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  1. You haven't specified whether it was pressure tested? If you have the engine tray on you probably ain't going see nothing dripping. Lots of coolant hoses hoses which can leak like ones under the manifold
  2. Eagle

    E39 oil burner

    Thought you would have that manual box in it by now.
  3. Eagle

    E39 oil burner

    Iirc the transmissions in these aren't that strong either.
  4. Aftermarket has plenty of good options. Avin unit is probably what I'd go for. Problem is with monitor optioned cars will you have to buy and run the extended wiring loom to the radio module in boot.
  5. So much E39 msport availability these days. No better luxury sport sedan on the planet for the price, nothing comes even close.
  6. The magical oil that go at least twice the distance and time but only when BMW is paying for it.
  7. To be fair anyone with a clue would of told you that
  8. The monitor option radio module appears to be the same but without the tape\cd interface but i can't confirm. Good chance you can use a tape deck\Business CD module\amp as long as it matches the pin layout ie round vs straight Obviously you'd have to cut it down or mount it differently if it worked. Ive got one but its got earlier round pin connectors, maybe you can find a later NZ new tape unit one etc and try it. BM53\54 units are quite expensive last time i looked.
  9. Eagle

    E36 328i/M3 Coupe

    PM'd Swear all the good stuff is in Wellington atm
  10. No that's vin numbers that were recently decoded. You can pay decode the vin i believe for a couple of $ based some what someone said on this forum.
  11. You'd need to try with a proper options decoder site like mdecoder.com (still works sometimes once a day) If its a genuine msport it will have the cosmetic msport options eg shadowline trim, bumpers, interior //M sill trims, sport seats etc. Ive never seen a car optioned that has all the cosmetic options but no msport suspension, so if it has all that its probably genuine.
  12. The photos could of come from the 90's too haha
  13. Probably on a couple that appear to be worth the asking price though.
  14. Yeah sorry got mixed up. Personally i don't see that much more added value in a short period even though you've done good work on it. Id have see multiple good examples ones actually sell for 30k+ to acknowledge that is where the current market has priced them.
  15. If you can sell it for 38k then congrats. Robs old one is listed 25k. 4 door but seems realistically priced.
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