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Found 12 results

  1. adro

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    I recently purchased @Aphexic's E39 540i. Overall it's in pretty good condition, with a tonne of service history dating back to 2009. This thing has had some money spent on it over the years. The car has just ticked over 200,000 km's. Here's some photos of it in it's new home. Things I'm intending to do as time and money allows: OEM Msport style 66 wheels (hurry up and post them @oldskool ;-) ) New tires: Potenza RE003 235/45/R17 Front and RE050A 255/40/R17 on the rear. Bulbs: Angel eye bulbs and H7 low beam bulbs Thermostat and coolant. Has had cooling system overhaul at 180,000 but thermostat seems to be all over the shop. Chain guides and timing chain + waterpump. Thrust arm bushings - has a strong vibration around 90+ km/h MAF - randomly when stopping at an intersection or lights it stalls and today it was hunting like it had a vacuume leak but then later on it idles perfectly. Tow bar Drivers door seal new water jet hoses
  2. Hi all, I'm Chris, I just purchased a Japan market 2006 E60 540i sedan done around 74,000km, in silver with black interior. My first BMW, in fact first European vehicle after nearly 30 years of driving Japanese and Korean cars. NZC in Hornby were the sellers, they advertised the vehicle a number of months ago but it had mechanical issues on arrival - I never got to test drive it first time round, but when it was re-advertised recently after repairs I test drove it and decided to buy. The problems it initially had were significant, and cost over $3500 for NZC to fix; it got a new gearbox, and leaky seals replaced. The only issues it seems to have now are an intermittent reversing camera, and I suspect the key fob (sealed unit that charges by induction) battery is on its last legs. Very tidy exterior and interior, very few squeaks or rattles, so far very happy with it touch wood 👍
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a couple pieces to replace some worn panels on my E39. Would prefer all panels in Silver so I don't have to deal with repaints. Wtb good condition E39 M Sport Front BUMPER and hood/bonnet. Also wanting an OEM staggered set of Style 65s if anyone wants to let theirs go. Located in Auckland Thanks
  4. Hey guys. I've found another project car, so up for sale is my beautiful E39 540i Msport on genuine BBS wheels. This car has an amazing history of maintenance and receipts totalling $25k+ Car has done 188,000kms, this will go up as its my daily. Major things that have been replaced/repaired are: - The tiptronic trans has been rebuilt - $5k receipt - Cooling system has been replaced - $2k receipt ** Timing chain tensioner has been replaced - this is an important one, not many E39's for sale out there that have had this taken care of. - Belts have been done within the past couple of years. It's very tidy inside and out and drives beautifully. The leather is in great condition. Has the factory head unit but has had after market speakers, amp and sub installed, sounds very good. All windows work, sunroof works perfectly and the rear pop up blind works great too. A previous owner has installed an oil catch can and deleted the rear muffler, the car sounds lovely with a few pops and crackles on decel, but not obnoxious. Things that I would look into if I were to keep the car are: - Very slow oil leak - I think this is coming from around where the oil catch can has been installed, if not it's probably a seal. The amount of oil is very little. 3.9k ONO. Test drives are welcome and encouraged. Car is located in Glenfield. --- Note: car will come on BBS wheels in the first image. Cheers.
  5. 900ss

    WTB 540i E39 motorsport

    Just looking to see if any other 540i motorsports are out there for sale other than the TradeMe ones, looking for good condition low to med klms, with service history
  6. saw this e39 540i (TM 1281435555) and thought of @eliongater's e28 535i - here's your new running gear man! title should be sung to the tune of "This note's for you" by Neil and the Bluenotes
  7. Finally got an 04 545i, wish me luck. Haven't even laid eyes on it yet as being delivered tomorrow. Looking forward to spending the long weekend getting used to it. Had an E39 523i two cars back and been hanging out for another Beemer but with some grunt since. Keen to keep an eye on here for tips, advice, parts, drives/runs and anything social.
  8. Breaker

    E39 M Sport 540 Daily

    So picked this up from Dunedin and drove back to Morrinsville over a couple of days. Wow what a drive, 1500 kms with a mixture of boring straights, amazing scenery, mad hairpins, wicked roads, mental tourists and flickering traction control lights Special thanks to Mason in Dunedin for checking it out for me, LEGEND! Replacing the E500 as the daily driver. Will use this as a bit of a record of works etc. as they come up. So to the details: M62TUB44 540i, Steptronic box Production date 26.07.1999 , Jap export version, first registered NZ 2008 Colour: Biarritzblau Metallic (363) M-Sport Package, sports suspension II, told M5 rear bumper/ Mirrors and M5 exhaust (pic for ref) happy to be told otherwise. Be interested to know. Purrs real nice ! Mileage :152000 km's Summary: Well maintained engine, drivetrain, mechanicals. Stored outside for 3 years but cared for. Works completed by PO: Valve cover gaskets, PCV Valve, all cooling hoses, Valve covers blasted and powder coated, Various engine gaskets, battery replaced, plugs replaced, glass headlight fronts replaced, had three and half years did 20000kms. Avoided metal roads like the plague! Works to do: Aircon doesn't work, apparently not need in DUN (?). been to Hamilton Cool Air and searching for leaks, nothing apparent - refilled and returning for die testing in a fortnight. Clay bar paint surface. Polish and wax. Detail interior. Detail Exterior. Rear window regulator broke on the way down with putting the windows down all the time with no AC, lol. Replacement ordered arriving tomorrow. May put NZ 4:3 or 16:9 radio with RDS in as currently just Business Jap version with band expander, works really well though. Other then that looks OK. Just given it its first wash to remove 1500kms of grime, muck and bugs.
  9. MattA

    The 540 is for sale!

    She's for sale, a bit reluctantly. Its a rear wheel drive V8 manual, black on black should about do it for description..... More fun than a handie at the movies as a teenager Updated Km's and interior photos. '95 E34 540i, NZ new. About 10 months reg and new WOF. Has heaps of Km's 288400 Fairly tidy for a twenty year old who's been driven in all manners and sometimes without manners. I've not really put too much importance on the cosmetics but have always kept it in good oil and serviced it. I'll have a file of maintenance invoices that can be viewed and will stay with the car. Some of the goodies: Getrag 420G 6 speed Blistein HD shocks (guessing 25k on them) H&R springs, not sure of spring rates but good for road driving 3.25 LSD put together by Kayne Barrie M5 3.8/MSport 25mm front sway bar M5 3.8/NURBURGRING 20mm rear sway bar JB Racing single mass light weight flywheel and 850csi clutch kit, throw out bearing and larger slave cylinder as part of kit. Exhaust, had custom built from collectors back, no idea if there's any power gains but it sound tits with the noise on. ACS Type I 8.5" x 17" Et 13. Toyo Proxie 4's. Cosmo Scwartz. Black leather, MSport seats with electric adjustable fronts, memory function not working as would need a different harness (if no one else drives it who cares right). Three spoke steering wheel instead of the boat wheel with the bloody great pillow. Sun roof. Shadow lined. SuperChip chipped ECU, no idea what if any real world power increase this would have made I have the factory "business" stereo with CD changer for the boot, I replaced it to get blue tooth ph with some generic looking Alpine head unit, all factory speakers, no sub. I've a Hartage front bumper that needs repair and fitting and a glass Msport rear that can go with if the price is right, both need painting though are some very dark grey (were on Brent's 535 some years ago for those who have been around for a while). Its going to need suspension bushes as an ongoing maintenance item, I think the stiffer springs / shock and sways and maybe my driving all accelerate this common E34 issue. Just starting to get a slight shimmy so will do the thrust arms prior sale. Has a tow bar. Also have a set of Whisper bar roof racks with mounts that can be bought in addition, they have been fitted to the car briefly but they don't really whisper so they came off once I moved away from the surf. There are a few super market dings and scratches, shes' no perfect show pony For those of you who have seen it, I think its an honest car its a lot better to drive than look at it. Aircon needs new pump fitted (I have it, just need to fit it) and will then need re-gassing, the electro-clutch bearing was making a racket so took the belt off as an interim fix. Price: $9500, I'm realistic and would appreciate any relevant input as I really don't know what its worth in the market. Not in any hurry to sell if the market is too low it'll stay as a toy. PM me of more info or a look. No money no drive.
  10. Hey Team, So im new to this, so feel free to point me in the right direction... I have a 1996 E34 540i Touring, the automatic transmission's oil cooler has failed, while driving! I lost drive and oily water came out thru a breather, I placed the car in Neutral, turned off the engine and coasted to a stop. The cooler has completely failed with a total oil and water mix. Obviously i need a new cooler and trans / cooling system flushed, but want to know the best practice for this kind of work... What other parts should i look at replacing while i'm at it? (filter, etc etc) Trick and Tips for doing this job? Best value for money on aftermarket cooler? Thanks...
  11. jeffbebe

    SOLD: 2000 E39 Motorsport 540i

    Thinking of moving on my beautiful 540i to explore other opportunities (an E31!!). Many of you know the car. Those that do will know how much I've spent on the car and how fussy I am. It's in immaculate condition as you can see from the pics. Here's a quick run down of what I've done but feel free to look at my project log and showroom pics for more info: 184,000kms (good for many, many more!) Runs like a dream and idles perfectly from cold and it's genuinely quick (you're welcome to cold start test) Paint is immaculate Genuine xenon facelift headlights Genuine AC Schnitzer wing mirrors ACS replica roof spoiler CF front splitters Refurbished black leather interior and m-sport steering wheel De-cat and custom free flow exhaust (vid below for sound!) Most of the trim inside an out has been refurbished or replaced All new door and windscreen seals within the last 12 months Complete double vanos procedure completed (by Ray's team at HellBM) - this was done as preventative maintenance and was a major job All valve cover and upper timing case gaskets and seals replaced at the same time Has had recent smoke test and no vac leaks Transmission has had full service less than 3,000kms ago Oil change when I stripped and powder coated valve covers less than 1,000kms ago AFE dry air filter Emissions (secondary) air pump removed so no cold start noise/issues Brake calipers removed, cleaned and repainted s/s brake lines and race brake fluid Brand new OEM rotors all round and EBC redstuff pads less then 2,000kms ago Pictured with fully refurbished staggered (8.5" front 9.5" rear) 18" BBS RSII wheels - however may sell with staggered 18" deep dish BBS RX 502s Has performance tune and Dinan tuned trans s/w (which makes the auto transmission a LOT more enjoyable) It has a small oil leak from the rear crankcase seal. I've ordered the parts to repair this and can do it prior to sale or knock a bit off sale price and give the buyer the parts to repair themselves. The car looks and drives brilliantly. I'm not wholly committed to selling yet as I've invested a lot of time and money into the car but will do it if the offer is righ. Not looking to get what it owes me (because it would be absurdly priced if I did) but think it is worth at least $12K (it's insured for $14K). If you drive it you will not be disappointed and, I know everyone says this, but I think you'll be hard pressed to find a better one for that price, even with lower kms. I also have a supercharger kit for the engine that I've not yet installed. Not that keen to sell but may part with it for the right money. Make me an offer for either or both. Exhaust:
  12. atlantiskiwi

    2003 E39 530i Motorsport - 99k, Silver.

    Hi, I am selling my immaculate 2003 msport as I am in the mood for a E36 M3 or E46 M3. This is an honest car with no issues and if I didn't live in Auckland where I only had a space for two cars then I would keep it.