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  1. Hi-Tek


    It’s just been re-listed on Trademe, so guessing, yes.
  2. Hi-Tek

    TV mode for NZ

    I’m going to chime in here in the hope someone can help me with my 5 series TV issue. I have a NZ new 2009 E61 525i with a DVD/TV player. The DVD player works fine but the TV is just static. Is that an analogue in my car vs digital issue? Has anyone remedied this here easily?
  3. Hi guys, Please see the Trademe links for pictures, I've tried to upload a picture of the goods here, but I'm either capped, or there's something wrong with my internet as I can't upload a pic. Here's the link $1 Reserve E30 M3 Spare Parts http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=720047757 Spare parts from my E30 M3 - The front bumper shell is brand new and was $300 (which included a 25% discount from BMW NZ) - All other parts are used but in good order. The centre cap spanners were for BBS RS These may fit on other E30s but you can do your homework. Also for sale but not really car related: $1 Reserve XBOX 360 120GB, with 2 wireless controllers and 4 games (Grand Theft Auto IV, Forza 3, Forza 2, MOH http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=720029060 $1 Reserve Heaps of PC Games (20 or so) http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=720040336 $50 No Reserve Pelican Case 1400 Good for storing Cameras, GoPros etc http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=720056929
  4. Hi-Tek

    Z3 & Z4 M Coupe Comparison

    Well put, the nothing about the Z4 rolls my wheels in the slightest.
  5. Hi-Tek

    E30 or E36 track car?

    This. If you are comparing stock models. There's no winning the debate once you go swapping engines, suspension, brakes etc.
  6. Hi-Tek

    Wheres Jack?

    I guess if you're at the end of your wick and have exhausted all other options then this is a good way of speeding up the process. At least it serves a warning to others if nothing else. Tarrbaby's first post is very thorough, almost as if he was a cop!
  7. Hi-Tek

    Hampton 6hour

    Cheers Steve, Driver order was 0900-1030 (James) 1030-1200 (Ashkan) 1200-1330 (Me) 1330-1500 (Dan) Was quite a laugh seeing you guys Mexican waving from your apartment.
  8. Hi-Tek

    E30 M3s in NZ

    Rust in the rear quarter where the battery lives is one of the more common places, as is the scuttle (remove the plastic window wiper surrounds), and also make sure the drain from the scuttle (rubber elephant trunk) isn't blocked. If it is, when it rains water can get to a point where it can spill into the heater blower and run into the inside of the car through the firewall. (I hope my mash of words makes sense)
  9. Hi-Tek

    E30 M3s in NZ

    As one of a handful of people who has owned one on here I think you can start approaching $40,000 for a nice standard 2.3L example in LHD and with circa 100,000kms. As above, 215HP is worth more than a 195, as is dogleg 1st. I spent a sh!t load on mine and didn't really recoup much of that when I sold, get in touch if you want any help.
  10. Hi-Tek

    E46 M3 owners thoughts on this?

    What makes them not look right? From what I can make out in the photos they are LMs (Le Mans). Without seeing the offset stamping etc you'd be pretty hard pressed from those photos to tell if they were real of not.
  11. Hi-Tek

    E92 M3 Supercharged for sale on TM?!

    Good work Ken and nice purchase. Good to see someone with the balls to step up and buy this rather than speculating behind a computer on how/when it will 'blow' up.
  12. ^ There's bits and pieces, but nothing I can find that lays it all out. What I'm hoping to find is someone on here that can say this is what you need..... - Sale Invoice - Original Deregistration documents - Bill of Lading - Quarantine Documents - Pre delivery inspection report (done by dealer/seller)
  13. Hi-Tek

    E46 M3 S62 repower no. 2

    Looking good Ray, that interior is so hideous.
  14. Just about Andy, I've read all the threads. My only concern is what happens if it arrives here and I can't register it because I don't have the right documents. If the seller in the U.K can't be arsed helping at that point as he has his money then I'm screwed.
  15. Hi guys, As per the title, I'm bringing a 2013 Audi RS4 wagon into New Zealand from the U.K I've brought a car in from Japan in the past but understand the documents required are different (or at least have different names/terms etc) Obviously my concern is out-laying a lot of money (for me anyhow) for a car that when it arrives we don't have the correct paperwork to get it on the road legally. At that point the U.K seller has all his (my) money and can't be ars*d helping at his end. I know there's been the odd thread over the years but I'm keen to hear from someone that has actually done it and what the names are of the documents that are needed. Obviously the seller in the U.K needs to fill out some paperwork at their end. Feel free to PM me if it's easier. Cheers.