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  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/tools-repair-kits/meters-testers/auction-1470608484.htm
  2. Damn I knew it was pretty rough but not like this. Sadly as you know it's not to you own the car you find all the problems. Upside is you can look forward to having something quite unique and far better looking than most modern BMW's GL
  3. Sounds like a slow day I don't even own a TV and would never get sky so wouldn't know tbh
  4. I used the NZ fern logo ones for many years without issue here in the Waikato (was pulled over many times during the period too). Most of the people that reported getting them getting confiscated were from the bigger cities like Auckland iirc. My theory is police were targeting these places due to more euro cars around\more people using the plates.
  5. Reminds me of your average Japanese modified car, they always seem to spend alot on power train and skimp out on handling\suspension. Cheapest coilovers with big rims and sh*t tyres seems to be the combo.
  6. Yeah that's usually cruising at 110 and the odd pass, i never tried a best l\100 run. Mine the later 5 speed which has better economy and its in good running order. They are a fairly rare car here in NZ, only seen 2 for sale last in the last 2 years. Last one i saw went for 5k iirc with 240k's but looked like an average example.
  7. Most ive had averaged around 11-12L\100km on the open road which is pretty bad considering my S600 gets 11l\100 and has 2x the power and torque and weights another ~700kg. Compared to an old yank tank its probably quite respectable. Still love the M30B35 though, reliable work horse and still one the easiest motors i've ever worked on. I want another one but sadly im not quite in the market for one just yet
  8. Yep loved the performance of the Srt.t's in my E34 compared to the B6's i had. They only cost me $550 for all 4 incl shipping and GST when shox.com had a special on back in the day.
  9. Sorry wording wasn't the best. What i was trying to say if an average person looked at both engines in the car they would think they were the same. Sure there was a thread recently discussing the chain setup. Look at a M60 and M62 timing diagram on Realoem etc and its pretty obvious. Basic summary: M60: Duplex chain with idler sprocket between banks M62: Single row chain with plastic chain guide between banks. This was done supposedly done to reduce weight (lol) make it cheaper to produce (yep im sure) and allow room for vanos solenoids. The M62 has it advantages but imo the M60 is BMW's most reliable V8 engine, esp in the E32\E34 body. M62 CCV setup is better which can be swapped in.
  10. No shortage of 316's & 318's around so would think you are far more likely to see them coming in broke. Either way the cause is the same - cost cutting in same way. No doubt there are a few factors that can prolong the lifespan but it's always a when when dealing with a flawed product. As most know the M60 chain setup is the far superior setup in basically the exact same config. Ive never heard of read of one single chain failure myself and most of these have done well over 300,000km and in older cars.
  11. Very nice Too bad none ive the M-sport spec'd cars ive examined had the bigger M5 swaybars. They are much nicer to drive with these combined with 17" alloys and a decent spring\shock package.
  12. Haha sure. 4.8k
  13. Seems to the case but there are many more vanos ones around compared to NV +1 around 5k
  14. Makes me chuckle when people do the old 'chain driven so no need to worry about cambelt' line. Yeah no cambelt but you get cost cutted chain design that only lasts twice as long as a cambelt but costs 3x as much to fix.
  15. Saying any BMW is just taking the piss. For 2000+ era cars its not a bad idea when you look at part prices and labor required.