well as FSU some of those early climate control panels can develop a drain, later E46 have a smaller updated version. Manually turning it off before turning off the car is the way to test that.
  14. Quick rant thread.

    Sure price does factor in the equation but there's no decent online ordering system in NZ for new BMW parts.
  15. FS: E38 18" M-Parallels

    I have found another set of wheels i will be restoring instead so these are no longer wanted Fronts - 18x8 ET13 Rear - 18x9.5 ET25 Includes 4x genuine BMW center caps and \\M logos's Curbing on the lips has been machined and clear coat removed from inner barrels,face and lips One wheel has some undisclosed damage when i bought it. A weld repair has been done to fix some damage. I have had the wheel checked by Wheel and Frame Cambridge and it runs true Plan was to respray or powder coat the inner barrels and faces and leave a polished lip. The spoke "diamond cut" faces are in tidy condition but sides of spokes need to be repainted or sanded down then polished $900 firm for BS members