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Found 18 results

  1. Hello All, I have got a 328i 2012 f30 which I brought in august, recently it gave me a warning saying coolant level low but when I checked coolant level was all good but still had it flushed and refilled and it come up today again so any help will be appreciated. I have attached a picture as well Thanks Omi
  2. Hi All, Thank you for accepting me to this group. Happy to be a part of the BMW family. Looking forward to find some answers to some of my questions about this fantastic car. Bought my first BMW and first car last August. So far so good. However, I've had issues with the aircon gasket cover as it was leaking oil and had to be replaced. Seems like a known issue as per the BMW guy from New Market. Also I find the speakers little weak. Will check the forums for any recommendations, upgrade ootions etc. Also, I have updated my Gracenote to 01/15 in CIC as it is not up to date. Anyone who has updated version, please let me know. I still use CDs. 😁 Will attach some photos
  3. Hey Lads/ladies On Monday/Tuesday (30/31) I will be driving up from Christchurch to Auckland with the back of the Ute empty... If anyone needs some stuff brought up I would be more than happy to help. Planning on sticking to the quickest way up but can take minor detours if needed. Just comment below or send me a PM and il get in touch.. Sam
  4. 2011 LCI F10 530i Motorsport Touring in Carbon Blue Met ... seems like a pretty good deal to me! $24K 101KMs 8-speed tiptronic Factory de-badge and shadowlien Leather Nav and B/T Rev camera New run-flats
  5. http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1362350183 98kms NZ GPS Band expander????? Really? Hmmm - doh. Hopefully re-coded Aux port Has PassPort Max wired in but costs extra to leave it in .... Airbag sensor error and downshift paddle not working.
  6. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1355458571.htm 131KMs $8900 Description - not sure why'd you tint a week before selling .... new Tint week ago M3 exhaust pops film (??) M3 red leather seats After market front&rear bumper After market steering wheel Custom made IPad mini setup( doesn't come with iPad)
  7. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1291456118.htm $48K ono 106KMs Pictures are a bit meh ... but awesome car!
  8. http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1321198583 $15K mixed kms due to lots of rebuilt stuff "Set up as a Race/Track/Targa car she(Ella) has had close to $55K spent on her including the original purchase price. The motor is still the original 3.5 Litre straight six, blue printed around 12000K's ago with a race cam, high volume fuel pump, bigger air box and hand made extractors. Coupled up to a 5 speed manual box with competition clutch. Suspension is Bilstiens with coil overs and the front end has been completely re fabricated - 3 Degrees negative camber. Front brakes are from a late model M5 and the rears are from a V8 850BMW. Adjustable internal brake bias. She is fast, at around 265 BHP, but her handling and braking capabilities embarrass a lot of modern vehicles on the track. She has a full cage a 4 point harness, but these are out of date and will need to be complied if you want to go racing. OR, I can take the cage out and re install the interior ready for the street. She will be sold with a new warrant and at the moment the Rego is on hold. Will put 6 months on when sold.
  9. http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1309637601 The seller Tim also owns an E34 M5 "Must have had bushes and steering done recently as handles better than my E34 M5 and rides real firmly on the highway". $4K 182K Miles (UK import) 8-series wheels Black leather (recently coloured)
  10. Moving over from Melbourne in October I was to start my new job at the end of Feb. I spent the whole month looking around for the 'right' car, finally I found one. The km's were a tad on the high side but for the price I couldn't turn it down. After some discussions with the previous owner and an AA check I flew down to Wellington and bought my first BMW, a 130i. I was amazed at how easy the car was to drive over long distances as I drove back that night (Although those run-flats are still giving my nightmares), I thought not having cruise control was going to be agony but alas I was stoked with it. Giz served me well, he made the 20 min commute to my new job with ease. I was having so much fun driving this little pocket rocket around and hearing that snarl of the 3.0L engine from the quad exhaust. I say 'was', because unfortunately after only 12 days of mate ship he was taken away from me. On the commute home from work, the truck following failed to notice myself and everyone else coming to a stop. I watched as the driver failed to pay attention, getting ever larger in my rear view mirror. I knew he'd never pull it up in time on the greasy road so I put my head back on the head rest and waited to be hit. Poor Giz sacrificed himself to let me walk away with only a concussion, I was devastated, I had my independence stripped away, a friend stolen too soon. I was also thankful, thankful that Giz held up so well in the crash that I was able to walk away. So it was settled, I needed to buy another Baby Beamer. So I did, today! I put the deposit down on a black 2009 manual 130i. Personally love the feel of the manual more than the Auto Giz was rocking around in. I'm sorry that I don't have any photo's yet of it and still thinking of a name, but when I take ownership later next week I'll be sure to update this post. I look forward to getting to know the community here and learning a bit more about E87's and BMW's in general. tl;dr - Flew to Wellington to buy a 130i. Had it 12 days, hit by a truck. So I bought another one.
  11. Sup all, So basically I've joined because I went against all advice given to me and brought myself a 2004 530i. Being a complete retard (won't say stereotypical girl.. but yeah pretty much) when it comes to cars naturally after owning it for about 4 months its begun to sound like a tractor and leak oil. I'll make you all cringe by confessing that no, I've had no service since I've had it and it's JUST about 145,000km including no-one of any mechanical/bmw knowledge even look at it. To top it off, I'm heavy footed for 5"1' girl and drive it like I stole it. So I'm here pleading to be pointed in the direction of TRUSTED bmw mechanic in Auckland, who won't take advantage of the fact I'm a young ignorant female and rip me off. Thank you in advance!! Kylie
  12. About to do Auckland to Wanaka this week and back the next (hopefully with a bit more snowfall on the way!). The farthest I've driven before is just to Wellington and back. Does anyone have any tips about long driving in general but particularly catching the car ferry? Are you supposed to be there an hour beforehand to get everything sorted?
  13. Hey all, Been considering buying an E30 for a few months, and I've decided to do just that. I was going to buy one today, but it got sold 2 hours before I could put an offer in! I'm after a 318i, with under 200,000kms, automatic, and preferably 4 doors. Thanks!
  14. Hi all, I'm after a M20B25 manual gearbox, preferably in the North Shore, Auckland region! Let me know if you have one up for grabs and how much. Cheers
  15. Hey Guys, Selling my E46 to fund the E30 project! If youre interested you can send me a PM, or contact me through TradeMe. Whichever works for you. I would preferably like to let this car go to an enthusiast, your pride and joy going to a good home is always great! Looking for around $10,750 but its obviously negotiable. You guys probably know its value. *131,800 K's *Oil Service done Sunday 17/05/15 *2.2L Straight 6 Below are more in depth details off of TradeMe: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=889687018&ed=true I have had the car for over a year and had all the intention of keeping it for years. But unfortunately circumstances have changed due to a project needing attention, and need to sell this beauty. During my ownership I have done regular maintenance, and gone beyond that in some cases just for peace of mind. I currently drive it daily so expect the mileage to increase a little. '05 was the last year of production for the E46 sedan, it is the most refined version of the car. It’s a great car for city driving, and is equally comfortable on long journeys with ample space for luggage etc. Importantly, it is a chain driven engine so there is no need to worry about cambelts and all that jazz. Serpentine/accessory belts and tensioners were all changed last year as part of regular maintenance. M Sport version features: *M-Tech II Bodykit *M-Sport suspension *M-Sport cloth/alcantara interior *M-Sport steering wheel *M-Sport Trim (ie badges on sills, steering wheel and wheels) *Shadowline Exterior Trim Comes with extras: *Xenon headlights *Angel eyes *Black kidney and lower grille *Front speakers changed to components *3 User memory settings for seats and mirrors *Split folding rear seats, with optional ‘ski-bag’ which was seen as part of the ‘cold weather package’ from the factory *Aluminum accented interior *Tinted *Parrot Hands-free Bluetooth system installed. *Factory First-Aid Kit *Have receipts for most work done under my ownership If you have any questions feel free to ask, or alternatively you can contact me using the details given below. As for price, make an offer if you like. The price is negotiable if you are genuinely interested. Viewing is in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland." Thanks, Rohil
  16. Hey all, need a reasonable place to get my style 72s fixed. anyone recommend a not so pocket burning shop to get it done at?
  17. Just doing gardening today removing a set of elephant yakas. Attached images They are free Pick up in manukau. 0211703621
  18. So ive had a project on the go for a while now... since the e34 is out of action I'm a need something to drive around in and the only thing stopping the project from getting a wof is an exhaust tip.... Need it to be done by saterday..... any ideas?? Cheers
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