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  1. Yeah, download the VM image onto a USB stick and plug it in when you need it... I've got some VM experience with ESXi but not enough to even think about attempting this - can see hours and hours disappearing...
  2. Yep, nightmare!!!! Could also mean a VM on a USB stick...
  3. Does it have a TDC locking pin hole? My lightened flywheel doesn't - seems to be fairly common on light flywheels, no TDC hole. Every time I mess with cams I have to use a DTI in #1...
  4. Maybe he means a cloud VM for everyone to share??
  5. Neither can I. If you right click on the 'image preview' and select view image you get '440 login timeout'. I suspect you used links to a 'non-public' folder or used img tags that are for private viewing only. Try loging out of your image hosting website and reloading this page to see if you can still see the images.
  6. wrs

    HiFi flywheels

    Nice. If you're ever down in Napier you'd best stop in to have a listen at my place - you won't be disappointed.
  7. If they were for a manual I'd be in...
  8. I have one about 4 years old in pretty reasonable condition, still has the level switch. Recently upgraded to the M3 style expansion tank so no need for it. Yours for $10 + freight.
  9. wrs

    HiFi flywheels

    What brand is that - can't make out the logo?
  10. At that price, helps me justify what I've spent on my conversion... Of course, not a genuine M3 but $38K!!! Did a full repaint on mine in Feb/Mar - I was 50/50 between this colour and factory original. I really like this colour!! Ended up going with the factory original colour of Mauritius Blue but it was close...
  11. @3pedals, totally agree - I'm now sure the engine mounts needed to be changed at the same time. However, even if they were I'm sure the overall noise still would have been too much. I further suspect that when changing to aftermarket engine and/or gearbox mounts it's important to match the two to make sure they have the correct characteristics so they don't fight each other. @zero, I don't think the torque would have had anything to do with the problem in this case even if it was wrong. The mounts have a plate and stud bonded to each side with a solid rubber/urethane combo in between - essentially a copy of the OE mount with more and stiffer rubber with a small cup on one side. It's not like a bush with a bolt through it that's been squished too much due to too much torque. In the case of the mounts in question, you could likely torque them up until they almost stripped and it would make zero difference to the level of vibration. They were not over-torqued anyway and it was easy to undo the nuts when I removed them. With the new OE mounts I did torque them up quite tight - much tighter than the Ruff ones and have no problem with any vibration or noise issues.
  12. The fixing on each side is a stud similar to the OE mount. I doubt overtightening would be the problem. They have a special semi locknut so don't need to be very tight.
  13. Not the biggest hit I've had on the road to learning. I took the guys at SpeedFactor at their word when the said they wouldn't be much louder than the OE ones - maybe they didn't really know. When I rang them to comment about the noise level increase they did say the noise coupling might have been worse because the engine mounts weren't changed to stiffer types at the same time meaning all the vibration was transferred into the trans tunnel instead of distributed across the whole front of the chassis. Even so, I suspect they still would have been much too noisy for most people unless they were building a track car.
  14. Thanks for the heads-up. Have remote locking/unlocking with the alarm so having a different key wouldn't be too big a pain.
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