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Found 99 results

  1. WTB: 135i 2008-10

    Lately ive found myself looking at more and more at 135i's for sale and now im starting to really contemplate selling one/both of my current bmws to help fund getting a 135i. if you have a 135i and open to selling let me know. i have a E46 coupe 2005 (built 04) registered 2005 . Velvet Blue. facelift 330ci "clubsport" with carbon bootlid ( CSL REP) oh still have the factory clubsport boot as well. If would prefer OEM/stock style. carbon kidney grills has 208,000kms currently, auto/tiptronic. have all receipts from fixing issues or maintaining. ask me. E.g. fuel pump, brake discs... also currently has brand new, weeks old bc coilovers installed, no cert currently (still have oem msport suspension also) also have a E36 320i sedan 1995 arctic silver (auto) well looked after stock pretty much has bilsteins with jamex rear springs only 2 owners me and some old guy. owned since 190,000kms has currently 217,000kms front msport bumper also, still have original is a bit scrapped up though. hit me up if keen to trade for a 135i and cash. Or willing to sell. can email me on ashley.slater@live.com or PM me here cheers.
  2. Hey everyone, This is for a 1998 328i E36 cabriolet. My front passenger seat doesn't stay forward. Which makes it hard for people to get into the back seat (it's a 2 door cab). I can hold it forward, but that's getting to be annoying Some initial googling tells me it might be the strut inside the seat that's worn out. This makes sense because the driver's seat fair launches itself forward but the passenger one just sits there sedately. However, before I go removing the seat, figuring out where the strut is, and trying to order one, I thought some people here with more knowledge than me might have some other options. Also, if anyone knows how to replace a seat strut, that would be great. I've never disassembled a seat before! Tim
  3. TSW Valencia Wheels + Falken Tyres

    TSW Valencia Wheels + Falken Tyres Fronts are 18x8 ET32 with 225/40/18. Rears are 18x9.5 ET40 with 255/35/18. Tyres are Falken ZE912 with 5mm tread all around. Fitment is perfect on an E46. Fills out the guards nicely. Should also fit E36/E90/E92's also. $950. Pick up Auckland.
  4. Hi guys! New to the forum. This is my Arctic Silver E36 328i sedan. It has 145,000kms on clock, sunroof, heated front seats, and came with an mp3 stereo and a very clean interior. I have fitted Mtech clear indicators, tail lights, smoked side repeaters, Super Low springs, and have maxed out the camber in the back, along with -2.0 degrees camber in the front. Bit of surface rust on the rear fenders, but if I do keep this I may spray it with the airbrush sometime, since this thing cost me less than $1500 haha. It needs some TLC to the body (new bonnet maybe), but overall it's a great runner. Already have a Getrag 220 and single mass flywheel sitting in the shed for it!
  5. Hi, Before I grab one I've seen in the UK. Just checking if anyone on BS had a six cyl shifter linkage for sale? Cheers
  6. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1501739773 1998 264KMs $5K no reserve Like this a lot
  7. NZ New 1996 BMW 328i SE Motorsport

    $9,000 Obo Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am having to sell something I was going to keep for ever.. Its a New Zealand new, 1996 BMW 328I SE Motorsport Factory Manual in DaytonaViolett Metallic with Black leather interior originally sold by Shelly BMW. I have just replaced the following in the past couple of weeks: - Brand new genuine BMW water pump - Brand new genuine BMW thermostat - Brand new Battery as of today The kilometers read at low 147,000kms and the condition reflects this, all the common door card failures etc are not found in the interior of this vehicle and the leather is near perfect. It has 4 basically brand new tyres all round, the engine, gearbox and clutch make it drive smoother than a gravy sandwich. It will come with spare Fog lights, Clear indicators, bulbs and BMW car care kits. As you would expect its not entirely perfect and has the following minor imperfections: - Hood lining down quoted approx $100 from local upholster) - Fuel sender line needs to be re soldered so it doesn't read empty - Two or three very minor areas of clear coat peel If more photos or details are needed don't hesitate to pm me, price is somewhat negotiable but getting harder to find such clean examples in these specs.
  8. WTB: E36 M42B18 Engine Package

    Hey all, Wanting to purchase an E36 M42B18 Engine Package, preferably with all electrics and ancillaries, I could also be interested in an M44B19 engine package also but would prefer a complete M42B18. Ideally wanting to spend no more than $450 on a low mileage engine (with proof) although I'm not overly concerned on mileage. I'm not interested in any engines with a blown head gasket, previous overheating or other associated issues. Located in Napier, Hawkes Bay. Happy to pay for shipping although anywhere within 3 hour travel would be highly convenient. Contact number: 0212034089, I'm not overly active on the forums. Thanks Richard
  9. From what I have researched, use the S50 ECU and loom, bypass EWS from the original engine and I'm good to go? If the M3 the engine came from didn't have automatic aircon should I convert to the manual version/ Delete completely? Cheers, Connor
  10. E36 Three Spoke Steering wheel

    I'm after a nice three spoke steering wheel that will work with the SRS system in my car. I currently have a 4 spoke M3 wheel but I'm not a fan of the look of it so I'm looking for a new one.
  11. Super Low Springs

    I'm looking to buy some front Super Low Springs for my E36. It already has super lows in it but it's on 4 cylinder Springs at the front and my car has a 6 cylinder. If anyone knows where I can get some or if anyone has some please let me know, thanks
  12. Euro Plates

    My new E36 just has standard New Zealand plates on it but I'm wanting to get some euro plates for it. I was wondering if anyone could help me get an idea of the best place to get it done. I don't want to change the numbers/letters on the number plate, I just want the Euro plate with the same text.
  13. 1995 E36 325i Performance Chip

    I was wondering if anyone knows a good place to purchase a performance chip for a '95 325i as I am looking to get a lil bit more power out of my car.
  14. Am tossing up the idea of a 3.0 or even a 2.8 assembly in my E36, the b25 feels dull. What kind of $ am I looking at now days for the crank/rod/pistons?
  15. Hi Everyone, I bought this car just before Christmas last year, and have been driving it as my daily since then. It's a '96 318ti with a stroked 328i motor & 5 speed box, 325 diff, 330 brakes and bilsteins on all four corners. I've progressively been working to tidy things up as various bits of trim are a bit tired, but in general it's been great fun. Have had issues with passenger seat occupancy sensor, vacuum leaks and broken wires at the speedo sensor, all fixed with relatively little drama so far. As it's a struggle to drive it at anything close to its potential on the road, I took it up for the MCC Envirowaste Autocross on the full circuit at Manfield a month or so ago, which I highly recommend (there's another one in November). While my times didn't set the world on fire, it was pretty respectable for a comfortable road car. I look forward to meeting up with the Wellington crowd at some point. Cheers, Hamish
  16. As above need another wheel or 2 17x7.5" DS2 i.e. Style 39 - if anyone has spares kicking round? Cheers L
  17. not mine , but a guy I know . very nice well looked after e36 1995 325i nz new 5speed http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1362202520.htm
  18. M50 and M52

    have an m50 mostly complete has the head gone but have a few bits M50 intake $120 M52 cylinder head has been skimmed and checked over and is mint comes with all the running gear valves cams ect $400 ono want gone so try your luck have a e34 M50 sump for converting e30s to run m50/52 sold m50 alternator $50 ono it your after anything small off the engine give me a message and see if I still have it
  19. I had the opportunity to buy a pile of repair manuals recently in bulk and ended up with one of these. Anyone keen? Say $30+shipping? ***This is sold now.***
  20. FS- 1996 E36 M3 3.0 NZ New

  21. Hi guys my wife's daily 328i has just bit the bullet, looks like a blown headgasket but could possibly be a stuck valve. It's an auto 328i sedan with about 140,000kms on the clock, black leather interior, good tyres, sunroof works but sticks a little closing. Would be a great donor car or just making some $$ off parting out, $700 and its yours. Pickup in Glenfield. Note: car will obviously need to be trailered/towed, unable to be driven in current condition, cheers!
  22. Hey guys, I've been scouring lots of beemer forums, and found a tiny bit of info and would like someone to confirm (or educate me). I'm building a budget gravel basher, and want to stiffen up the front (my suspension has 260ks and is a touch soft). I don't want to upgrade to coilovers (yet), and i've read that a good way to upgrade the front is to use E36 M3 front shocks with lowering springs (as my compact is 4cyl, therefore lighter in the front). The lowering springs will keep the compact at stock height, and the front will be nice and stiff. There's a set of M3 front shocks, offset mounts, sway bar and links which just popped up on Trademe (http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/suspension/auction-1316004846.htm), so I'm wondering if anyone knows something about this? Is there a different way of achieving this? My compact is of the m-sport variety, so maybe some new inserts will sort it out? Cheers, Kris
  23. Budget E36 Compact gravel car

    I'm attempting to build a E36 compact into a budget gravel rally car. I had an AW11 Mr2 'sort-of' track-car previously, but it was hardly used due to track day costs and I thought it was time to move on to something a bit different. I've never rallied before, I've always wanted to, I just didn't think i have the balls to. Time to find out! The plan is to start by doing grasskhanas and autocrosses, and once I get a cage in start doing gravel sprints. Car will mostly be stock (at the start at least) to get the hang of things and grow confidence in a slow car. Picked up an automatic 1999 318Ti for under $1k, and all it needed for a WoF was some tyres, a few bulbs, and to clear the ABS light. About a week after I got it, it was already time to try it out on grass, by doing the HCMC grasskhana in Massey. The ABS light came back on just before the event (looks like pump motor/electronics), so conveniently the ASC and ABS were disabled during the event. Even though it was still auto with a single spinner, I had a blast throwing it around the dirt. Looks like the project is a go.
  24. Hi Bimmersport, Want to stand out from all the other wagons on the market? Want a E36 that is different to the rest? Look no further than my beloved E36 Touring. A perfect car to keep as-is or start working your magic on. Due to work being less than 2km from me, I need to downsize and unfortunately that means the techno-violet touring has to go! Specs: -M52B28 with a Getrag 220 -239,XXXks (Will go up as its my daily) -Factory M-Sport (New diffuser on the rear) -M3 Mirrors -New clutch, master and slave cylinder 2 months ago -Interior is in great condition! Minus small tear in driver's seat -All electrics work perfectly -Polk audio front speakers -ZHP type light up shift knob -Digital Voltmeter -Has had new crank, cam & temp sensors, changed TPS, cleaned ICV. -Armrest and....cupholders! -17" ACS wheels -Subtle lowering -Monsoon guards -Does not come with the strut brace, will come with standard OBC Plenty of power to get you round. Makes a nice noise on overrun.The only issue is when it gets to temperature, the idle hunts. Has taught me to heel toe so take that as you will. I have my next car lined up so need this gone ASAP If you have any questions, fire away! Can do a deal if you don't want the wheels. Will come with 3 months registration for the new owner Located in Auckland More details on TradeMe http://www.trademe.co.nz/browse/listing.aspx?id=1301945762&/listing?rfm=1 Thanks!
  25. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1298941179 $13,000 for Bimmersport members. This is close as you'll get to a plug and play race engine. BMW S50B32 race engine newly build bmw m3 s50b32 engine been run in on a dyno around 360 - 365 BHP. Has done two race meets and a track dayport and polished head Green uprated injectors to match more air from airbox King race bearings ARP blots on BMW OEM crack type rods std OEM pistons with gorzen rings new S54 oil pump std M3 3.2 evo cams VAC de vanos kit with new timing chain race head gasket Stainless steel exhaust manifold matched to airbox GTR type inlet air box and front scoop OMEX standalone ecu and harness all balanced. Brought off a guy I know in the UK (where I got my race car) who is upgrading to a S65 in his sons E36. It was going in my E36 M3 to replace by S50B30 but I have an option on a trick S54 The ECU is set to go and tuned for the airbox and headers (noting it was tuned with a side exit exhaust) Advertised elsewhere. Am also selling a full S54 engine which was going in an E46 build. Which ever one sells first, the other one is going into my E36 M3 race car over winter.