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Found 6 results

  1. vincentvr3

    WTB E30 Convertible

    Wanting to buy an E30 Convertible. Will pay very handsomely for the right car! Vincent
  2. I have a 645ci. It seems the water drains in the convertible roof storage area became blocked and rain water overflowed into the boot, toasting the logic7 amp in the left boot well. Unrepairable. Replacement from Germany. $3k thanks... Has anyone else had anything like this happen? Has anyone had their water drains cleared as part of their routine maintenance by their service agent? I'm trying to find out if I was just unlucky or whether my agent (who has been servicing the car for 7 years) has any culpability here and should have done anything as part of their routine maintenance. Especially given these drains aren't normally accessible by the vehicle owner. Thanks to anyone who takes the effort to reply!
  3. Haggis

    e46 convertibles

    I'm looking for an e46 convertible. There are a few 325/330's on trademe at around $10–15K — but almost all of them seem to have been there a while and the only couple I've seen that were offered as an auction failed to meet the reserve. e.g. the first couple of times around this one got to about $3K and stalled http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1193283076.htm There's one in Christchurch (http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1193998240.htm) that hasn't sold and it's offered for only $7,200. Anyone have any opinions on the actual value of these? I haven't been looking long enough to really know what they end up selling for I guess.
  4. Tsekh

    E36 soft top needed

    Hi, e36 convertible soft top needed with rear plastic window. Also have a problem with a mechanism so help from an experienced mechanic could be helpful! Thank you!
  5. jonoe30

    New member intro

    Hi guys/girls, Jono here, new to forums, taking my time to look through the topics (love jeffbebe's E31 who must live locally to me as I see it about all the time) and introduce my ride.... Brought this NZ new '91 E30 facelift 325i convertible manual done 165,000kms two years ago sight unseen from Rangiora ... Drove back to Auckland with the heater on full as temp gauge didn't work and some funky steering thanks to the tie rods being wound all the way in one direction (1 turn to lock left, 3 to lock right haha)... I'm pretty handy (and particular) so replaced ALL fluids, cambelt, waterpump, all water hoses, thermostat (old one was fine), temp gauge and adjusted valve clearances soon after getting back. Since then I've replaced the roof canvas and seals (last month, including stripping frame back to metal and repainting; b**** of a job getting the frame re-aligned after removing it) and various bits of trim and assorted suspension bushings... it's a labour of love, still plenty of things I'd like to do... PS: Always on the look out for the removable hard top on the slim chance anyone has one they want to sell...
  6. Hi all, hoping someone may be able to give me a guide here. My E36 Convertible has been having some interior work done and is currently at a leather repair place, they have had the roof down most of the day to fix the interior and now when trying to put the roof back up the following occurs: The roof cover raises as usual to its usual position then at this point the convertible roof usually starts to raise (while keeping the switch pressed) but there is no sound like the motor running, just nothing happens. When I press the roof button down the cover goes down to about 90% of its usual position, so it sits proud about 6 inches from the rear head rest then the windows start to raise as normal. If its any help to anyone the boot will not open at this point but if I apply a little pressure to the cover I can hear what sounds like central locking kicking in and the boot will then open. I have no idea what is up, I have checked fuse #7 which I have read may be a fuse for the roof but its fine. Anyone got any ideas or can recommend anyone in Auckland who is good around this problem Thanks in advance - Al