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Found 25 results

  1. came off my alpina sports, previous owner had them on e21 rails, would like $40 a side fits wide variety of Recaro seats
  2. Roose

    WTB: E21 Coupe

    Looking to buy an e21 coupe for around $5000. Flexible with engine size and transmission. Preferably under 200,000 Kilometers. Cheers.
  3. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1404287400&ed Nice car, quality photography!- M20B25 - Motor had done 100,000k, when swapped in (cambelt done then too), estimate about 10,000k on it since then. - 5 speed manual, short shifter - 323i exhaust - 323i suspension - Power steering - Volvo 2 pot front brakes - Electric fan - Chipped ECU - 15” x 7 MIMS 1900 with colour matched centers - BBS front valance - Single headlight setup (not easy to come by - $$$) - Clear front indicators - Full E30 leather interior - Crack free dash - Rear strut brace - Bluetooth headunit and 4 good speakers
  4. Hey Guys, Finally the old girl got out of the shed and had a fresh walk round the driveway and house. Got a few problems with the accelerator cable and in search of a new air filter for the Holley carburetor apart from that she is running well and got the finishing touches before she is off for a WoF and Rego Pretty close to the end of this build and looking forward to driving the BM around once the accelerator cable is fixed. Need some rear lowering springs too. Doesn't look quite right with the massive rake. A few photos below that turned out nicely.
  5. Hey guys just joined up Just got my restricted licenses and been rearing to finish my project thats been going for a month and a bit now. I'm down on the Kapiti Coast and keen as to get out and meet some more guys driving cars of culture once she's all done. Anyone give me a shout and will be keen to organise something for the weekends comin up in a month (if the car is done). Here's a few picks of the seasoned veteran and some snipets of the process from start to now. Looking forward to some meet n greets or cars n coffee on the weekends. Any advice on the build is much appreciated and where to get the best value for money parts and spares from Cheers guys
  6. Anyone able to put a fair value on this car on trademe???
  7. After altering my dizzy to take electronic ignition and ECU-which has now got an unrepairable fault!! am unable to go back to the standard, can't find the bits I removed and mech adv solidly epoxied solid. Anyone got a spare lying about, I think its a JFU4. For a '73 2002, M10 from an E21. Paul Chisholm , chisholm@callplus.net.nz 0274501711
  8. Hi all, I'm desperately after some 1982 E21 wiper arms.. If anyone has any for sale or knows anyone wrecking an e21, please give me a call on: 021 1000 552 Cheers
  9. So the other day my old man decided we need more BMW's.... We picked up a 323i E21 factory 5 speed manual (Not the dogleg box ) thats straight as alltho needs paint, and has 6.5k of recipts for engine work with the rego on hold! In this same deal we also got a REG and WOF'd PFL 320i E30 sedan, it has a mint dash and runs mint! Needs some paint and the only downside to the cloth interior is one little cigerette butt burn in the drivers seat! These add to my collection of 2 e36 Ti's, my little brothers e30 coupe and my old mans E46 touring and 74 2002. Now.... what would a good running 323i e21 5 speed manual be worth these days if we were to respray it and tidy it all up? The E30 I am trying to claim for myself to paint up and keep as a little toy or as a daily while the 328Ti becomes more of a garage queen getting more time and money thrown at it
  10. Hi all, I am looking for a black armrest from an E21 drivers side door panel. Must be in good condition. Thanks Mike
  11. After a late e21 heater dash control panel. Mine badly cracked. Any ideas welcome. Cheers.
  12. rod_r


    G'day. Looking to buy my first BMW, and as I'm around 50, I prefer the older models. Would have gone for a 2002 but really need both kidneys, so am set on an e21. Preferred spec; Manual Carb Black interior Reasonably original regards, Rod
  13. I'm currently after a M20B25 speedo Drive for my swap. I'm located on the shore. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  14. Hi all, I'm after a M20B25 manual gearbox, preferably in the North Shore, Auckland region! Let me know if you have one up for grabs and how much. Cheers
  15. *Brand New - Never Used* Link to part on website: http://www.redlineauto.com.au/p-142-redline-12-3063-manifold-datsun-16001800-2x-dcoe-webers.aspx#.Vp9M8vl97Dc Part Number: 12-3063 This manifold accepts 2 X DCOE Weber carburettors (designed for 45 DCOE Webers) - the perfect performance upgrade for your vehicle. Redline Performance manufactures quality performance products and our manifolds are cast locally in Sydney using Australian Aluminium. All our manifolds are designed to produce maximum torque and horsepower.
  16. I've been told that an E21 I've been looking at has the wrong fuel pump fitted, and that it doesn't supply enough pressure. This is a 320/6 - carb model... Surely that doesn't require much pressure? So... Does anyone have a spare pump, bearing in ind these appear to be specific to the E21 and E12? Or would I do better (as I suspect) to get a low(ish) pressure electric pump? I expect that'll potentially lead to requirements for a pressure regulator...
  17. Sad days, but I need to find a new home for my little bit of awesome. Hope someone of sufficient enthusiasm is out there to take her on. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/cars/bmw/auction-880284927.htm
  18. I've started a project on a BMW e21, and hoping someone has some tips! I'm wondering where the best places to source parts from are in NZ, I've previously worked on e30s, but parts are much harder to come by for the e21. I currently need to get my hands on some bilstein sport shocks, and a replacement interior console.. Anyone got any ideas?
  19. Perhaps I'm being a bit hopeful but looking for a set to go into my 2002. Existing fabric colour or condition not overly important as they will be recovered. Any leads welcomed. Thanks.
  20. Hi, I'm fixing some rust in my e21 and am looking for a donor car in the South Island, preferably Christchurch. Needs to be rust-free around the rear 1/4 windows, or at least tidy. A good bonnet, boot and doors would be a bonus. Thanks.
  21. Hey there, Went to check my oil levels today and noticed a small puddle of coolant near the bottom of the head! I wiped it clean to see if I could locate the source. I noticed it was leaking out from what looks to be the head - I'm not a car buff! :S If anyone could put me in the correct direction, It would be much appreciated! Cheers.
  22. Hey guys, I was coming off the motorway yesterday in fifth, I needed to slow down so changed into fourth, when I put my foot on the clutch the revs started rising to about 4500, I put it in neutral and the revs would maintain 4-5000 revs! I drove for about 800m and every time I changed gears the revs would rise to 4k. I managed to pull over and stall the car to turn it off, but even in neutral the car would rev very high without my foot on the gas! Very strange. I left the car off for around 40mins, started her up and was fine! Even went to Penrose and back with no issues. My car is an 82 E21 - m10 1.8 carbureted. I've done some research and think it could be a vacuum leak from the manifold - but couldn't find anything loose.. Possibly m/t fluid.. not sure If anyone has any knowledge around this or knows anyone that could have a check it would be much appreciated. Cheers guys.
  23. Hey everyone, Was just wondering if anyone had any lowering springs for an e21! or if you new the best way of lowering them legaly. Cheers, Jack
  24. Hey guys, I'm currently selling my 'Redline Performance Inlet Manifold'. It's brand new, never been used, I bought it for $740 but will sell it for $600 ono. Selling as I no longer have use for it. Incredibly well designed and manufactured twin sidedraft intake manifold to suit weber dcoe or dellorto dhla carbs. Perfect for an M10 Engine. If you're serious about putting in an offer, please call me on: (021) 1000 552. Cheers, Jack.
  25. Hi there, My 1983 e21 coupe has 15" e30 mags on it. I'd dearly love to find a set of 5 original styled mags (earlier style) for it, or a set of the flasher ones with gold spokes from the '80s era (like Gerry's 635csi Targa car has on it). Must be in very good condition or restorable. If you know of any... Txt or email: 021 0279-0195 / paulrnzpn@yahoo.com Thanks Paul Palmerston North
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