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Found 22 results

  1. Hi guys, Slowly completing the notable 'replace before tuning' list, but have been holding off walnut blasting as I'm not sure what a reasonable quote is for the job? I've seen previous posts suggesting as little as $250, whilst the quotes I've received are nearly $900 GST exclusive! Anyone got a recommendation for a reputable service centre to do the job in Auckland? Thanks
  2. Picked this up from Hamilton the other day, and it's great to be back in a BMW again. Obviously its a pre-LCI 2006 E91 335i with Motorsport spec. So fast, so comfortable and so damn nice to drive. Im smitten! She isn't exactly stock, Externally it’s mostly stock, with just aftermarket grilles on the front, tinted reverse lights, carbon wrap on the rear bumper and painted exhaust tips. Under the hood, it’s a bit more special…. Its had fitted, Rob Beck 2″ silicone intake pipes 3″ catless downpipes AMS intercooler BMS catch can Uprated low pressure fuel pump MHD OTS Stage 2+ tune xHP Stage 3 transmission flash Quaife ATB mechanical LSD It also came with some extra parts, like a pair of K&N pod filters and fitting kit, and a charge pipe with a blow off valve on it. I’ll be playing with these later. Heaps of common issues have been sorted, including a pair of brand new turbos, new injectors, new coils, new HPFP, and various other bits. Needless to say it pulls like a damn freight train, and will overcome the traction control if you aren’t careful. The LSD makes the rear just push hard, and if it does get a bit lairy its a nice progressive slip. Previous owner claims about 380hp ATW, and the car has done high 12s on the 1/4 Mile. The other side to it though, is that it’s a nice, quiet and comfortable cruiser. It’s a pleasure to drive around in, knowing that if you have to whip past someone, all you need to do is give that pedal a push. Love the cruise control with braking too, just a shame it doesn’t have the full “active” cruise control, although it can be retrofitted. There probably won’t be too many updates on this car, as I intend for it just to be a nice regular driver, taking it on trips and things.
  3. Just in 2008 335i e91 62ks msport package bkack leather sport seats idrive 20" wheels one needs repairs or replacement Miltek cat back exhaust system cts catless down pipes and filters etc all only 2 months old bare engine is sold all other parts available 021433600 brent@bmworld.co.nz
  4. Ninjaspartan

    WTB N54 Crankshaft 01/2009+

    Hi all, I am looking for a n54 Crankshaft as mine has spun a bearing and cannot be repaired. I am looking for one which is 01/2009+ production date. Thanks.
  5. There are heaps of f30 335i active hybrid's for sale, and almost no standard 335i's. Why is this? No other country wants them? I assume they will come with more problems than a non hybrid, but there doesn't seem to be much information out there about them. Any feedback? Cheers.
  6. Higglebee

    New owner Hamilton

    First time bimmer owner, potentially chose the most unreliable car to start with but only time will tell. 2007 E92 335i (N54) 77xxxkms at the moment Plans for the future probably a tune and some new wheels but keeping it fairly stock aesthetically because I love how it looks already. Might do a big brake kit down the line who knows Cheers
  7. Looking for some basic upgrades for my 2008 E92 335i. Are the NZKW intercoolers/oil coolers any good? Cheers
  8. SmackJackTheCrackerMan

    New member from Wellington

    Hi everyone, My name is Gregg and I'm currently in the market for a BMW 335i Station Wagon. I have around 20k, is this reasonable to get a mint example? I have a couple of question, where is the best place to look for aftermarket items in NZ? Any things I should be looking out for when purchasing a 335i Wagon? During my search, I have been looking for the manual, but I seem to be hitting a brick wall. I have been researching and found that changing to a single turbo, with a remap id the best way to gain additional power? Thanks Gregg
  9. Hey guys, new Wellington member. Used to have a little 316, car-less for 3 years, decided to take things seriously this time... Got myself a 2008 335i M Sport Coupe. Plan is to walnut blast it, get an aftermarket chargepipe, xHP/JB4 flash, and see where it goes from there. Any recommendations for work to do, and shops to get it done? Cheers
  10. Damnative

    2007 335i For Sale

    Hey guys, Currently selling my 2007 335i. Listed at $22,999 Located on North Shore, Auckland. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1374424090.htm Cheers, Julian
  11. HamishM

    New Member 335i

    Hi all! Purchased a black e90 2007 335i M-Sport Sedan in March this year and have absolutely fallen in love with it, now I've been looking into doing some modifications which is all new to me. Any advice on where to start and what people recommend from cosmetic to performance to maintenance would be appreciated (including brands, where to get, rough cost etc). Also, can anyone recommend good mechanics for 335s in Christchurch? And any reviews on the MHD flash? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey Guys, As I am relatively new to modding and tuning I thought I'd better ask and see what sort of stage maps people are running with what mods. Currently waiting on parts that i've bought online which are not the highest of quality but meet my budget. Order list - Dual Cone Intakes 6" Intercooler from NZKW VRSF Style Catless Downpipes BMS BOV Kit/Charge pipe Oil Catch Can My questions are basically what MHD and xHP maps are people running on similar set ups? What maps do you think I should be running with this sort of set up? Also on a side note, what insurance companies are people with? All opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Poiddy

    New Member

    Hi team, I'm a new member, Based in Putaruru. Just purchased my first BMW and have lots of questions, hopefully the forum has the answers. The car is stock, purchased with brand new turbos as I took it for a test drive it had a turbo rattle. running 307 hp factory and wanting to put all the bolt on mods I can in the future to try hit the 400 hp mark. So hopefully you guys have some inside knowledge.
  14. Nasian101

    DCAN Cable

    Hey Guys All the parts for my FBO adventure are on their way but I've run into a slight issue with the MHD tune as I checked the VIN on my car today and found out its a December 2006 not post March 2007. I can't seem to find a DCAN cable that will be compatible with my specific car and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I ordered this cable before checking - http://www.ebay.com/itm/282543442826
  15. Hey there, just bought this baby, my 6th BMW I've owned to date.......
  16. Hey All, - This is my first post but thought I'd jump right in. I bought a 2010 E90 335i from BMW prestige Auckland about a year ago. Now I'll be honest, it was an impulse buy and given I have a strong background in Subaru's buying Eurpoean was never really the plan. However it came with NZ GPS a 3 year motor warranty so decided to take the jump. One year later and most of my running gear needs an overhaul its done 110,000km's, BMW has been kind enough to do it all for about $4,500. What I would really appreciate is for suggestions on the best replacement parts either aftermarket or Ex BMW and where to get them in NZ (ALK). I am hoping to do all the below for under $1k (I have good experience with automotive work so installation isn't a concern). The items below are the items I need to replace: 1) Replace front left shock [leaking] (Should I replace the whole lot with aftermarket?) 2) Replace Front Pads & Disc's (Best setup for low dust?) 3) Replace Rear Pads & Disc's (Best setup for low dust?) Thanks heaps for the help. Pete
  17. Bostrom_NZ

    e90 Performance Parts Wellington

    Hi guys, I recently upgraded my e46 330i to an e90 335i and now that I have a decent platform, I want to dip my toes into modding. Are there any recommended suppliers/tuners in Wellington? I want to start with the downpipes, high flow cat etc and a FMIC. I want to do as much myself as possible but the exhaust system can be handled by a pro. Any other recommendations? (I've visited this site on and off for a few years - onto my third BMW but this is my first post).
  18. Nickubas

    WTB 335i touring motorsport

    Hey guys! Trademe/facebook and walking in to random dealerships for the past 2 weeks have failed me so i thought id flick a post up here and try my luck! I am looking for a 335i wagon in black or silver. Facelift or prefacelift not to botherd. Must be motorport sub 100kms and in mint condition. I am in need of a car asap so if you have anything i may be interested in then please PM me! Cheers!
  19. Hi Team, I hope this message finds you all well, firstly let me apologise if there is an answer to my issues in earlier threads My engine lights come on when i gun it around 5k revs, i do not lose power, and when i restart the car, the light is gone. no codes on car or my cheap OBD Known issues with my car below I have had the code P1553 come up a few times - still trying to narrow down on this - maybe solanoid battery light has come up few times now, but still starts every time I just cant see why the above 2 problems would turn the engine light on, when i put the peddle down. any suggestions before i spend $280 on diagnostic costs with an independent BMW specialist? also i still have a warranty =) SOS p.s my 335i is a thrill to drive
  20. Fellow BMW Fanatics: Im Kurt, new member of the forum and first time poster! I purchased a 2007 e92 335i before Christmas which made for my first European car. Previously Australian v8 and more recently a 2002 200sx/S15. I wanted something a little more subtle that didn't draw as much attention and settled on the classic lines of the e92 coupe! So far only minor modifications of suspension, wheels, interior bits n bobs have been done since receiving the car stock as a rock. To do list is as follows: DCI (Intake) Jb4/cobb/remap (Unsure what route to go at this stage) Tints Angel eyes Roof Wrap (gloss black) When that's boring: Either Turbo upgrade with supporting downpipes/intercooler etc or Meth kit I look forward to meeting you friendly folk around the roads this year and trust you are all soaking up some summer sun out on NZ favourite "twisties" .
  21. mr.naude

    E92 Misfire

    Hi guys. I have a problem with my 2006 E92 335i, 150,000kms. Usually when a problem pops up, i fix it myself (with help from google and forums). Now it has developed a misfire. It only misfires on low RPM, between idle and 3000. Sometimes i feel it shake and stutter, other times its runs fine. I get a check engine light, and all scans dictate that the misfire is only in cyl. 5. Obviously there are a few things to troubleshoot. I have swapped coils, misfire still in cyl. 5. The plugs were replaced about 6 months ago, so i'm pretty sure its not them. The 3rd concern was the injector. I have removed it, cleaned the outsides, and stuck it back in. I have had a chat with a BMW mechanic, and he says its very unlikely that it might be the injector. So my question is, how/where/what do i check next? Really want this problem gone. Preferably without spending $1000's. HELP!
  22. I've got a 1999 BMW 528i manual which I'm looking at getting some work done to. I've had an what I've been calling a phantom overheating issue which has been caused by air getting into the cooling system and building up behind the sensor, fooling it into thinking the car is overheating. I'm taking it to BM workshop to get a full scan and find out how the air is getting in and from what I've read two of the most likely places are through a busted gasket or through cracks in a cylinder head. I had been planning over the last few months to get this sorted and then sell my car to get something newer but given that any repairs could be expensive enough to negate any profit I'd receive from selling it, I'm thinking I'll look into putting a new engine in it. My preferred choice (dependent entirely on costs of course) would be to source the twin turbo N54 engine (from the 335i) and put this in. I know this will incur all sorts of complications in making things matchup etc and I'll probably need a new clutch too. My question to anyone who might have an idea is, would this engine fit in the car? I'm asking because my car has the rack and piñon steering set-up which was not used in the v8 e39s due to the engines being too big to fit this steering system. From what I've found online the n54 is a similar size to the m52 (what my car has) but it'll also have extra bulk from the turbos and associated parts. Any other ideas or recommendations are appreciated. ps: If I am going through with an engine swap I'd like to get a decent power hike and the aforementioned e39 era v8s present too many complications. My other reason apart from wanting a newer car is wanting something faster and I love the idea of a "sleeper" 528i.