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  1. Next time ill lent you my gas torch
  2. New LCM will require coding which is easy with something like PA soft, you could try resoldering your old one or ive got spare LCM III-B if you want it. Demon tweaks in the UK or FCP euro in US are good options for shocks
  3. Don't think would be a commonly available part. Id say it's more likely the 2x o-rings that would need replacing rather than the whole mount. Dealers usually stock those sort of things.
  4. Eagle

    Land Yacht

    Is that a tool you bought, had made up etc ?
  5. Eagle

    E34 540iS

    Modifying is a huge different game but if they are both manual id take the 540i any day, much more power, nicer to rev out with a strong top end. I think they sound better, especially earlier dirty NZ new ones etc with no cat or o2 sensors with the imperfect idle. The E34 540i is the closest thing BMW ever made to a traditional American Muscle type car.
  6. Coolant is one side and oil on the other so something will be sealing it to the bracket, maybe this mount plate you are talking about or maybe BMW plastic failure. A pressure test would confirm exactly where without fuss, or you could try cleaning the area up, get the car up to temp and check, if you don't see anything, let it cool down for a bit and check again.
  7. Eagle

    E34 540iS

    I maybe getting mixed up with another one he used to have (possibly black or blue) or someone elses.
  8. Eagle

    E34 540iS

    Yeah i believe it was re bodied but i've seen it in the flesh a couple of times years ago and its very tidy. Its the brother of Simon's Techno Violet one which had done over 400,000 last time i saw it. I wager the reserve is in the 15k-20k region. One of the last truly reliable BMW's for sure.
  9. Eagle

    M50 conversion

    M50 and M52 should all bolt up the same, there's probably a slight improve in the M52 system over the M50, replacing old cast iron manifold is always a plus. I dont what version or region of M50 you have, it may or may not have used O2 sensors, either way they can be used or removed and the holes plugged if not required.
  10. Eagle

    New GST import stuff

    +1. All the main carriers have always handled GST, they just collect it on everything now.
  11. Eagle

    New GST import stuff

    Ebay are now collecting gst on goods it seems
  12. I think your car looks better though
  13. Should join onto the intake boot, probably a right angle fitting or something which provides the link between the 2
  14. Finding the factory kit is most of the challenge, all the converted 6 cylinder ones ive seen had corners cut. Easiest way to get a proper manual E39 is buy an M5, there's always one available it seems.
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