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Found 13 results

  1. duvey

    1990 E32 735i

    1990 E32 735i 173298 miles Bought as a runaround while I was working on my E30, but taking up room in the driveway at the moment that we need back. A lot of guys here have seen or driven this car so can vouch for how well it goes. Needs a bit of TLC, or would also be a great donor car. On the North Shore of Auckland. Looking for $1500 but feel free to make an offer. Any questions just shout. Pros Has a cool rego no. Very solid M30B35 & ZF 4HP22 Very straight solid body and good paint for its age. Originally a UK import. Nice black leather interior, no tears etc. Factory blacked out chrome trim option. Runs & drives beautifully, looks like someone has given it a decent suspension overhaul recently, handles great. Recently changed oil and filter and set valve lash. Towbar. Cons No WOF, rego on hold. A/C & HVAC doesn’t really work. Bit of rust in the bottom of the drivers door, which is very common for these, but the rest of the body is totally solid. Couple of electrical gremlins - seems like there is a parasitic draw on the battery from somewhere. No stereo. Image gallery here: https://imgur.com/a/5UcQu
  2. M M

    15x7 Style 5s 5x120

    15x7 Style 5 wheels 5x120. Set of four. All in good condition. Only three center caps. $250. Pickup from Panmure or Papakura.
  3. eliongater

    Oil Filters M30 & M70

    Inherited some NOS filters. I can use the air filters but not the oil filters, so they're for sale. Perfect if you want genuine West German parts. 11421256402 x2 Fits older M30s (e12, e23, etc) $20 each or $15 each for both ($30) 11421731635 Fits e32 750i(L) Includes washers and O-ring $20
  4. So, upgraded all four corners on my e28 eta to e34 540i calipers and rotors. notable improvement. As far as I can tell, the next upgrade is in the master cylinder dept to improve pedal feel. have sourced an e32 750i MC to swap out, but, sounds like compatibility is not as I had found. ETA models employ a vacuum boost brake system, and now I'm not sure this swap out is feasible. Anyone done this upgrade? Or able to provide some insight?
  5. As per the title, any throwing stars, turbines or even naked rims out there? Will also consider Hartge, Alpina, Ac Schnitzer or BBS in 16/17x8 (9 ok for the back), the lower the offset the better.
  6. Hi All. e32 87 So the electronic display has been on the fritz for awhile and a good ole tap on the dash would set it straight. But now it has died completely and no tap is bringing it back. I searched the net and replaced some capacitors on the board to see if that was the issue. But like most internet fixes my problem does not seem to be the same, although the symptoms seem to be. The easiest solution maybe to replace the entire cluster, but can anyone advise on that? Maybe it is wiring or another module or some such thing I have no idea on. FYI the speedo and rev are still working and the computer was able to tell me how many km fuel I had left. But now the obc displays the PPPP error which is for 'no communication with instrument cluster' I believe. Cheers, Adam
  7. Hi guys, Just confirming will a E32 brake master cylinder bolt straight onto the E30 brake booster? Anything else thats needed to make it work? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  8. Hey guys, So my brake master cylinder in my E30 has pretty well shat itself, and it seems like getting a new replacement E30 unit is nigh on impossible from most of my usual parts outlets. Does anyone know of anywhere you can source a decent one from or ideally where I can source a decent E32 750 unit from to help get a bit better pedal feel in the old girl?? If anyone can help locate a decent one of either it would be much appreciated!! Cheers Mike
  9. So the 850i from 1989-1994 came with the 5L M70 V12 and a 4 speed ZF 4hp24 gearbox apart from a few rare 6 speed manuals. BMW produced only a very few 850ci's (in fact there were less of these than the coveted 850CSi) from 1994-1997 with the 5.4L M73 engine and a 5 speed tiptronic ZF 5hp30 (and even rarer six speed manual). While a manual conversion is very appealing it's also bloody expensive and I think a GT car really should be an auto. My 4 speed with 3.64 LSD and Wokke chips is great but I can't help thinking how much better (and faster) it would be with the 5 speed tiptronic box which are far easier and cheaper to find than a manual six speed for a V12. Fitment would be no problem but the issue - I anticipate - is going to be communication with the rest of the car since the M70 DMEs and 4hp24 EGS are non-CANBUS but the 5hp30 EGS is CANBUS. Can't find any examples of this being done online so I'm guessing it's not that easy. So my questions are: Any ideas how you could translate DME data to the EGS from an analogue signal (or whatever it is) to CANBUS, and vice versa? Could you run a parallel but independent controller for the transmission? (or would that mean you lose things like cruise control, etc) Would it ultimately be easier (albeit time consuming and expensive) to swap a complete M73 and gearbox?
  10. Anyone know where I can get a single engine mount urgently? Preferably new but could live with a good used one. My mechanic's lowered the subframe to do the Pitman arm and found one of the engine mounts is gone. The other one seems fine but if I can get two new ones reasonably priced I'll do both. EDIT: Part #22116750820. Not sure if a later M73 (850ci or E38 750) mount will fit?
  11. Auzeras

    M30 Head Rebuild

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with what the best way to go about this is. Long story short - M30 engine loses banjo bolt. Cam bites the dust. Engine has 210k km's on it Okay, so the cams not totally toast but I think it's had a good 5-7000 km's on it with no lubrication and as a result is pretty worn, only at the front though with Cylinders 1-2 being the worst. The back end seems ok but it really needs to be fixed. The PO said the head gasket was done some 4-5 years ago so I'm debating what to do. Option 1 - I like doing things well, if you're going to do a job, do it well or don't bother. So if I take the cam off I might as well rebuild the whole head, only barrier there is cost & current wear. Cost - is it prohibitively expensive to buy a rebuild kit (and where from) and wear, is the rest actually worn (which brings me to option 2) Option 2 - Well the cam is worn, so are eccentrics but the head gasket got done recently, so it makes sense to me that the techs doing it would have looked over the head when it was off and noted anything that needed replacing soon or was wearing and done it, things like valves, valve guides etc. Thus if everything still has good life in it, why waste money replacing it. No need to take the head off, just pull the cam out, regrind it and put it back in with new eccentrics.. Only barrier there how to get the cam out without the head coming off. What do you guys think is best for a car with 210k on the clock, I'm not after performance on a 7 series, economy if anything. I can do the work myself, although I have no access to a workshop and this would be the first time doing the head on this particular engine. Like with all things money is a barrier but I figure $500 to keep it in good shape is better than a new 2nd hand car (which I still have to maintain anyway) If I go the cam only route, where is good for a re grind? I couldn't find any stock M30 cams, only performance options. Expensive and money wasted because it's just my daily driver. I don't even know if you can get the cam out without taking the head off. Thanks for any thoughts on this! Much appreciated!
  12. piiiiij

    FS: E32 740i

    Just bought this E32 for its second set of wheels and now need to sell it on. Would keep it if I was any one of the following: not a uni student, had a house or even just a garage, didn't have an E34 540i to sink all my money into already. Might even buy it back one day.. SS2133, 1992, NZ new, ~360,000kms, auto. Excellent inside and out and underneath. Pretty much everything is original, even a working factory stereo. Electronics, air con etc. all work. Always garaged by at least the two previous owners and now me (at my grandma's). Posting on here before TradeMe because it's been looked after too well to not go to a good home. $3k would be nice but more concerned about time so I can pay uni fees by March.. contact me on here, 0211661122 or piiiiij@gmail.com. Happy to answer any questions at all.
  13. tcbaurpower

    WTB aircon compressor

    Hi, looking for an aircon compressor part number 64 52 8 363 550.