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Found 6 results

  1. So I just purchased a 2000 318i knowing that it had an issue with the battery or the alternator. Had the battery checked and charged, and it is indeed brand new and holds a charge. However I went to start the car 4 days after charging and it is flat, i'm not sure if its the alternator or if their is something drawing from the battery when the car is off. Whenever i start the car, the ac is always on even when i turn it off, is that factory? - I have found that the 'hedgehog' final stage resistor for the ac is a common problem that draws from the battery when the car is off. Should i take it to an auto-electrician or order the part oniline and pray? I'm a broke uni student with an addiction to building cars if that helps.
  2. Accumulating parts for my E30 M30 swap. I'm looking for a few more bits including a used M10 flywheel, a used E28 535i radiator, and a kit to wire my battery to the rear of my car. Cheers
  3. Hi guys, so i see that a similar thread to this one was posted a few weeks ago on here but i thought id make my own as i have my own set of problems. The car wont start, which is next to no help for anyone who wants to help me diagnose the problem. So the car used to start occasionally in Neutral only (Auto Trans), and i thought doing it this way would be okay until even that stopped working. When we jump the battery is starts every time but the battery has been tested and it seems fine? When you turn the key you can hear the fuel priming, it just wont turn the engine over. As i said i have had the battery tested and have been told its fine, however when i jump it the car starts perfectly. And because iv been told the battery is fine i dont really want to spoend money on a new battery if the problem lays elsewhere. Could it be the starter? I have no clue, but i have been told (admittedly the person who told me that literally just had a glance) it could be the starter. This is the ONLY thing holding the car back from being my daily, i have put in a lot of work over the last few weeks these holidays getting it all nice. Once the car can start everytime no problem, itll be on the road and i cannot wait for that! Thanks for any help you guys can give me, it is much appreciated!
  4. Now this is odd. I bought a BM54 from eBay. Works 100% OK, except it flattens my battery overnight, so lets say 10 hours. I think I've checked common issues etc, but am somewhat bamboozled. Here's what I know/have checked: Current through fuse F69 is zero, 15 seconds after key off. I haven't monitored it beyond that. Car does appear to be going into sleep mode, 16 minutes after locking car, as I can see gear selector light go off. Only my BM54 does this. I have 4 other radios, none have this issue, even after a week. Disconnecting the BM54 connector prevents this issue. Alternator works great, voltage at battery when running is approx 14.2V, battery charges up again no problems. Nothing else to suggest any electrical problems with car. I see repairers offering BM54 repair service that include for flattening battery issue - don't have any further details. Anyone got any ideas? Must be a good handful of amps to flatten battery overnight, so all I can think of is something 'waking up' periodically, but only when that radio is connected. Considering using the switched 12V to supply the radio too, to see if that makes any difference.
  5. I disconnect my battery from the boot to get it charged by my mechanic, and now the boot is complete locked. I can't entered the boot by the boot key hole because the lock is broken (from when someone tired to break in) Can I some how connect the battery up directly to the engine bay directly to just get the boot open or does anyone have a alternative method? Cheers
  6. My battery is pretty dead, car has done very few kms in last 6 months, last time i drove it it started ok, drove about 20 mins, stopped and it would not do anthing beyond clicking. Called AA and they said it had a dead cell..... So looking for a replacement, second hand ok as i am selling the car. Anyone got one to sell or can reccomend a place to buy one at a great price?
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