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  1. Hi guys, im putting the feelers out to see if there might be any interest in my E39 540i Motorsport. I bought it from a guy in Christchurch who loved and cared for it to the enth degree and spent thousands keeping it in top nick over the years he had it. I bought it from him with 99k on the clock January 2017. It now has 116k. The PPI from Christchurch BMW came back as the best example of an E39 they had seen in years. Ive recently spent 9k on new guides, chains, vanos gears with upgraded Besian Seals, oil pump etc etc (full parts list on request) all done at Winger BMW here in Wellington. Car will come with a 2 year Autosure Mechanical warranty. The car is beautiful, powerful and immaculate apart from a couple of scuffs under the front bumper. Its an M-sport but was ordered with non M-sport bumpers from BMW Japan (not sure why). Everything is stock, no modifications and everything works. The reason for selling is that i could well be taking a job in the states and would need to offload this fairly quickly. I should know in the next 2 months. If it doesn't get the price i want It'll be coming stateside with me so no low ballers. Ideally looking for 8-9k NZD
  2. @Barryn id like some recommendations of places in Wellington.
  3. Cheers Olaf, have done
  4. Dont suppose you've still got it?
  5. Hi guys, I dont suppose anyone has an Intravee II setup for sale?
  6. Ive fitted one from an x5 in an older 540i and looks ok.
  7. Hi Brent, how much for the 16:9 display?
  8. Does anyone have any E39 M Bumpers for sale or know where is a good place to source them from online?
  9. Does anyone have any E39 Titanium trim for sale? E39 Trim Styles/Titan_zpsee711b22.jpg
  10. if you dont find a 2000 540 msport my sister has a 1999 gen msport, black, chain guides have been done, AC just serviced. moderate to lowish kms. Got a great PPI from Team McMillan a couple of years ago when she bought it.


  11. Has anyone else used or dealt with before?
  12. Hi people, im trying to get some information around buying a mechanical warranty for a car that i intend to buy privately? Ive emailed Motor Plus and they said their warranties can only be bought through a dealership when buying a car from said dealership. Does anyone know if there are companies who will sell a policy to a private purchaser? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi guys, thought id post again that im looking to buy an E39 540i M sport. Ideally something with a service and repair history. Any one have any leads??
  14. Jaycee. I've pm'd you. Check your inbox! Love to know more about your E39