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  1. If it stays on it would have logged a fault code and you'd have to get it scanned to accurately pinpoint the problem. Kerry at Mosen Europarts will help you out in that regard.
  2. No idea what 'new shape' is suppose to mean given its a pre-facelift and were are in 2019. +1 to what Dave says. They are cheap for valid reasons.
  3. Eagle

    Land Yacht

    Assumed everyone who worked on their car would have a vice haha, my one come off really easy in a vice with a little heat applied. My bfg is reversed for angry management sessions particularly on asian cars.
  4. From what you say it's most likely seated incorrectly due to inadequate lubrication of o-rings and\or the surface not being prepared properly (smooth to touch). I did my own car yesterday and used a small wire brush then green scotch bite to clean and a flush to finish. Used a coating of tap grease (in my case) on both o-rings and holes to prevent any damage upon install and make it easier to fit. I doubt Repco would have anything. I use seal innovations for most of my o-rings but you could try the dealer.
  5. Thought i better attend to the last real pieces of preventative engine work. New coolant pipes under the manifold. They were the original ones which had done 290,000km, picture shows how they fail, they have 2 o-rings which helps and the rest of the pipe was fine. A chunk of plastic must of broke off one pipe, and when i flushed the system it made it's way into the heater valve which jammed one side open, unfortunately took a little nick out of the non replaceable housing seal but it still appears to work ok. BMW plastic truly is the a gift that keeps on giving. Re-did the vanos seals as it felt like they weren't performing like they used to and was getting low rpm surging in first gear. Along with an adaption reset and its much more responsive with extra torque, and easier to drive with less clutch required. Rebuilt the alternator with new bearings,slip ring and brushes for $50 in parts. The original brushes were on their on tip toes. A time consuming fiddly job but worth it compared to unknown 2nd hand one or worse, a dubious Chinese special that would cost hundreds.
  6. Decent metal hose fittings are also a good idea instead of plastic crap.
  7. E39 main beams do turn off with the key like but park lights still remain like many BMW's, maybe they do time out like the newer stuff or go off after awhile once its been locked, ive never tested it or tried to set anything. You could probably leave the park lights on for quite a while if your battery is good and not undersized,
  8. Get PA soft or NCS etc and you should be able to easily stop it. The only warning noise i have enabled is for head lights just in case i leave them on.
  9. Eagle

    Land Yacht

    I've never had any issues with their suspension quality or longevity , the price difference between say Lemforder isnt that big for a lot of it (says to me the quality is good), they are easier to source like you said. Im running their front HD upper arms, HD sway bar links, lower arms and a couple of control arms in the rear with the rest being Lemforder. All done nearly 70,000km so far with no hints of failure.
  10. Looks out of place to me but maybe he just threw them to keep his old ones, some weaves would probably look better.
  11. Eagle

    Land Yacht

    Probably gone awhile ago but you know one mans stuffed is another man drives well. n saying that it costs 1000's to properly overhaul the suspension and steering on these so can't really blame people. How the rear end? because in my experience its usually worse in regards to stuffed joints.
  12. Yeah the 2x E87 manuals ive driven had the same "feature", can't recall if they were imports though. BMW certainly started putting in many built for idiot features in the '00+ era stuff, they don't seem to squawk like the a lot of the Japanese stuff but all the completely useless gongs\chimes are something id have to disable to avoid damaging the car.
  13. Fold down sedan seats are very useful in a E39 sedan, one of the reasons i kept mine. Fuel economy depends on your traffic situation, but my experience driving them around Waikato, the 540i's average 2-3L more than the 528i\530i per 100km. I agree the E34 535i has terrible economy but all the other advantages outweigh that for me. E34 is probably the way to go if you want to keep costs down with decent reliability. I like E39's but they far more expense to get back to good mechanical condition when worn.
  14. Plus lots of other smaller benefits of a manual has that aren't always apparent till require them or use them, some that come to mind - push\pull starting, easily towed, no shifter\brake interlock, easier and cheaper to service, smaller\frees up space, stronger engine braking, ability to coast slow.
  15. I definitely wouldn't be using WD40 for something like this, for example you can get a silicone grease from Repco that would be a far better job for sealing and lubrication while costing very little
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